The Winter is here!

Oct 20th, 2021 | By | Category: Orsa

20.10.2021 – Source: Orsa Predator Center

Old Man Winter has made his entry in Orsa and he didn’t come empty handed! It snowed for the first time on last Friday but today (19th of October) the snow has decided to stay on the ground. ­čÖé


Maybe the two legged creatures are not so happy about the early snow but there’s no doubt Miki, Ewa, Wilb├Ąr and Hope are more than delighted.


Miki loves the white stuff that feels so cool under her paws.


Where are my skis?


Knuti’s Weekly wishes the polar bear quartet in Orsa a wonderful Winter time!

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  1. Dear Mervi

    Winter pictures !! I don’t even know if I’m already prepared for Winter.
    BUT Miki definitely is, so logically she asks about her skis?

    I wish all white bears, big and small, a cold and beary winter time!!

    Thank you Mervi!


  2. Dear Mervi
    I wish I could cuddle Miki and keep warn in her Winter world.
    Great that Orsa is getting the right weather. Thank you
    for sharing.

  3. Liebe Mervi,

    ich bin froh, dass der Winter vorerst Station im hohen Norden macht, wo sich besonders die
    Eisb├Ąren dar├╝ber freuen und nicht so schnell frierende Menschen wie ich.

    Miki ist ein munteres B├Ąrchen und sieht prima aus.
    Ich denke immer noch gerne an deine reizenden Erz├Ąhlungen ├╝ber Susi wie der
    neugierig die Welt entdeckt hat.

    Ganz liebe Gr├╝├če

  4. Dear Mervi!
    The winter arrived in Orsa. I am glad for the polar bears.

  5. Dear Mervi!
    Of course I am happy for the animals in Orsa who love winter, but for me it would come too early now. It should take its time in Finland before moving to our latitudes…
    I wish the polar bears and all the others who are already wearing their thick winter coats a wonderful, snowy winter!


  6. Also wenn ich ein Eisb├Ąr w├Ąre w├╝rde ich mich auch ├╝ber den Schnee freuen. Ich bin aber froh, dass er sich bei uns noch Zeit l├Ąsst und wir einen sch├Ânen Herbst haben auch wenn er auf unseren Bergen schon kurz vorbeigeschaut hat.
    Den B├Ąrchen in Orsa w├╝nsche ich viel Spa├č.

    Liebe Gr├╝├če, Erika

  7. Thank you very much dear Mervi.
    Best wishes to Wilbaer, Ewa, Miki and Hope.

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