Father Frost came with gifts

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7.1.2021 – Photos by Anna Novikova and Oksana Kalinina

Before the year 2020 came to an end the keepers in the Novosibirsk Zoo assisted Father Frost when he came to visit Gerda, Kai, Shauna and Nordi (see the video in the end of this page). What great surprises there were for the polar bears!

The new year 2021 was written in the snow with eatable numbers.


The decorated tree wasn’t standing for a long time when Gerda and her twins discovered it. 🙂


There were three ice bombs but Shauna decided to start eating the numbers of the new year.


Shauna, have you eaten the whole year? Please, leave something to us, too!


Nordi was focused on the delicious ice bombs. Wow! What a perfect dinner!


The year 2021 is a mess now but let’s hope it will be a good year anyway! 🙂


Yammy snacks were hidden all over the enclosure so the family had a good time hunting the treasures.


Of course, Father Frost brought some nice toys as well.


Shauna is wondering what to do with this thingie.


Should I take it upstairs?


Oops! I dropped the ball ….


… but here we go again! Listen very carefully, ball, let me tell you that I’m the boss! OK?


Snowy gymnastics keeps a polar bear in a good shape.


I wonder what made Gerda to show her tongue …


She’s such a beautiful polar bear lady and the snowy make-up makes her look even more beautiful!


A close-up of Kai’s face ….


…. and his paws. Oh bear, just look at the size of his paws!


What did you expect? I’m a mighty polar bear!!


Gerda and her daughter Shauna seem to be very pleased with the ‘New Year Special’ that their keepers had arranged.


Videos by Anna Novikova


Thank you for watching! We’ll be back soon and hope many visitors will come to meet us although the temperatures are very low – the record is around -45 Celcius!

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  1. Dear Mervi, Anna and Oksana
    Novosibirsk Zoo is definitely the place to be for Polar Bears celebrating Christmas.
    Thank you for sharing the event with us. All four members of the family look so white and furry, but Kai looks really like a mighty Polar Bear.

  2. It’s nice to even see some of the keepers who are visibly in love with their polars
    – AND even to hear their voices!

    Thanks to Anna Novikova and to Oksana Kalinina, as well as to Mervi (who makes it possible for the KWM-present-ones!), for sharing all these beautiful photos of a happy polar bear family spiled so much with gifts and love by their keepers.

    Sogar ‘Väterchen Frost’ kam persönlich vorbei 🙂

    Tannenbäumchen geschmückt mit Paprika, Äpfeln und Teigringen sehen einfach klasse aus.

    Da muss es ja wirklich grausig kalt sein, aber schön ist es so viel gute Laune im steinharten Schnee zu beobachten


  3. Dear Anna, Oksana and Mervi!
    The polar bears in the zoo Novosibirsk had a great time for the new year. The keepers did a great job with decorations and the toys.
    The bears enjoy the snow. Dear Anna and Oksana I hope you put enough warm clothes on. It is cold in Novosibirsk.

  4. Thank you very much dear Mervi, Anna and Oksana.
    Best wishes to Kai, Gerda, Shauna and Nordi.

  5. What a nice new years surprise!
    The keepers always have new
    ideas, to spoil the polarbears.
    Especially the ice bombs were
    a very nice gift, also as toys.
    Thank you for the excellent
    photos from winter-wonder-
    land, dear Anna & Oksana!.

  6. Dear Anna, Oksana and Mervi!
    I’m happy for the polar bears in Novosibirsk that Father Frost visited them in person and gave them some lovely presents. Something exciting, something tasty and something to play with….

    The entire polar bear family was obviously very happy about their presents and at the same time busy for quite a while finding all the goodies in the snow. The keepers did a good job again.

    Thank you for the lovely photos and videos and the fitting captions!

    Hugs and a Happy New Year to Siberia!

  7. What a great way to start a new year! Best wishes to all in Novosibirsk, have a good 2021!

    Hugs, Erika

  8. Fein ist wieder alles fĂĽr diese liebe Familie!

    LG Brigitte

  9. Die Nah-Aufnahmen von Kai sind der Hit ! 🙂

  10. dear Mervi, dear Anna and dear Oksana,
    how we can see, Gerda, Kai, Shauna and Nordi had a wonderful beginning of the year 2021
    so great and dear keepers and Father Frost, all looks so lovely
    thank you for all the sweet pictures and Videos
    I send many good wishes to you all and to the keepers and to all the dear animals from Zoo Novosibirsk
    cordiali saluti

  11. Dear Anna, Oksana and Mervi!

    In the new year, things continue as they did in the old year. The bears in Novosibirsk are spoiled!!!
    Thank you for this great report!

    Warm greetings,

  12. Dear Anna and Oksana, I think that Gerda and Co will appreciate this every day of the New Year. It is so touching to see all the efforts made by their keepers to keep them happy and busy. And most importantly, these bears do have snow!