Cuteness overload in the Novosibirsk Zoo

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1.8.2020 – Photos by Anna Novikova and Arkadi Laptenko

Three manul cat ladies have given birth to no less than 16 kittens! One mama has three kittens, another has five and the third mama has eight babies. That’s what I call a baby boom! 🙂

Here’s a proud manul mama with one of her kittens. It’s seldom we see a manul smile …. 🙂


During the first weeks the kittens are quite helpless. Their eyes are closed and they have no teeth. A newborn manul kitten weighs about 100 kilograms. In the photos in this article the kittens are about one month old.


However, the kittens develop fast. On the 20th day they opened their eyes. First the eyes are light blue but later the colour changes first to green and later to yellow.


The kittens started eating small pieces of meat when they were 22 days old.

This kitten doesn’t look very satisfied with the catering …. 🙂


The mothers allowed their kittens start exploring the enclosure when they were one month old.


The mama is making sure that ‘the coast is clear’ and safe for her babies.



The kittens are, of course, a bit scared of the big world outside the den but they get more and more brave day by day.


Mama, I’m going to see the big world now!


Of course, the ‘fugitive’ was brought back to safety faster than a lightning! 🙂


The manul females and males live separately with the exception of the mating season. The Novosibirsk Zoo participates in the international program for saving this species.

Face studies of an adult manul cat and small kittens



I just love this photo!!


The white wolf puppies

There are even cute white wolf puppies in the zoo. One female wolf gave birth to two puppies but couldn’t take care of them. That’s why the babies are being hand raised.


Playing is very exhausting!


Another female had one puppy and she’s taking good care of her off spring.



This is the first time there are white wolf puppies in the Novosibirsk Zoo.


One can’t but love this sweetie. Oh my, those eyes …..


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  1. Liebe Merv, Anna und Arkadij,
    da ist wirklich eine Niedlichkeit nach der anderen.
    So viele kleine Manule und alle sind einfach nur süß.
    Die kleinen Wölfchen stehen in nichts nach und das letzte Bild, da möchte ich den Kleinen in den Arm nehmen
    und abknutschen.
    Herzlichen Dank an die Fotografen und Mervi fürs zeigen und texten.
    Liebe Grüße Moni K

  2. Dear Mervi, Anna and Arkadij!
    I´m convinced every reader of this article has got little hearts in his eyes.

    Since I´m a great fan of manuls I ´m really all aflutter about these adorable little beauties. Even the kittens look somehow grumpy – so cute!

    The wolf puppies are charming little rascals too and I´d like to join Monika who wanted to cuddle the one on the last photo.
    Thank you so much for this enjoyable article!


  3. Dear Mervi, Anna and Arkadij
    Two lovely families for us. Thank you.
    The Manul cat always reminds me of Garfield.

  4. Liebe Mervi, Anna & Arkadi,

    das sind allerliebste Babyfotos von den kleinen Manus und Wölfchen.
    So klein die Manus noch sind, schauen sie jedoch schon etwas gefährlich aus, was sie wahrscheinlich nicht mehr als andere Katzenarten auch sind.

    Die Wölfchen beherrschen den Blick mit dem Kindchenschema sowieso und haben damit alle Besucher auf ihrer Seite und welcher Pfleger möchte ihnen nicht das Fläschchen geben?

    Vielen Dank und liebe Grüße!

  5. Mini-Manule + Wolf-Puppies sind einfach oberputzig!

    You made top-shots of the little heartbreakers, dear Anna Novikova and Arkadi Laptenko.

    Thank you, dear Mervi, for having brought this contribution to your ‘KWM’.

  6. Thanks so much, its soooo sweet!

    Hugs, Erika

  7. Dear Anna, Aekadij and Mervi!
    There is really a baby boom at manul cats in the zoo Novosibirsk. The kids are very cute.
    The white wolf puppies are very cute too.

  8. This is so wonderful, I love these cats and their kittens.

    Thank you for the adorable photos.


  9. Sowohl die kleinen Manule
    als auch die Wölfchen sind
    entzückend ! 🙂

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