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25.6.2020 – Dedicated to Dumba on her birthday

Terve! Hello to you all! First I want to send my special greetings to our Berliner friend Dumba. I’m sure all the readers will join me when I’m growling ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, DEAR DUMBA’. My friends in Malmö asked me to deliver this card to you. The beautiful bear is my niece Finja.


Let me tell you that I’m doing fine and so is my mama Venus. I spend a lot of time playing in the water – although it’s a bit too warm to my liking. As you know I prefer water on the rocks!


The mosquitos have arrived even this Summer. No virus can prevent them from coming. However, they don’t bother me but the two legged creatures aren’t so happy about the tiny annoying rascals.


I’ve enjoyed the first ice bomb

Agent 007 ½ is sitting in the birch tree and keeping an eye on the visitors. He wants to be sure they keep the distance. We can always rely on our special agent!


There are many young animals in our zoo for the time being. I want to present some of them to you.

This shy looking beauty is a forest reindeer calf.


What long legs! – The photos of the forest reindeers were taken in the end of May when there was still lots of snow left!


Both the mother and the calf were posing so nicely to Marko’s camera.


In the end of May the mysk ox couple Ouna and Iisakki became parents to a sweet calf.


Ouna has already proved to be a good mother …


… and grandmother Bodil is very protective towards her daughter and granddaughter. Papa Iisakki must keep himself on the background at least for the time being.


Routa and Ruska have got puppies


The natural den is a perfect place for the wolf family.


The babies have come out to get some fresh air but their mama is close so they can feel safe and secure.


The little clan is still too small for speedy games but very soon the situation will change and the parents will be fully occupied keeping an eye on their off spring. 🙂


Aren’t they sweet?


When the snow melted away Jemma found her favourite toy.


Hey, this is the most comfortable easy chair!


It’s nice to have the visitors back so Jemma did her ‘tongue show’ to entertain her fans. 🙂


These love birds had a dinner date ….


…. and the food was quaranteed fresh!!! 🙂


Gracious as Anna Pavlova!


Welcome to meet us all in Ranua! After spending a day with us you can have sweet dreams in a glass igloo!


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  1. Liebe Mervi,

    das ist ein wunderschöner Geburtstagsgruß für Dumba mit den großen und kleinen Bewohnern in Orsa!
    Sisu mit water on the rocks passt so prima als Geburtstagsgetränk und der super tolle Reifen-Sessel von Jemma ist wirklich klasse!
    Die Eleganz der Wassertiere ist nicht zu überbieten und die Jungtiere mit Mini Wölfchen, forest reindeers und
    mysk ox sind zum Dahinschmelzen. Natürlich darf Agent 007 1/2 nicht fehlen und das einzige auf das wir verzichten können, sind die mosquitos als Plagegeister für Mensch und Tier.

    Liebe Dumba,
    auch ich gratuliere ganz herzlich zum Geburtstag!
    Bleib gesund und weiterhin neugierig, um die Welt um dich herum bei ausgiebigen Fotosafaris zu entdecken und mit uns zu teilen.

    Herzliche Grüße

  2. Die kleinen Wölfe und Moschusochsen 🙂
    sind zu niedlich – alles Gute für die Kinder!


  4. Dear Mervi!
    I think Sisu is happy to have his pool without snow and ice. Now he can play in the water. The other animals are happy that the summer arrived Ranua. The calf of the mysk ox is very sweet. His mother and gransmother are impressive 🙂
    The kids of wolfes are very cute. Jemma looks very relaxed.

    Happy Birthday, dear Dumba!

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Dear Dumba, Sisu made you a lovely birthday card with all his big and small friends.
    Dear Mervi, thank you for sharing this with us. All baby animals are adorable but this is the first time I see a pic of a baby musk ox and it is extremely cute. The water ballet of the birds is amazing and the little wolves will soon keep their parents more than busy. But most probably, Agent 007 ½ will lend a helping hand. Jemma’s seat looks more than comfi. And the reindeer kalf with his longs legs is planning a career as a fashion model.

  6. Dear Dumba
    I think Mervi has given us the best way to wish you a Happy Birthday.
    Thanks to Mervi and Marko(?) we can all take a walk around Ranua with you and admire all the animals.
    We all need “Sisu” in these days. I also hope that many people will now visit Ranua and other Zoos.

