Yorkshire Wildlife Park – When Sisu met Hamish

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19.12.2020 – Photos by Sheila Baker

On the 13th of December Sisu arrived in the Yorkshire Wildlife Park (YWP) after a long journey from Ranua in Finland.


After some rest he was introduced to Hamish and they immediately became friends!


I’m so glad Sisu already seems to have a bosom friend in YWP. 🙂 Hamish was born on the 18th of December 2017 in Kingussie, Scotland. His parents are Viktoria and Arktos. Viktoria and Sisu’s mother Venus are sisters so Sisu and Hamish are cousins. Their grandparents were Vienna and Churchill in Rostock.

Lend me your ear and I will tell you the latest gossip. Can you imagine …..?


Playing hide-and-seek. Who’s counting?


Hmmm, they remind me of the Loch Ness Monster – but maybe Hamish wanted to tell Sisu about the world famous legend ….


At least Sisu seems to be quite impressed.


Sisu must have told something funny because Hamish is laughing loud.


Why are you still so white?


Nobby, Luka and Hamish know that a dirty bear is a happy bear. Of course, they want to share the wisdom with the newcomer Sisu. Well, it wasn’t so easy for Sisu to make himself dirty in the white snow in Ranua. 🙂

Luka is telling Nobby that he’s far too clean!


Luka demonstrating how he keeps himself happy. Extremely happy I might add. 🙂


I’m sure even Sisu will be wearing an ‘off-white’ fur very soon! 🙂

Dear Sheila! Thank you so much for your permission to use your photos in my magazine. What a lovely Christmas gift for me and for the readers of this magazine!

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  1. Wonderful photos. Thank you for sharing them. How great is it that the young cousins can all play together in this polar bear wonderland!


  2. Dear Mervi and Sheila
    I am really happy that you have agreed to let us have beautiful words and photos together in Knutis Weekly. Putting Sheila’s pictures and Mervi’s words into a story really gives us a chance to visit Yorkshire Wildlife Park and meet the new band of Polars.

  3. Liebe Mervi,

    wie schön, dass die zwei Neuen sich schon so schnell angefreundet haben und du nun mit Shela Baker eine
    liebenswürdige Reporterin gefunden hast!

    Die neue Schminktechnik wird Sisu auch noch erlernen, der sonst immer mit schneeweißen Fell glänzen konnte.

    Herzliche Grüße

  4. Oh boy/s, I am really thrilled by this fabulous report with 1a-photos of 1A polar bears!

    SISU, Terve!, it seems you didn’t find it too bad at your new place and your new pals seem to be some to ‘Pferde stehlen’ with! 😉

    Photos and captions are most uplifting. HAMISH’s smile/grin seems to be unbeatable. And your dear face, dear SISU shows also some kind of satisfaction already. Am I right??

    Congratulation and thanks to the both of you, dear Mervi and Ralph, for having digged out a reliable new correspondent 🙂

    Welcome and thank you very much, dear Sheila Baker, that you make it possible through the two before mentioned ones to keep us informed about ‘our’ embosomed Finnish firend from RANUA 🙂

    Good luck to any of the bears and to any of the humans mentioned before!

  5. dear Mervi, it is wonderful, that Sheila made these great pictures of very content Polarbears and you have made as always a sweet story, thank you very much
    dear Sheila I like all your picturers, it is so good to see Sisu making friendship with Hamish, thank you so much for your pictures, now we can see that the 4 young Polar bears are in a good mood at their wonderful home
    terve dear Sisu, I am very glad that you have already a good friend, Hamish is a good fellow, you will have much fun, all the best to the 4 boys eh Bears
    dear greetings and big paw waves

  6. Da bahnt sich eine schottisch/finnische Freundschaft an.
    Hamish und Sisu haben viel Spaß miteinander. Auch
    Luka und Nobby scheinen sich gut zu verstehen. 🙂
    Danke an Sheila Baker für die interessanten Fotos !

  7. Dear Sheila and Mervi!
    Thank you for the update about Sisu at his new home. These are beautiful and very encouraging pictures and, as usual, appropriate and humorous subtitles.

    Mervi, I can imagine how relieved you are that Sisu has obviously already recovered from the long journey and has even already made friends with Hamish.
    I´m convinced in a few days there will be no more difference in the fur colour of the bears… 😉


  8. Dear Scheila and Mervi!
    I am very glad that the polar bear boys in YWP are on the good terms.
    The pictures are wonderful.

  9. Dear Mervi and dear Sheila

    Thank you very much for this wonderful news in moving and still pictures from the YWP!!
    It makes me happy to see that the four bears are doing well and are happy with their new playbears.

    Have a nice Sunday!
    Warm greetings,

  10. Liebe Mervi, liebe Sheila!

    Wie schoen, dass Sisu so freundlich aufgenommen wurde und ich wuensche der Baerenbande alles gute.
    Danke fuer die wunderbaren Bilder.

    Liebe Gruesse, Erika

  11. Dear Sheila, thank you so much for sharing your pics with us with regard to Sisu. And quite soon, the rest of the gang will learn him on how to become a happy and muddy bear.
    Dear Mervi, you must have beee happy to see these pics of your Ranua baby. One thing is for sure: he is doing his very best to become a big bear now.

  12. Thank you very much dear Mervi and Sheila.
    Best wishes to Sisu and Hamish.