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26.6.2020 by Patricia Roberts

Dear All, about 2 weeks ago, I got an email from Ludmila telling me that she and Uwe have booked their ticket for Pairi Daiza for June 21 and were wondering whether I would like to meet them there. And whether I would like that ????? OF COURSE!!!! Due to the famous “you know what circumstances”, reservations still need to be made online and in time because only a limited number of visitors is allowed.

And so, on Sunday, June 21, my brother Ronald brought me to Pairi Daiza. We left more than in time to make sure that Ludmila and Uwe did not have to wait for me at the entrance. But OJEE, on our way, we discovered that we were obliged to make a detour because of road works and that costed us 20 minutes. As soon as I entered, I called them and they told me that they were waiting at the aviary of the snow owls. OK, sounds good, I know that way. And a few minutes later, after 7 years, we finally met again. But sadly, because of these “you know what circumstances”, we could not hug each other or not even shake hands. BWWWWAAAAAFFF, not nice but nevertheless, the fact of meeting again was a great pleasure.

Right from the start, I have to confess something. While trying to make pics, I realized a few things: my camera is becoming old, the battery is become old and my eyesight is becoming very bad. Most of the pics are taken almost blind, so the result is not so famous but I know that Ludmila and Uwe are going to offer wonderful pics.

And here we go now through Pair Daiza. When meeting at the enclosure of the snow owls, there was a tiny pretty owlet who has lost his way to mommy who was only 2 meters away from him/her and he/she was crying desperately. Hope that soon all ended well.

Since my last visit, two new “Worlds” were finalized: “Last Frontier” and “world of the Cold”. First we met was “Last Frontier”. On one side, you have the American black and brown bears, moose and the Indian Village (little houses where you can book a room), and on the other side, you can find European brown bears and wolves and the “Hobbit houses” (again a new part of the hotel accommodation).


Let me tell first that from the Indian Village cabins and the Hobbit houses, one is having a wonderful and almost exclusive view on the animals, but unfortunately, it is extremely expensive. But Oh my, Oh my, we saw guests staying there and I must say, I was envying them. They have their own terrace and they can walk around freely day and night during their stay. OK, that was the “hotel session Part 1”, now back to the animals.

wonderful hobbit houses

The enclosures of all bears are large and well-done and I adored the vegetation (wild flowers, just as it is in nature). And of course, bears are also here chasing and teasing wolves, but most of the time, they enjoy their pool and the rest of the enrichment.

In the Indian Village, you can find the daims sleeping all relaxed on the grass and they can walk around freely (you only have to close the gate when entering and leaving the Indian Village).

And again, I was very charmed by the care that was given to all small details: wooden sculptures, tiny decoration. And a new restaurant: the Paddling Bear. In front of the restaurant, you can admire the Steller sea lions but I was only able to make more or less decent pics of the youngster. But again unfortunately, due to the “you know what circumstances”, all restaurants are still closed for the audience and if you want something to eat or drink, you have to go the take-away stands (DEEP SIGH!!!).

the Paddling Bear restaurant

From the “Last Frontier”, we wanted to go to the “World of the Cold” and on our way, we met the raccoons, another pack of wolves and the sheep on the roof of the Izba (“mowing the lane”, that is their duty). And with regard to the Izba, I was sad: this is now for the third time that I wasn’t able to have lunch there because it was closed, due to the “you know what circumstances”. But I swear by God that one day, I will have a delicious meal there.




And then up to our way to the polar bears. First thing we saw was a very nice big boomsie (of the young male, apparently still separated from the young girls).

P1080247 (2)

I must confess that I have seen many pics of young males during the last years, but it is since the time of Knut that I saw such a pretty young male (if one can say this about a polar bear) and you all know that apart from Knut, Raspi was my absolute favorite.



There is a way to see them through the glass and one only has to follow the light stream to go to the basement. Ah well, on my pics, you can see a glimpse of the walrus and exactly one hint paw of one of the Aalborg sisters (and in front of that, you may recognize the silhouette of two well-known persons).


Going upstairs again and noticing the door of one of the polar bear hotel rooms having a partial view under the water (maybe Ralph’s future hotel room). And also, they do have an ice grotto (which will be more than welcome with the coming heat wave).

lovely view in the morning

walking in the footsteps of the polar bear

Back to the normal level, I saw the Aalborg sisters, one was walking and grassing and the other one was playing in the water with her ball and greeting her neighbour, the walrus when he/she came to the glass shield (quite impressing).



I also discovered that a certain gentleman from Oxford doesn’t have to worry about the “hide and seek” games he used to play with these girls. It is also perfectly possible to do this in Pairi Daiza.




Frankly said, I was a little disappointed by the new enclosure. Pairi Daiza is calling this “the biggest one of Europe”. Oh well, I was maybe expecting a bit too much, but according to me, on the basis of the pics I have seen of Doncaster and Orsa, this is definitely not the biggest one. But maybe, I need a second view and a better view.