    Ich wünsche Dir einen wunderbaren Tag mit allem, was Du Dir dazu vorstellst und wünscht: liebe Menschen, nette und streichelwillige Hunde, etwas Leckeres zu essen und das völlige Fehlen von irgendwelchen körperlichen Beschwerden! Lass es Dir gut gehen!

    Dear Mervi!
    With this birthday tribute you and Sisu have outdone yourselves! So many wonderful, goodlooking and cute animals appear on Dumba´s virtual birthday party and she must be for sure very happy about this amount of cuteness.
    I can´t choose a favourite since all photos by Marko are fabulous and I loved them all.
    But I send special greetings to Sisu, Jemma and Agent 007 1/2 and I ´d like to cuddle the little sweeties: the musk calf, the wolf puppies, the long-legged forest reindeer calf and of course lovely Finja.


  8. Lieber Sisu, du und deine Freunde haben eine wunderschoene Geburtstagsseite gestaltet!
    Liebe Dumba, alles Gute zum Geburtstag und viel Freude im neuen Lebensjahr.

    Alles Liebe, Erika

  9. dear Mervi, thank you for these wonderful pictures, the collage is very sweet
    terve dear Sisu, I am glad to know that you and your dear Mama are doing fine, you look great and I can see you enjoy the cool water, you have many nice friends
    liebe Dumba, ich habs total “verschwitzt” oder besser gesagt übersehen, aber auch nachträglich gratuliere ich Dir herzlich zum Geburtstag und wünsche Dir alles Liebe und Gute und ein gesundes angenehmes neues Lebensjahr mit vielen schönen Ausflügen und Erlebnissen
    dear greetings

  10. TERVE! ‘my’ dear SISU . . . omg: please excuse me: of course, you are MERVI’s SISU! 🙂

    And please, big little beauty, excuse me a second time for being so late in reacting to your charming letter, to Marko JUNTTILA’s gorgeous photos (at least I suppose they were taken by him – comme d’hbiture(!?), and to auntie MERVI’s amiable subtitles!

    It was such a pleasure to find all this already on Thursday last week but then I was too busy in my own little world – and may I tell you: I was really spoiled. . . . And now I have a big joy again when I do really concentrate on what you sent and showed to me!

    ‘Joy within the joy’ is already to be found in the first pic here: . . . a post card created by your auntie MERVI and sent by her, her KNubby VESA and her soft paws KNimmi and KNalle(r) all the way from MALMÖ via RANUA to BERLIN! . . . whew! – what a voyage!. . . . And your niece FINJA (this sweet heartbreaker!) first had even to send this lovely photo of hers from VIENNA to Malmö as basis for Mervi for her lovely card. What an action for an ‘Alte Schachtel’ (vieille boite, old box 😉 ) like me. . . And in the meantime there was even an addition of greetings via the comment sector below. . May I hug you ALL/e vitually via this comment-window? . . Thank you so much!

    Now I come back to you individually, dear SISU:
    The fun you have with your big grey ball in the cool water (surrounded by the hot summer in RANUA in the meantime) jumps out of this wonderful photo (second above). and the video shows even more of your joy and fun. Believe me I’d like to join you in the middle of your luxory exclusive as refreshing as cool pond!

    Your colleagues around are all looking as great and satisfied as you do! “Agent 007 1/2” is one of a kind and looks magnificent on top of his wonderful Swedish birch tree! Obviously nothing escapes his eyes . . .

    A reindeer and a musk ox baby – how sweet are they!!?? And the puppies!? . . . Mama and grandma musk-ox look very impressive. . . . JEMMA is a hit (her seat position, her speach to the audience, her tongue . . .)
    The photo shots of the geese love birds are full success as are MERVI’s subtitles/comments!

    Oh bear! to spend a night in a glass iglu next to you and your freinds is just a dream!

    Bye now – Hope to meet you soon again! . . .


  11. “. . .comme d’habitude . . .” . . . . . .Wenn schon auswärts, bittte richtig Gnä Frau!! (eyes roll!)

  12. Liebe Dumba!

    Nachträglich ALLES GUTE zum Geburtstag!
    Vor allem Gesundheit, in diesen Zeiten das Wichtigste!

    Liebe Mervi,
    da hat sich Sisu und seine Mitbewohner besonders angestengt!
    Vielen Dank für diese schöne Geburtstagsseite!
    Liebe Grüße Moni K