Alaska – Orphaned Moose Calf Arrives at the Zoo

Jun 7th, 2020 | By | Category: Featured articles

7.6.2020 – Photos by John Gomes

The zoo received an orphaned moose calf from biologists at the Alaska Department of Fish and Game late last week. The calf lost it’s mother in the Girdwood area, so biologists made the decision to bring it to us for care.



The calf may be seen in one of our outdoor infirmary pens. We remind the public at this time of year that it is illegal to intervene in situations where wildlife might need help. In many cases, moose calves or bear cubs are seen appearing to be alone but mothers are a short distance away.

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  1. Liebe Mervi,

    das Kälbchen hat seine erste Lektion schon gelernt:
    da, wo die zwei Beine gehen, da ist auch meine Milchbar.
    Scheinbar verlassene Tiere sind oftmals das Opfer unüberlegter Fürsorglichkeit,
    wie man es hierzulande bei Rehkitzen und auch Jungvögeln erlebt.
    In der Fürsorge des Zoos wird das kleine Elchbaby gut versorgt werden
    und vielleicht kann man es später auch wieder auswildern?

    Herzliche Grüße

  2. Dear Mervi and John
    Thank you for sharing this heartwarming story about the orphaned moose calf. It has found a safe home with Alaska Zoo, which for many years has been one of our “house” zoos.

  3. Dear Mervi and John!
    Thank you for these touching photos and the heart-warming video of this long-legged beauty.
    This little orphaned moose calf was in need and is in good hands now.
    I´m sure the staff of the Alaska Zoo will do their best to enable a good life for it.


  4. Dear John, dear Mervi!
    I am very glad that a moose calf is rescued. The pictures are very touching.

  5. So nice to see how the orphned mosw firs is suspiciousbut then trusts its huma girl friend!

    Thank you ALSKA ZOO and John GOMES for sharing and thanks to MERVI for showing here in KWM.

  6. alles Gute Du süßer kleiner Elch, werde groß und stark
    dear Mervi and dear John,
    thank you so much for this good news, all the best to the little Moose
    big pawwaves

  7. Lovely baby, when you watch it, you see nose, ears and long legs and 500% cuteness. But how sad to see it without his mother. I am wishing it all the best.

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