Water ballet – The Polar Bear Lake

Apr 25th, 2021 | By | Category: Novosibirsk

25.4.2021 – Photos by Arkadi Laptenko and Anna Novikova

As we all know the Russian ballet dancers are world famous and probably the best in the world. That’s why it’s no wonder Gerda and Kai move so graciously in the water – despite their big size!

Are you ready? Music, maestro, please!


Kai started his performance with these two big chained balls.


Elegant paws kicks are an important part of his coreography.


A modern version of the ballet – Shake it, shake it, baby!


Gerda is, naturally, the prima ballerina in this enclosure.


If Pjotr Tjajkovskij would see these dancers in action he would immediately compose a new ballet – The Polar Bear Lake! I’m sure of that! ­čÖé


The splashing water gives an extra dimension to the show.


The facial expressions are very important, too!


Gerda was suddenly alone in the icy water ….


… but soon she found something to play with.


Where did my dancing partner g0? Oh, I know – he wants to steal the snow. I don’t mind because I don’t have to show my skils – I’m so beautiful that the visitors are charmed by me anyway.


Kai had fetched the big grey ball and presented it to the audience.


Who needs paws when you have a perfectly good head?!




Floating to the music


Every ballet lover will give you a standing ovation, dear Kai!


Poseidon of the polar bear mythology?┬á ­čÖé


Thank you for watching! Hopefully we’ll be back soon so, please, stay tuned!


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  1. Fein ist das alles wieder von den zwei Guten,da stimmt die “Chemie”!

    Liebe Gr├╝├če von Brigitte.

  2. Dear Anna, Arkadij and Mervi!
    Thank you so much for this refreshing report with its marvellous photos and the, as always, very imaginative and appropriate subtitles. They show that even the largest land predator can be associated with ballet, although here it takes place in the water … Polar Bear Lake instead of Swan Lake is a pretty funny idea.
    Apart from that it is always a pleasure to see polar bears who are really doing well and having fun.


  3. Soooo beautifull! Thanks for sharing with us!

    Hugs, Erika

  4. Dear Anna, Arkadij and Mervi!
    The pictures are wonderful. It is still cold in Novosibirsk, but the polar bears got the water and enjoy the swimming and playing in the water.

  5. Dear Anna, Arkadij and Mervi

    The Polar Bear is definitely a creature of the sea (Ursus Maritimus).

    Kai and Gerda show how much fun Polar Bears can have with the simplest objects.
    Like Wolodja Kai loves to gather his toys together.

    Ballet Dancers are some of the strongest and most athletic people in the world. I am sure that Gerda and Kai would grace any Ballet.

    Thank you for posting this lovely story.

  6. Dear Anna, Arkadij and Mervi!

    It’s just lovely to see the two of them and to see how much they like each other.
    Thank you for the refreshing pictures.

    Warm greetings,

  7. Kai und Gerda verstehen sich sehr gut.
    Endlich haben sie wieder fl├╝ssiges
    Wasser und dazu Eis – perfekt !