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25.1.2021 by Mervi

Due to a computor crash I couldn’t make anything new for this special day but I publish the birthday article from 2018 again.

Unbelievable but true! Today Knutitours celebrates it’s 13th anniversary! When I started this tour I never thought I would be writing this. I never believed Knutitours would still be going strong after all these years.

What is Knutitours? It’s impossible to answer that question with only a few words but if I try to answer in a ‘nut shell’ – Knutitours is a mixture of the real world and a very special virtual fantasy world. Our tour started in the Knuipe and a little later Knuti’s Weekly Magazine was introduced.

There have been ups and downs during the long journey – from small mishaps to a total crash but like the bird Fenix Knutitours has always arised from the ashes.

I think this photo of Knuti-Judi and me watching Knut in a pouring rain describes the journey quite well. Together with all the Knuipe bloggers and the readers of Knuti’s Weekly Magazine we have kept the motor running in spite of the very bad weather sometimes!

Because everybody reading this article knows what this Magazine is about I want to share some memories of our hangout the Knuipe instead of telling the history of Knuti’s Weekly. It was, of course, a crazy idea to base a Magazine on articles and reports from different zoos because I myself very seldom have a possibility to visit a zoo. However, thanks to many excellent reporters and photographers the Magazine has become what it is today. I’m truly grateful for everybody for their help!

…. but now to the Knuipe!

The Knuipe ‘headquarters’ is placed in Berlin so ‘Ich habe immer einen Koffer in Berlin’. 🙂 But the Knuipe can be anywhere when needed ….

In 1985 I visited ‘Zur Kneipe’ in Rankestrasse 9. When I created the Knuipe I must have had the memories of that cosy Kneipe in my mind although I had forgotten my visit. Viktor kindly made this picture of the facade and, naturally, Knut was our dear Waiter in the beginning.

When Vesa and I attended Knut’s first birthday we even visited ‘Zur Kneipe’. What a surprise it was to see it looked just like the Knuipe I had created in my mind! Sometimes our memories are well hidden but they’re still there ….

So many birthdays have been celebrated here! So many parties we’ve had with excellent musical entertainment by the Tyrolian Mighty Bears Orchestra and our fantastic choir ‘Orthopädische Strümpfe’. 🙂

I could never have managed to keep the Knutitours going without lots of help from many talented writers, photographers and collage makers. As an example I can mention Annemarie’s morning bulletines which are already classics with lots of humour and with her never ending phantasy.

Oh bear, there were lots of mishaps with our roller skating Waiter …. but noboby could ever be angry with him. This collage was made by Bauz.

The sky is the limit for the imagination of the Knuipe bloggers! All ‘our bears’ have their very special characteristics. For instance we found out that pink is Flocke’s favourite colour. Of course, I’ve made many collages of our ‘Pinkie’. I made Flocke carry a pink handbag and the funny thing is that when I once forgot it everybody was asking ‘Where’s Flocke’s handbag?’ 🙂

Here Fräulein Flocke wanted to take ballet lessons. There’s no doubt she was the prima ballerina and the primadonna assoluta of this ballet ensemble!

When the time passed Flocke, Giovanna and Rasputin were helping our Waiter. Their speciality was to quality control all the food served in the Knuipe. They certainly took their job very seriously.

The Four Leaf Clover by Caren

The Knuipe parties are always special occasions and every polar bear with self respect wants to attend them. So if you see this bus on the Autobahn you know where it’s heading!

We have shared sad times and good times in our Knuipe. We were in deep morning when Knut – our beloved Waiter – had to leave us far too soon. At that time I was asking myself if there was any meaning in continuing but then I thought that keeping the Knutitours going was a tribute to Knut! That’s why I didn’t even change the name of Knuti’s Weekly Magazine.

At the same time there were severe server problems so the Knuipe had to be placed temporarily in KWM. After the problems were solved it felt a bit sad to reopen it in the usual place without our Waiter. However, somebody – I think it was Caren – suggested that Yoghi and Ludwig from Hellabrunn could help us to maintain the good service.

