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14.2.2021 – Photos by Anna Novikova and Oksana Kalinina

The 14th of February is the Valentine’s Day and the loving couples are supposed to be extra sweet to each other. However, Gerda and Kai must spend this day separated. As far as I know they’re still living in separate enclosures.


It would be so nice to have Kai here with me.


I can smell him …..


….. but I can’t see him.


I’m sure Kai knows I’m thinking of him so I must look as cute as possible! (Dear Gerda, you’re a master of looking cute! Mervi’s note)


Kai has let the snow cover his fur. He looks a bit bored but hopefully he’s just tired. ­čÖé


OK, I wake up so you can admire me.


The keepers have said Gerda and I will be reunited in the mid February. I think it IS mid February NOW!


I haven’t heard any news of Shauna and Nordi so I guess they’re still in Novosibirsk. I hope they will come to a Russian zoo or maybe to a European zoo although most zoos are crowded already.

Here are some photos of the twins taken just before they were separated from their mother Gerda.

This is Shauna making sure she gets the daily dosis of vitamines. ­čÖé


She’s waiting for the snow flakes to fall ….


… and she didn’t have to wait very long! Oh bear, the snow showers are so wonderful!


She has inherited her good looks from Gerda.



Nordi liked to watch the visitors. What a pity the twins are staying in an enclosure where their fans can’t see them.


This guy is going  to be as big as papa Kai!


Presenting his beautiful prophile to Anna and Oksana.


I’m keeping my paws crossed that both Shauna and I will come to a nice zoo! (Dear Nordi, we are all crossing our paws for you two! Mervi’s note)


Thank you for watching! Hopefully there will be some good news soon from the Novosibirsk Zoo.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!

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  1. Ich freu mich wieder ├╝ber den neuen Bericht dieser lieben Familie!
    M├Âgen Gerda und Kai bald wieder ihre Zweisamkeit genie├čen k├Ânnen und beide Kinder in einen ganz feinen Zoo kommen-gemeinsam w├Ąre toll!

    Liebe Gr├╝├če von Brigitte.

  2. Dear Anna, Oksana and Mervi
    It is great to see all four Polars looking so well.
    Thank you for letting us visit them.
    I know how Gerda and Kai must feel as we are all locked down.
    I hope Nordi and Shauna find good homes

  3. Gerda and Kai will definitely celebrate Valentine’s Day later.
    The pictures make me feel like both bears are waiting to be left together.
    Thank you for the happy pictures, dear Anna and Oksana.
    And thank you dear Mervi for the words.


  4. Oh wei – Das tut ein bisschen weh, beim Betrachten der wieder so wundersch├Ânen Fotos – diesmal von Anna Novikova and Oksana Kalinina (DANKE!) – dies in dem Bewusstsein zu tun, dass alle vier dieser Super-Eisb├Ąren-Familie im Moment wohl eher ein bisschen unter dem Alleinsein leiden werden, anstatt sich vor Vergn├╝gen im Schnee herumzuw├Ąlzen . . . Zwar sind SHAUNA und NORDI zusammen, aber sie m├╝ssen ihre Mama schmerzlich vermissen u n d den Kontakt zu ihren Bewunderer/inne/n.

    Allen Viern ganz heftig die Daumen f├╝r bessere Zeiten gedr├╝ckt! F├╝r eine sch├Âne ‘neue Heimat’ bzw. f├╝r wiedererbl├╝hendes Liebesgl├╝ck!

  5. Dear Anna, Oksana and Mervi!
    Today is Valentine’s Day and I’m keeping my fingers crossed not only for a happy ending for Gerda and Kai, but also a happy future for all four bears!
    The photos are great, as are the captions.
    Thank you!


  6. Dear Anna, Oksana and Mervi!
    It looks very cold in Novosibirsk. Gerda and Kai will come together very soon. I hope for the good future for Shauna and Nordi. They are lovely kids.

  7. Liebe Gerda, ich bin sicher, Kai kann es hat nicht erwarten. Dich wiederzusehen, er weiss ja, wie suess du bist.
    Alles Gute f├╝r die Eisb├Ąren Familie und danke f├╝r die wunderbaren Bilder.

    Liebe Gr├╝├če, Erika

  8. Liebe Gerda, ich bin sicher, Kai kann es hat nicht erwarten. Dich wiederzusehen, er weiss ja, wie suess du bist.
    Alles Gute f├╝r die Eisb├Ąren Familie und danke f├╝r die wunderbaren Bilder.

    Liebe Gr├╝├če, Erika

  9. Thank you very much dear Mervi, Anna and Oksana.
    Best wishes to Gerda, Kai, Shauna and Nordi.