Ouwehands Tierpark Rhenen – Freedom and her twins

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28.5.2020 – Photos by Josien de Vries

Wolodja came to our zoo from Berlin. Now he lives in the Zoo Rotterdam but before he moved he left a wonderful inheritage in Rhenen. The mating with Freedom resulted in two sweet polar bear cubbies.

Wolodja – Photo by Nel Hoekstra


The babies were born on the 27th of November 2019. The following photos were taken about a fortnight ago.


Freedom became mother for the third time. Her mother Huggies and her daughter Sura (born 2014) are also living in Rhenen.



The year 2019 was a very succesful breeding season for the polar bears in the European zoos. There are cubs in Wien, Bremerhaven, Hannover, Copenhagen, Aalborg and Antibes!


One of the cubs is a boy and his name is Yuka and accordingly the other one is a girl who got the name Yura.



Sources: Ulli J and ProZoo

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  1. Dear Mervi Josien and Nel
    Thank you for these images and report. Wolodja has certainly helped to give us some beautiful cubs.
    Rhenen is now home to three generations of Polar Bears.
    2019 was a great year for me too so I am remembering those happy times with these pictures. Yuka and Yura have a great Mum.

  2. Dear Mervi!
    Thank you for the update from the Dierenpark Ouwehands.
    Freedom and her kids look quite happy together and are doing well for sure. The little ones already learnt to discuss their different points of view… (photo number 6)
    I like the names Yuka and Yura for the young rascals.

    Good-looking Wolodja, the father of the cubs, who moved to Rotterdam meanwhile hopefully is doing fine, copes with the situation and feels at home already. It´s a pity that males still have to move a lot.


  3. dear Mervi,
    how lovely are the cubs of Freedom and Wolodja, Mama looks so prous and the cubs are very content.
    It is a pleasure to read and watch this wonderful news. Many good wishes to this nice family
    thank you for sharing with us
    dear greetings

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