Sisu is a stubborn Finn and keeps his fur white

Dec 29th, 2020 | By | Category: Yorkshire Wildlife Park

30.12.2020 – Photos by Sheila Baker

Good morning to you, Sisu! How are you doing? Your breath smells good anyway!


Hamish, come and look what I found.


I wonder how I can break this thingie!


Wow! What an impressive boomsie you have! But might one suggest you’ll have a bath?


Hamish is looking for Luka and Nobby ….

Hamish looking for Luka and Nobby

…. and found two brown bears! ­čÖé Well, the guys seem to be very pleased with their ‘off-white’ furs. ­čÖé


Hamish is getting impatient with Sisu’s white appearance and does his best to make him dirty (= happy)!


Sisu, you really must do something about your fur! Please, watch and learn!


Well, I’ll try!


My fur just remains white because I love to swim and dive. Sorry, pal!


Come on, let’s have a walk.


Cappuccino and milk? ­čÖé


So far the visitors will recognize me because of my white coat! However, my pals Hamish, Nobby and Luka are placing bets on how long I’ll be white …. What do you think? ­čÖé

Dear Sheila, thank you for taking such wonderful photos of us!


That’s all for this time but we hope to be back soon! We polar bear boys in Doncaster wish all the readers of this magazine a happy new year 2021!

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  1. Dear Mervi and Sheila
    Great to read about the boys at Doncaster and see your lovely pictures.

  2. TERVE! white beautiful polar bear boy SISU in the new surrounding with new pals!
    Or may I rather say “white beatiful polar bear MAN” in the meantime!?
    I am under the impression you have grown a lot lately . . .

    You look simply gorgeous together with your FRIEND HAMISH as “MILK and CAPPUCCINO BEARS”.

    Further lots of fun to the both of you and – of course – also to the other guys.

    It’s really great that again you seem have succeeded to find a new photo-reporter in Shila Baker, dear Mervi.

    Thanks a lot to the both of you: photos and captions are so good and entertaining!

  3. Dear Mervi and Sheila!
    Thank you for the latest news and the beautiful photos from Sisu and his buddies in YWP.
    How nice that Sisu is doing well and is settling in better and better.
    I am glad he is getting on so well with Hamish.
    I guess he is a little bit vain and thinks brown is just not his color and likes white better…. ­čśë

    But he’s probably happy anyway and looks gorgeous.
    In any case, this way you can immediately distinguish him from the others. For the time being…


  4. Dear Sheila and Mervi!
    Thank you for the pictures from YWP. It looks like the boys are doing well.

  5. Danke an Sheila und Mervi
    f├╝r die interessanten Ein-
    dr├╝cke aus Yorkshire. ­čÖé
    Die Buben scheinen sich
    ganz gut zu verstehen !

  6. What lovely pictures, dear Sheila!!

    I find yes, the plant in the YWP simply ingenious.
    So much space, so much natural ground and also the ponds for the bears !!


  7. Liebe Mervi,

    ich freue mich ├╝ber die Gesellschaft, die Sisu jetzt mit Hamisch hat.
    Jungb├Ąren freuen sich ├╝ber die Gesellschaft mit Gleichaltrigen, die f├╝r Sisu vielleicht sogar wichtiger ist als die gewohnten Schneemassen.

    Danke f├╝r die sch├Ânen Fotos von Sheila!

  8. dear Mervi and dear Sheila,
    thank you so much for all these wonderful pictures and for the nice text. I am glad the 4 Bear boys can understand each other they speak the same language Polar bearish, great
    It is good to see, they are friends
    all the best to the bears and their keepers and to their friends
    dear greetings and big paw waves and many good wishes to you

  9. Ihr Lieben!

    Die zwei haben ja viel Spass, danke fuers.Zeigen.

    Liebe Gruesse und einen guten Rutsch, Erika

  10. Thank you very much dear Mervi and Sheila.
    Best wishes to Sisu, Hamish, Nobby and Luka.