P1080291 (2)



Before arriving at the polar bears, Ludmila told me that her daughter was at the elephants waiting for us. So after taking the pics of the polar bears, I was looking for Ludmila and Uwe but couldn’t find them. I was sure that they were behind me. After a while, I decided to slowly walk to the elephant enclosure and discovered another sweet resident of Pairi Daiza (kind like most of us are having), meeting the orang utans (Berani is a real rascal), arriving at the elephant enclosure and waiting.

P1080302 (2)


At that moment, I really needed coca-cola (when the sun is shining, she is really burning at that place in Pairi Daiza). And there I stood with my sweaty feet. Going upstairs to the very big elephant enclosure, but again no success. Luckily, at that moment Uwe called to ask where I was and finally after half an hour, we were able to find each other again. And then, it was coffee time and my feet were not complaining about the break. OJEEEZ, now I realize that I am 63 and that I do no longer have the same energy as 10 years ago.

We decided to visit the panda twins and of course, it goes without saying that on our way thereto, we met a lot of other fascinating animals: little otters having a snack (the ones living together with the orang utans), the rhinos and babies enjoying an afternoon nap, the gorillas (when one wants to visit their inside enclosure, wearing a mask is obliged).





The golden takins are having two babies (just little brown bears) and the male was having certain plans but the lady of his heart was having other plans.


love is in the air

And then we arrived at the panda enclosure just to find out that we entered it in the wrong direction and we had to go back. Gave me the feeling of playing monopoly: go back to Start, otherwise to Prison. Na ja, we made it to find that one of the twins was sleeping outside on one of the playing platforms and the other was inside sleeping next to mommy. They are actually not so small anymore.

P1080359 (2)

P1080364 (2)

And because of the one-way directions (due to “you know what circumstances”), again we had to go back to Start to be able to visit the snow leopards and just before arriving there, the battery of my camera said: I quit. JAWADDE!!! Luckily, at that moment I was still able (thanks to the software of my camera) to make a few pics of white foxes and the snow leopards. But then I really had to stop.





At that time, I also had to say goodbye to Ludmila and Uwe but we agreed to meet again in Pairi Daiza in a very near future (within a few months, so Gott will and not after 7 years).

Before leaving, I took my time to change my day ticket into an annual ticket (only had to pay the difference) because I know that from now on, when possible and since I am not living so far away, I will go back. I know that I have already written it many times: you must not visit Pairi Daiza, you just must undergo it with all your senses and every time again, you discovered so many wonderful new things.


To repeat Uwe’s words: I want to come back and not only for one day, because I have the feeling of having seen a lot and nothing. And I agreed.

Ludmila and I already have a great plan: when they come back, we hope that Ralph would be able to join us and then, we will bring Uwe to the Aquarium, Ralph to the polar bears and together we will have a great time. What do you think of this plan?

all relaxed

P1080207 (2)

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  1. Dear Patricia!
    It was great to meet you again. It really has been 7 years since we last met.
    Your pictures are very good. I hope next time the restaurants will be open and we will be able to sit and drink coffee together.

  2. Dear Patricia!

    I’ve said it many times before but I say – or rather write – it once more. I love your well written articles of your zoo visits. Your words make me feel I was walking there with you. Well, in my case ‘limping’ maybe a better expression …. 🙂

    You don’t have to apologize for your photos – they are great! Of course, I especially like the photos of Belij (what an impressive boomsie!) 🙂 and the ‘Aalborg girls’ but the photos of the arctic fox are master pieces! The beautiful fox framed by the green grass – simply adorable! The baby rhino and the gold takin calf are very cute, too. Well, all the animals are lovely!!

    Oh bear, I would love to spend a night or two in the polar bear hotel. In fact – I would most probably chain myself in the bed and never want to leave the fantastic wiew! 🙂

    The napping snow leopard illustrates well how tired your feet must have been after the tour – but I’m sure you enjoyed every second and every meter of it. 🙂

    Thank you so much for this wonderful and charming report! I hope you can soon visit Pairi Daiza again – maybe even Ralph will be joining you next time!

    Hugs from Mervi

  3. Dear Patricia and Mervi
    This report is written with such love that I can feel the enthusiasm
    from here.
    YWP, HWP and Orsa have larger areas than Pairi Daiza but they do not offer underwater encounters with the Polars or the chance for them to meet a walrus.. There is always a balance to be struck. The test will be over several visits to see how busy they are kept.
    The sheer variety of interesting animals at Pairi Daiza make it a very interesting place to stay.
    I am hoping they will offer some kind of package deal with Eurostar to Brussels. Staying for several days in the hotel would be wonderful. Winter may be a better time to visit than Summer.
    Pairi Daiza is definitely at the top of my travel list.

  4. Liebe Patricia,

    dein liebevoller und detaillierter Bericht ist wunderbar und die Fotos ebenso, auch wenn die Camera gegen Ende gestreikt hat.
    So nah bei den Tieren übernachten zu können ist großartig, und für dich, Ralph, bestimmt eine große Verlockung, aber du bist ja bei Patricia at home eingeladen, dazu wirst du nicht nein sagen, nicht wahr?