Sadly even Yoghi had to leave us far too soon but even his spirit is still with us!

I can’t remember when Uncle Sergej made his entré but he came to stay! He’s Raspi’s uncle who claims he’s one of the Romanovs. Well, we may have doubts about that but our dear Serjoscha certainly has a colourful past. He’s been a cosmonaut, a secret agent, a world class ping pong player, a talented ice skater – just to mention some of his skils.

Annemarie found out Uncle Sergej is married to Madama Ninotschka (we call her Nini) and they have 14 cubs who never grow older. Nini used to be the prima ballerina in the Bolshoj Theatre and she still dances for us on special occasions.

Uncle Sergej’s speciality is creating new drinks. There’s one thing common for his drinks – they all are real Micky Finns. The word ‘light’ doesn’t exist in his vocabulary. He loves to sample his creations so very often he’s ‘under influence of inventions’ to put it nicely. 🙂 Very often the good old chap entertains us playing his balalajka and singing Russian songs.

The Knuipe is always open and you must admit the personnel has very pleasant working hours! 🙂

As an example of the real world I want to mention the story of Tweetie. Britta-Gudrun found the little bird helpless on the ground and took care of it until it could fly away – hopefully with fellow birds. We were following daily Tweetie’s development from a ‘naked’ tiny creature to a beautiful bird.

Food is a very important issue in our Knuipe so Knut wrote a cook book for us. This book doesn’t contain any green recipees!

Because many of us like sports all the Championships and Olympic Games have been followed very thoroughly. During this anniversary year I’m going to publish both culinary and sporty nostalgie in this Magazine.

Fiete was carrying the fire in the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

In spite of the weather and slippery roads there are always visitors in the Knuipe! I want to thank all of them for being there. Some of you have left during the years , some of you have become silent readers but I’m glad there still are so many frequent visitors!

The Knuipe and Knuti’s Weekly Magazine make the Knutitours. I want to think they are my humble way to connect animal lovers all over the world and I’m glad knowing that there really are readers in every corner of the world!

Our magic bear is still the guiding star on our journey.

Sometimes we need to see things from the opposite perspective …. 🙂

Because I don’t want make our four legged friends scared the Knutitours’ fireworks are made of words and pictures – by some memories from the past ten years by Dumba, Ludmila, Patricia and Ralph!

Thank you all for the 13 years! The journey goes on – welcome to fly with the Knutitours!

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    As ‘Die KNUIPE’ respectively your lappy obviously still doesn’t work BUT there is a special day for you,
    I decided to remind YOU and everybody else of your and KNUT’s and all the other lovely animals’ friends that
    you /we could celebrate YOUR 13th ANNIVERSARY of ‘KNUTITOURS’ (‘Die KNUIPE’ + ‘KWM’ + ‘Backroom’).

    That was last year’s contribution in ‘KWM’ for the 12th anniversary and – may be –
    YOU and ALLE would like to watch/read it again – C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S:.


    Further GOOD LUCK! and BEST WISHES! for everything you do and in the same time the same for
    your complete family and all the rather loud as much as the totally silent readers/watchers
    of the above mentioned three ‘products’/’projects’ of yours a n d THANK YOU for everything!

    ! Have a good day/week – Stay healthy and happy together with your VESA, MIMMI, and NALLE !

    (Is NALLE fine again?).

  2. BTW: My above comment was already sent today, Monday, January 25th, 2021, at 0:36 AM
    in the comment section under the KORKESAARI-contribution/article.

    – – – –

    I made it, because I was under the impression you won’t have the occasion to publish something today with the intention to probably please you and your readers . . .

    – – – –

    Wonderful you have found yourself now the time and lappy-presence/possibility to send your own words
    and another copy of a contribution at the occasion of one of your KNUTITOURS-anniversaries, that of 2018.

    Wishing you a good time celebrating at home with your lovelies 🙂

  3. Thank you very much dear Mervi.
    Happy birthday Knutitours. We love Knutitours.

  4. Happy Birthday!!!

    I think it is a great achievement of yours, dear Mervi, that you have kept going for 13 years, despite all the problems and difficulties and sad news.

