Will Kai meet Gerda soon?

Jan 29th, 2021 | By | Category: Novosibirsk

29.1.2021 – Photos by Anna Novikova and Arkadi Laptenko

When I’m writing this I don’t know if Gerda and Kai are together so I publish some photos of them separated.

Kai instinctively knows something has happened.


It’s very quiet in the neighbouring enclosure so I guess that means the kids have left their mama and Gerda is alone now.


I hope Shauna and Nordi will get good new homes …. but I’m glad I can hopefully meet Gerda soon.


It looks like Gerda is waiting for her twins to come out of the den …..


… but Shauna and Nordi has left.

What’s that interesting familiar scent? Hmmm, it must be Kai!


He must be very near!


Kai finds the waiting very boring!

Maybe a little snack will make me feel more calm.


An apple a day keeps the vet away but I hope it doesn’t keep Gerda away!!! 🙂


Even a small apple is quite a mouthful. 🙂


What shall I do now?


Playing is always nerve calming …..


…. but it can be very exhausting, too!


Kai is walking towards the scent of Gerda.


Gorgeous prophiles





Oh dear, my fur is a mess! I must immediately make myself attractive! I don’t know when I will meet Kai!


Mervi’s note: Dear Gerda, you’re always beautiful and attractive!


Gerda is ready to meet Kai. However, we don’t know yet when – and if – the reunion will take place.


Kai is dreaming of the lady of his heart.


I hope we will soon receive news of Nordi and Shauna. I also hope to be updated about Gerda and Kai. Please, stay tuned!

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  1. Sooo schön sind die Beiden,ich wünsch ihnen wieder eine feine Zweisamkeit!
    Bin schon sehr gespannt auf Neuigkeiten von den Kindern.

    Dankeschön und liebe Grüße von Brigitte.

  2. Dear Mervi and Anna
    Facebook has published a story that Rostik has a good home in a proper Zoo in China. It looks as if China is at last beginning to improve conditions for its animals.
    Gerda and Kai may not have a very luxurious home but like the amazing people of Russia they know how to make the best of Winterbanf look their best.

  3. These are more than extremely beautiful polar bears and it’s a proofed very well fitting couple. Fingers are crossed (or ‘thumbs are pressed) aht they soon can be together again.

    Thanks to Anna Novikova and Arkadi Laptenko for sharing their gorgeous photos which are even without the lovely ‘little ones’ SHAUNA and NORDI a feat for the eyes.

    And thanks to you, dear Mervi, for the subtitles and the editor-in-chief efforts.

  4. Liebe Mervi,

    ja, die Protagonisten sehen fantastisch aus, aber wegen der Gehegegroesse absolut ungeeignet fuer ein Zuchtprogramm und dabei bleibe ich, auch wenn ich mir wieder Kritik einhandel.

    Ob wir von dem Geschwisterpaar jemals noch etwas erfahren werden, wage ich zu bezweifeln – Russland ist ein grosses Land und bei den wenigen Infos aus Chinesischen Zoos bin ich erst recht skeptisch. Erinnert ihr euch noch an einen Bären namens Pizza (da ist der Name schon Programm), der sein Dasein in einem Schaufenster eines groĂźen Warenhauses fristen muss und der trotz aller Bemuehungen von Tierschuetzern dort nicht rauskommt….

  5. Thank you very much dear Mervi, Anna and Arkadij.
    Best wishes to Kai, Gerda, Shauna and Nordi.

  6. Dear Mervi,
    dear Anna and dear Arkadij!
    Even though the enclosure leaves a lot to be desired, the keepers are taking exemplary care of the bears and keeping them busy – and the bears look great….
    So I suspect this beautiful pair will be reunited soon.
    Who knows?
    But first, I wish Gerda and Kai a wonderful winter season with snow and ice just the way they like it!

    Thanks for the great photos and the as always appropriate and funny captions!


  7. dear Anna and dear Arkadi,
    thank you very much for these nice pictures of the Polar bear parents Kai and Gerda
    dear Mervi, thank you so much for sharing these nice pictures with us and for your sweet story, and yes you are right, Gerda looks always so beautiful. I wish Gerda and Kai all the best.
    dear greetings and good wishes

  8. It’s all happening so fast.
    The twins are gone and soon Gerda and Kai will be together and provide for new offspring.
    Then everything will start all over again and we will be happy to receive reports and pictures.
    And no one questions this procedure.
    I think Gerda also deserves a break as a mum. I also think Kai deserves not to be alone all the time.

    Thank you, dear Anna and Arkadi and Mervi!

    Hugs, Anita

  9. Kai wird Gerda bald wieder sehen.
    Alles Gute für die Zwillinge ! 🙂