    Patricia, die Fotos zeigen schöne und tiergerecht Gehege, die noch liebevoll mit Skulpturen ausgestattet sind.
    Dass in diesem Zoo nun zwei ganz große Attraktionen mit Pandas und Eisbären sind, lässt dich vergessen, dass der Weg nach Berlin doch etwas weit ist…

    Hab vielen Dank für deinen ausführlichen Bericht und beim nächsten Mal wünsche ich dir, dass alle Restaurants und Cafés wieder geöffnet sind. Denn ein Zoobesuch mit einem leckeren Stück Kuchen und einem kühlen Getränk dazu gehört einfach zusammen !

    Herzliche Grüße

  5. Dear Patricia!
    It was a pleasure to read your vivid and colourful report. Thank you!
    I can´t complain about the fabulous photos, on the contrary I loved them and they are an excellent support for your words.
    I would like to visit Pairi Daiza too – preferably soon…
    It seems to be a nearly magical place and a good home with generous space for many animals.

    I´d love to stay in one of the Hobbit houses for a while and watch the bears but I´m afraid I can´t afford that…
    But I know even if I were a millionaire I would never ever sleep in that room behind the pane to the pool of the polar bears…solely because of that amount of water behind.
    I suppose beside Mervi Ralph would love it too for sure…

    It must have been great to meet again and show your favourite places to Ludmila and Uwe.
    Hopefully Ralph – and perhaps some other Knutfriends who are inspired now – will soon be able to travel to Pairi Daiza too.


  6. AMAZING!!! Great pictures! I miss you all. Bears Hugs my friends.

  7. Dear Luisa, thank your for your nice comment and how wonderful to finally hear from you again. I am often thinking of you and hope that all is OK there in Campinas.
    Take good care,

  8. Dear Luisa,

    What a wonderful surprise to meet you here again! I wish you a pleasant Summer time!

    Hugs from Mervi

  9. First I would like to gurantee you, dear PATRICIA ROBERTS, that your report is as interesting and informative as your lots of accompanying photos are – excellent as to my taste! Thank you very much for your personal report of this obviously quite amiable place. This was already visible trough the report of Ludmila and Uwe. . . For sure it was a special joy that ‘old’ friends could meet again at such a pleasant zoo after many years.

    You are right also the ‘small details’ are always worth to be seen (‘Seitenblicke’ ist das Zauberwort 😉 ) The wooden sculptures seem to me not only to be ‘small’ details but real nice works of art. The houses you escribed and showed (zoo architecture, enclosures, hotel places*, restaurant, garden, water . . .) are very special and may be even an extra point of decision for the longing to pay a visit to the Pairi Daiza Zoo . . . (!?)

    Each and any of your photos are worth a comment. There are just a few in order not to swamp the comment section . . . The variety of views you present is great:

    The bear in your first pic looks a bit skinny. Hope he/she is well . . .

    The Orang-Utan male is a most beautiful guy! And the youngster makes me want to meet him/she – rascal-like, as you said (I like little rascals!).

    May be the polar bear enclosure does not count to one of the most spacioust in the world – at least it looks very interesting – for animals and visitors alike – with lots of various views (!?).

    Beautiful takin – lovely white fox – relaxed snow leos . . . etc. etc. etc. . . . . .and in the end two little sparrow s (an individual ‘hello’ to MONIKA?)

    THANK YOU so much! . . . And thanks to you, dear MERVI, for the editorial part of this publication in KWM.


  10. Your PHOTO – A L B U M (!) is fantastic!

    Among others:
    How sweet are the deer females between the wooden balconies – so completely relaxed!

    The farmer flowers meadow – the sleeping brwonie in the sand – the sleeping walruss (from the front and from behind 🙂 ) – the cute cat – etc. etc. etc.

    (The wooden sculptures obviously were in my mind from the report/pics of LUDMILA and UWE!!??
    My brain seems to play more and more games with me . . . (sigh!)

  11. Liebe Patricia,
    Wow tolle Bilder, das mit blind kann nicht stimmen!
    Doncaster und Orsa sind außergewöhnlich und in “normalen Zoos ist diese Anlage schon sehr groß.
    Die Eisbären werden sich wohlfühlen, da bin ich ganz sicher.
    Ich hoffe sehr diesen Zoo auch einmal besuchen zu können, das was ich hier in den Berichten sehe begeistert
    Vielen Dank, schöne Bilder und informativer Bericht!
    Liebe Grüße Moni K

  12. dear Patricia,
    thank you so much for your great report and for all these wonderful pictures from Pairi Daiza, So good you could visit the lovely animals, it is a big joy to watch your pictures. How nice is a Zoo visit with meeting good friends again. I am glad you all had a good time together
    dear greetings and big paw waves