Pairi Daiza – Quilaq had a big surprise

May 19th, 2020 | By | Category: News from the Bear World

19.5.2020 – Source: Pairi Daiza

This little article is dedicated to Patricia and Ralph who are planning to visit this zoo but due to the evil virus they must wait. Maybe this will keep you calm. 🙂

I’m sure even other visitors are impatiently waiting for the Zoo Pairi Daiza to open the gates so they can meet Nuka, Quilaq and, of course, many other sweet animals.

This is Nuka


Both girls love to swim in their big pool.


Sometimes they can find a small surprise ….


…. and sometimes they find a really big surprise! 🙂

Oh bear, what’s that?


Am I hallucinating?


No, I’m not! It really is a walrus.


What a nice neighbour we have!


The newborn reindeer calf is so cute that I just have to present it to you!


A couple of photos of this fantastic zoo/animal park


Pairi Daiza is the Taj Mahal of the zoos


Photos of Quilaq and the walrus by Christiane Jorgens

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  1. Dear Mervi!
    I suppose that Pairi Daiza is the only zoo where Polar bears and walrusses live side by side only separated by a pane. Probably the surprise was on both sides of the pane when the animals saw each other for the first time… I hope there is always enough food for the bears so that they would not be tempted to make a visit at their neighbours!
    It seems Nuka and Quilak are lucky to live in Pairi Daiza now.

    The little reindeer calf is a sweetheart for sure.

    Dear Christiane!
    Thank you for your fabulous photos!


  2. Dear Mervi and Christiane
    I think the girls are really enjoying the enclosure in Belgium as they love the clear water. I think I may be mistaken for a walrus. There is a zoo in the USA I think where people can swim opposite Polars.
    I would love to go to see them when things get better

  3. Dear Mervi!
    The pictures from Pairi Daiza are very interesting. Nuka and Quilak are lucky that they came in the very good zoo.

  4. Ralph, swimming with polar bears is of course quite a challenge. I do not know whether they would see you as a walrus, but I am convinced that their main question will be: is he eatable or not?
    Oh my, when I see these pics, I too start to count the weeks. According to my newspaper, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and the Netherlands are considering for opening the borders for traveling. Let us hope that from now on, corona will start to behave and that the UK also soon decides to allow people to travel abroad.

  5. Thank you very much dear Mervi.
    Best wishes to Nuka, Quilak and the other animals in Pairi Daiza.

  6. Fascinating! : Polar bear and walruss together just separate by a thick glass panel! Amazing!

    I am sure that will be a great meeting and co-operation between PATRICIA ROBERTS and RALPH, between BEGLGIUM nd GREAT BRITAIN, between FLAMISH and ENGLISH, between ANIMALS and HUMANS etc. etc etc. . . . I am looking forward to it – to your reports and pictures and observations and jokes . . . 😉

  7. Thanks to Christiane JORGENS for the pics, to PAIRA DAIZA for the authorization, and to MERV for the contacts, subtitles and editorial work!