September in the Dierenrijk Nuenen

Oct 10th, 2021 | By | Category: Featured articles

10.10.2021 – Photos by Hans Muskens

The Fall has made it’s entry even in the Dierenrijk Nuenen but the animals seem to love even this season.

What season is it now? I really must put my grey cells to work ….


Oh yes, it’s the Fall now! Let’s make ourselves presentable for the new season!


Hello little friends! Shall we go treasure hunting?


Oh bear, look what I found! Yammy, yammy! It’s big enough for us all.


The wolfies like each other!


Isn’t this sweet!


It’s easy to understand why the red panda is also called cat panda. Not only because of the face … this one reminds me of my cats Mimmi and Nalle. 🙂


Even the Autumn is time for some romance! 🙂 I think it’s Gainda flirting with one of the former Berliner ladies (Narayani or Jhansi) 🙂


This photo of the lion brothers looks like a painting.


Only flies have the guts to sit on a polar bears face!


Well, this bird has no respect for the white giants either.


I have just eaten a yammy meal so now it’s time for a nap.


After the nap a nice walk is needed.


The good thing is that during my walk I always meet somebear!


The Fall is here and I wonder how the next season – Old Man Winter – will be ….


…. maybe we will have snow! It really would be fantastic to see snow flakes falling down.


I couldn’t decide what colour would be most becoming for my fur so I have a nice mix of white and black. I think I look very charming!


The prophile of handsome Henk


The visitors usually watch us but this time we thought it’s our turn to watch them. The two legged creatures can be quite interesting …. not as interesting as we, though!! 🙂


That’s all for this time! See you soon again!


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  1. Lieber Hans,
    liebe Mervi,

    Mervi du hast den fantastischen Bildern von Hans wieder sehr passende und humorvolle Untertitel gegeben.
    Dass auch die Tiere die Besucher als interessante Abwechslung wahrnehmen, hat die
    besuchsfreie Corona-Zeit gezeigt, in denen die Tiere die Besucher ganz eindeutig vermisst haben.
    Henk ist ein imposanter Bär und freundlicher Vater für seine Bärenkinder.

    Die roten Pandas zeigen viele Verhaltensweisen von Katzen und haben auch etwas von ihrer Mimik.

    Das Löwenbild ist ganz besonders beeindruckend!

    Liebe GrĂĽĂźe

  2. Dear Hans and Mervi!
    Thank you for the interesting pictures.
    A bear and the foxes are is not an usual group. The otters are lovely.
    The polar bear family looks very well.

  3. Dear Hans and Mervi
    Thank you for this opportunity to visit Nuenen.
    For me the pictures of Henk and his family
    are just wonderful. I still cannot believe how
    relaxed Henk is with them.

  4. Dear Mervi and Hans!
    These are again great photos with exactly fitting captions from the Dierenrijk Nuenen. All the animals depicted were perfectly staged and many a constellation, e.g. bears and steppe foxes, made me astonished.

    I especially liked the relaxed chimpanzees, the already mentioned bears and foxes, the sleeping otters cuddled together, the chat at the “garden fence” of the two rhinos and the unusual polar bear family.
    How nice to see one of “our” rhinos again, even if it wasn’t quite clear whether it was Jhansi or Narayani.

    Mervi is right, the two male lions look like painted.
    Thanks for sharing!


  5. Thank you very much dear Mervi and Hans.
    Best wishes to Henk and all the other animals in Nuenen.

  6. Danke für den wunderschönen Bericht. Das Bild von den Löwen ist echt toll.

    Liebe GrĂĽĂźe, Erika?

  7. Dear Hans

    You show adorable pictures.
    There is not much going on with the polar bears at the moment. For you as well as for me. They are all waiting…


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