Inuvik is waiting for her fans

May 1st, 2020 | By | Category: Denmark

1.5.2020 – Source: Copenhagen Zoo

The Copenhagen Zoo had planned to re-open on the 1st of May but now the opening has been postponed. Hopefully the zoo can open during the Summer anyway.

Nöel’s daughter Inuvik is now four months old. She’s getting more independant but, of course, she’s still mama’s little baby.




Hopefully the zoo can open soon so the visitors can admire both Nöel and Inuvik ‘live’.




Surely the visitors will be impressed by Inuvik when she will show what a skilful swimmer she is now.

Dear fans! Welcome to visit me soon!


The rhino baby is doing fine. I’m sure the visitors are longing to see the cutie ‘live’ soon!



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  1. Dear Mervi and Inge
    The pair of baby animals in Copenhagen Zoo are adorable.
    The Rhino baby is bounding along and Inuvik is growing fast.
    Thank you for bringing us the report. I hope that the zoo will open soon.

  2. Ich hoffe, dass die Besucher bald
    die beiden Niedlichkeiten besuchen
    dürfen – verdient hätten sie es… 🙂

  3. Dear Mervi!
    Thank you for the nice pics from the Copenhagen Zoo.
    Little Inuvik and the cute mini rhino are really heart-warming darlings.

    It is quite understandable that many people want to go back to normal.
    We visited the Berlin Zoo today. It was wonderful to see beloved animals again!
    But our experience was also that too many visitors forgot about Corona and did not keep the necessary distance.

    I´m somehow torn between the wish to go out and the fear of infection.
    There are already too many careless people around.
    A second big wave of infection would be a catastrophy!


  4. Dear Mervi,
    Inuvik is a sweet kid as all polar bear kids 🙂
    I hope we will get our life back.


  5. Dear Mervi,
    oh, they are adorable !!!!! Hope to see them soon.
    Weekendgreetings to all here

  6. Liebe Mervi,

    danke fürs Zeigen der niedlichen Bilder aus Copenhagen.
    Es ist wirklich schade, dass die kleine Inuvik noch keine Besucher empfangen durfte. Das ging ja leider allen Eisbärbabys so. Da wartet man dass die Babys die Höhle verlassen, und dann kommt Mr. Corona …..

    Aber schön, dass die meisten Zoos uns mit Bilder und Videos einiger Tiere teilhaben lassen.

    Auch das kleine Nashörnchen ist putzig. Ich mag ja die Hörnchen sehr.

    Danke, besonders auch für die tollen Videos.

    Liebe Grüße