Yorkshire – Sisu the polar bear gets root canal surgery

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27.10.2021 – Source: Rachel Russell, Sky News

Animal dentists “operated swiftly” on polar bear Sisu at Yorkshire Wildlife Park to prevent the broken tooth becoming severely infected or developing into an abscess.

Keepers at Yorkshire Wildlife Park, in Doncaster, became concerned after noticing one of Sisu’s three-inch canine teeth was broken.


Sisu was operated on for an hour by animal dentist Dr Peter Kertesz to clear the infected root canal to prevent an abscess from growing.

Dr Kertesz said the 600 kg animal will now have a “pain and infection free tooth for the rest of his life”.


He said: “It was wonderful that the keepers have been so observant and attentive to the animals, and noticed this. I was glad we operated swiftly because a broken tooth can lead to severe infection and be very painful.”

Dr Kertesz carried out the tooth root filling along with dental nurse Monika Mazurkiewicz and a vet specialised in the use of anaesthetics.

He added: “It was a standard procedure, where we cleaned out the infected root canal of the canine tooth, which was over three inches long, and filled it. Sisu will now have a pain and infection free tooth for the rest of his life. ”

“After the operation, Sisu was standing very quickly, but he was kept in his den to recover fully.”

Charlotte McDonald, the wildlife park’s director of animals, later confirmed that Sisu is now “fully recovered”.

Mervi: I’m so relieved to read that my Sisu is fully recovered and doing fine. Since there are no recent photos of Sisu I show you a couple of pics from his time in Ranua.

Last cuddles with mama before Sisu and Venus were separated in 2019.



Sisu is happy in his new home in the Yorkshire Wildlife Park with his friends Hamish, Luka and Nobby. However, he would be even happier if there would be snow. Let’s hope his wishes will come true!


My brave boy deserves to be happy!!!


The park’s official Twitter account posted a video of the operation along with the caption: What happens when a Polar Bear has tooth ache?

He goes to the dentist of course!

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  1. Dear Mervi
    It is great that the mystery of Sisu”s injury has finally been revealed.
    Such an operation is far from simple but fortunately both Yorkshire and Highland wildlife parks have done them before.
    Yorkshire often gets snow so I am sure Sisu will get his white stuff.

  2. Oh dear, poor boy!
    I’m glad Sisu came through his dental treatment well and I hope he won’t need a visit from an animal dentist again in his future life!
    Dr Kertesz is right, luckily the keepers were so attentive and noticed Sisu’s broken tooth in time .

    After seeing the pictures, I am quite impressed: Sisu is already a giant!

    Dear Mervi!
    Thank you for the wonderful bonus photos!


  3. Mervi,

    fein, dass es deinem Vikinger wieder gut geht!

  4. Dear Mervi!
    I think Sisu is doing better now.

  5. I’m always very impressed by pictures like this. They show how BIG polar bears are.
    It’s nice that Sisu survived the surgery well.

    Thank you, dear Mervi, for the exciting pictures.


  6. Thank you very much dear Mervi.
    Best wishes to Sisu.