    I really enjoyed looking back over these eventful 13 years.

    Every collage is heart-warming, but the bus with the registration number Raspi 1 is my favourite!

    Dear Mervi, I hope for many more beautiful and eventful years here at Knutitours!


  5. Liebe Mervi,

    allerherzlichsten Glückwunsche zum 13. Jahrestag von Knutitours!
    Dass ausgerechnet an diesem Tag die Verbindung zu diesem wunderbaren Knut-Forum plötzlich ausgefallen ist, ist hoffentlich kein schlechtes Omen. Deshalb hoffe ich sehr, dass du Knutitours bald wieder zum Laufen bringst.
    Mit ihm und KWM besteht ein einzigartiger Ort, an dem wir alle in unserer Liebe zu den Bären und natürlich besonders zu Knut weiterhin verbunden bleiben. Wie du schon sagtest, viele technischen Missgeschicke konnten den Geist dieses besonderen Blogs nicht zerstören und so soll es auch bleiben.

    Hab vielen Dank für deine unermüdliche Arbeit und auch großen Dank an die vielen weitereren Berichterstatterinnen und Berichterstatter mit ihren bezaubernden Fotos aus nationalen und internationalen Zoos für diesen wun.der.schön.en Blog!

    Herzliche Grüße

  6. Ergänzung:

    Die heutigen Erinnerungen an deinen lustig bebilderten Eintrag von 2018 sind großartig!
    Natürlich freue ich mich auch über das Foto von Tweetie und mein Lieblingsfoto ist und bleibt:
    Don´t feed the visitors mit dir als Homo sapiens nicotinus!

  7. Dear Mervi and Vesa
    The Knuipe and Knutis Weekly have been a sanctuary and a refuge from the daily troubles of the world.
    We have followed the lives and adventures of Polar Bears and other animals. But today I want to thank you both for being there for us.

  8. Dear Mervi,
    It’s a pity that Bear Caffé is closed because of Corona, I would have enjoyed a drink from Uncle Sergei and a light meal from Annemarie after the long bus ride.

    The bus ride to the Knuipe flew by. The memories of 13 years of Knut and Co carried me away to our polar bear days together, it was a rollercoaster ride at times.

    Flocke in the pink TuTu is my hit, I congratulate you on your 13th anniversary and you can be sure I’ll always be happy to drop by for a drink …. and then we’ll dream on.

    Alles Liebe für Dich und Deine Lieben

  9. Dear Mervi!
    Congratulations on 13 years of Knutitours!
    I can only agree with Ralph who wrote:” The Knuipe and Knutis Weekly have been a sanctuary and a refuge from the daily troubles of the world.”
    Your review of the past thirteen years, even though it is from 2018, is a lovely trip down memory lane with many precious memories.
    Thank you for your imagination, creativity and all your effort.


    Es ist viel passiert in der Zeit – aber unsere Chefin Mervi hat
    allen Unbillen getrotzt und das Forum am laufen gehalten. 🙂

  11. Dear Mervi,
    Happy Birthday Knutitours.

    Great times with lots and lots of fun and stories about and around polar bears and other zoo animals.
    Times have changed but Knutitours is still there thanks to you and all your efforts to keep it going.

    Here’s to you, dear Mervi
    Congratulations and Celebrations :-))

  12. dear Mervi,
    happy 13.anniversary of Knutitours. We can not enough say THANK YOU Mervi for this wonderful place to remember and to enjoy and we do not feel alone when reading here. The stories and sweet collages of our beloved animals are great and touching in one. Best wishes to you dear Mervi and to Vesa,Mimmi and Nalle, I hope there will often be a reason for you to be happy
    dear greetings

  13. Dear Mervi,

    First of all with a delay ‘Happy Biirthday’ for Knutitours. Thanks for all these years to make KWM to what it is now. It is a real pleasure to read it, the time and passion you put in this forum is more than fantastic: I am a silent reader since the beginning and my day is not complete without taking a look at KWM

    Thanks also to all the contributors

    Please continue like this and stay healthy

    Kind regards, Sonja

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