Nuenen – A polar bear parade

Jun 16th, 2020 | By | Category: Featured articles

16.6.2020 – Photos by Hans Muskens

At least the zoos have gone back to a ‘next to normal status’ so our polar bear family in Nuenen can enjoy not only each other’s company but even meet their visitors and fans.

Henk (?) has caught sight of the two legged creatures.


Come on Frimas and kids! Let’s go and meet our friends!


Hmmm, there seem to be different opinions of which way to go ….. 🙂


Now they took the same direction and the polar bear clan was patrolling along the ‘sea side’.


The feathered visitor doesn’t need an annual ticket! 🙂


And now a walk toward to opposite direction!


Oh bear, that guy in the water is following me!!! Is it a stalker?


No, it was no stalker …

Hello, handsome! I must say you look gorgeous!


Nivi and Elva are demonstrating to the visitors how to keep distance.


What luck we are allowed to be close to each other! How could we wrestle otherwise?


The twins found something interesting in the water. It takes two to deal with this big thingie!


What is this?


Oh, it’s perfect for scratching one’s back!


We wish the readers of Knuti’s Weekly a happy Summer time! Now I’m waiting for a well deserved snack. Please, serve it on my table!


Hans Muskens’ photos

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  1. Dear Hans, dear Mervi!
    The family in Nuenen is very nice. They all are grey 🙂
    The kids play very funny.

  2. Dear Hans and Mervi
    I am so grateful for these pictures and story. Wishing Nuenen loads of visitors and safe days.
    Henk and Frimas have a remarkable relationship as it is so unusual to see a father bear with his cubs

  3. Dear Mervi and Hans!
    I´m quite delighted about these beautiful pics of the polar bears in Nuenen.
    This is a wonderful polar bear family and Im relieved that all are doing well so far.
    Ludmila already mentioned that the whole family is dressed in a decent grey so I suppose they all love to apply some “make up”.
    And as far as we know: a dirty polar bear is a happy bear…

    Thank you for these pleasant impressions and the humorous captions!


  4. This is such a nice complete polar bear family shown in nice photo-shots taken by Mr. Hans MUSKENS, and underlined by entertaining captions of MERVI.

    Thanks to the main protagonists, to the photographer, and the editor! 🙂

  5. Liebe Mervi,

    ja, schmutzige Bärenkinder sind glücklich und das zeigen die tollen Fotos von Hans Muskens in großer Vielfalt sowohl bei der Bärenparade am Pool, bei der Entdeckung ihres Spiegelbildes und dem Testprogramm mit verschiedenen Hölzern.
    Der Hinweis, wo das Essen serviert werden soll, ist eine klasse Bildinterpretation von dir.
    Ich wünsche der Familie weiterhin ein harmonisches Zusammensein in diesem außergewöhnlichen Familienverband!

    Besonders herzliche Grüße und Dank an Hans Muskens!

  6. dear Mervi and dear Hans,
    what a unique Polar bear family, it is great to see them all together, what a joy.
    thank you so much for these lovely picturers from Nuenen.
    dear greetings

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