Sisu sends you sunshine greetings from Ranua

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30.7.2020 – Photos by Marko Junttila

Terve! Hello! This time I want to send you happy and sunny greetings from northern Finland.


As you can see I’ve been quite busy making my enclosure look like a garden.


Mama and I are doing just fine and I’m glad to tell you that the corona situation in Finland is quite good for the time being. I hope it will stay that way and the evil virus will go away – with a one way ticket!!


Maybe you’re wondering how my future will be. Well, your guess is as good as mine. So far I haven’t heard anything. Frankly, there’s no reason for me to leave my home here in Ranua. Of course, the situation will be different if mama gets a boyfriend …..


Although everything looks very Summer like I can smell small signs of the Fall in the air.


As usual I want to present some very cute inhabitants in our zoo. Agent 007 ┬Ż is still working under cover. ­čÖé

Here’s a nice photo of our pine marten.


We have a sweet roe deer calf now, too.



Ruska and Routa are proud parents of three puppies.


The puppies are quite lively now so the mother has to be very observant all the time.


Playing puppies are wonderful to see.


This is our musk deer Myro. Musk deers height is only 40-60cm and weight 10-15kg. The most noticeable feature is the males tusk-like teeth that they have instead of antlers and they use to fight for their territory.


This species is from Siberia and Mongolia, so it’s very accustomed to cold weather. Eventhought its small size it moves well in snow.


Now a real sunshine story for you:

A young, only few weeks old squirrel was brought to our park.


First few weeks it only drank milk but later when the upper teeth started to grow and the eyes opened it started to munch some food too.


After it grows a bit more, doesn’t need milk anymore and understoods to eat normal food, we can release it back to nature.


Observant visitors can see bustling fuzzball walking around in one of our snowy owl enclosures.



I’m so glad having so many cute neighbours although we must keep some distance. Not because of the covid-19 but for other reasons …. I wonder what reasons they are but, of course, I’m only a young polar bear boy so I can’t know everything!


Soon there will be the Cloud Berry Market in Ranua. I hope the keepers will bring me a basket with these yammy berries!


With this lovely video of our owls I wish all the readers a happy late Summer!

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  1. Liebe Mervi und lieber Marko,
    da zeigt Sisu hervoragend g├Ąrtnerische Qualit├Ąt, sieht sehr sch├Ân aus.
    Wir m├╝ssen abwarten was das EEP mit Venus und Sisu vorhat.
    Einen Moschushirsch mit seinen spitzen Hauern habe ich noch nie gesehen.
    Das gef├Ąllt mir am Zoo Ranua besonders, dass nur nordische Tierre zu sehen sind.
    Meine Favoriten sind nat├╝rliche die Eulen, k├Ânnte ich stundenlang beobachten.
    Vielen Dank, wie immer sch├Âne Bilder perfekt mit Tect versehen von Mervi.
    Liebe Gr├╝├če Moni K

  2. Dear Mervi and Marko!
    What an amount of wonderful and cute animal photos you brought us again. The captions fit perfectly.
    Thank you!

    Sisu looks great and seems to be a very talented gardener like another polar bear boy we got to know…
    He is wondering what his future will bring and so do we. I wish him a happy and healthy life wherever this will be. Hopefully some of his dreams will come true!

    Though I miss my dear secret agent 007 1/2 again there are some substitutes who are able to comfort me a little… ­čśë The pine marten has a lovely face, the roe deer calf is as adorable as the wolf puppies, the musk deer is a smart little guy with impressive teeth – these animals are kept in the Berlin Zoo too – and the sweet tiny squirrel and the plushy owl chick really enlightened my day.

    I wish everybody a relaxing weekend. Take care and stay healthy!


  3. Dear Mervi and Marko
    Sisu and his friends in Ranua are just the thing to cheer us up in these virus filled days.

  4. Liebe Mervi,

    mir gef├Ąllt besonders das schmalbl├Ąttrige rosa Weidenr├Âschen (Epilobium angustifolium) im Gehege von SISU und er scheint sein G├Ąrtchen auch zu m├Âgen. Sein Fell ist gro├čartig und fluffig wie bei Giovanna. Ja, wer wei├č, wo er einmal hinkommt? Ich w├╝nsche ihm so sehr die Gesellschaft einer jungen B├Ąrin!

    Die tierische Gesellschaft in den anderen Gehegen w├Ąren eventuell sein Beutechema, aber davon wei├č unser unschuldiger SISU nat├╝rlich nichts und das ist auch gut so.
    Das Tier mit den kleinen scharfen Z├Ąhnen habe ich auch noch nie gesehen und das s├╝├če Eichh├Ârnchen hat gro├čes Gl├╝ck gehabt. Die Eulen verstehen sich gut und 007 /1/2 hat einen netten Mitarbeiter gefunden.

    Ich w├╝nsche der finnischen Bev├Âlkerung weiterhin so guten Schutz vor dem Corona Virus!

    Herzliche Gr├╝├če

  5. Dear Marko and Mervi!
    Thank you for the news from Ranua. Sisu looks wonderful. I hope he will het the berries ­čÖé
    A deer calf is lovely, The wolf puppies are friesky.
    It is great that a young squirrel was rescued in the park.

  6. Sisu hat sch├Âne Weidenr├Âschen in seinem Gehege.
    Die kleinen W├Âlfe sind zu niedlich !
    Und nat├╝rlich die wollige Eule. ­čśÇ

  7. Dear Sisu

    Your garden looks beautiful!!
    And you look all grown up.

    Your zoo-roommates are doing well and there are also delightful offspring.

    Thank you dear Mervi and dear Marko for the wonderful pictures and the happy words.

    Have a nice weekend and best wishes

  8. Terve! Lovely SISU – with pink background this time. Colour is always something special to go with the white of our so much honoured and loved polar bear friends.

    I join you in your wish “the evil virus will go away ÔÇô with a one way ticket!!” for your and your beautiful Lady-mother Venus’ sake as much as for the sake of any other animals and humans and nature in total!

    I have to admit now that I am really always so much pleased to see you handsome young polar bear but this time I fell also immediately in love with the ‘pine marten’ (Marder, BaumMarder, EdelMarder?). It lloks so 100% lovoble and innocent, simply as if comletely unable to do or think something wrong – eben ‘als k├Ânne er kein W├Ąsserchen tr├╝ben’, der kleine Goldschatz = ‘klein aber oho!’. . .

    RUSKA & ROUTA are great as always. . . . Love the musk deer (Chinesisches Wasserreh, which I also love to meet in Zoo Berlin). . . . The baby snowy owl is also so cuuute! as the lovelies in the video are. etc. etc.

    It was again a pleasure to read and see you, dear SISU, and to get all the news and pics of your nighbours in bella Ranua. Keep staying all healthy, be cautious but also as cheerful as possible and have fun with your mama, your colleagues/neighbours, keepers, visitors etc. etc.

    Thank you for having popped into ‘KWM’ – thanks to auntie/ godmother Mervi ­čÖé

  9. dear Marko thank you for all the wonderful pctures of Sisu and the other nice inhabitants
    dear Mervi, thank you for sharing with us, I like the report
    terve dear Sisu, you are looking very good I am glad you and your dear Mama are doing fine
    your enclosure looks really like a Summer garden, you have so many sweet friends, the little squirrel is lovely
    enjoy your good cosy home in Ranua
    big paw waves to all and best wishes