Happy 5th birthday, Sisu!

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21.11.2021 by Mervi, Photos by Marko Junttila and Sheila Baker

Today we celebrate my Finnish viking Sisu who was born on the 21st of November in 2016.

On the 15th of March 2017 it was time for the proud mama Venus to present her cute cubbie to the media and to the visitors.

It was snowing quite heavily – what a perfect timing for Sisu’s first outing!

 photo venus4.jpg

What a wonderful white world!

 photo venus22.jpg

In June 2017 I could visit the sweetie that I simply called Nalle (bear in Finnish) because Sisu got his name only in September.


We brought him a ball which Sisu, of course, immediately ‘reshaped’. 🙂 As you can see there was still some snow left in June. The winters in Ranua can be really long!


In November 2017 Sisu was already a big boy.

sisunovember 2017_2

This time of the year the sun only shows for a short time but the sun rays painted Sisu’s fur golden.


March 2018 – Sisu is almost as big as mama Venus.

White, fluffy and roundish – just like a polar bear must look! 🙂

In March 2019 it was time for Sisu to be separated from his mother.

Last cuddles with mama Venus

These photos always bring tears in my eyes …

February 2020

Sisu loves the snow and took long walks sniffing the frosty air.



November 2020

I have chosen ‘snowy photos’ on purpose because I love to watch pics of Sisu in the snow – what a beautiful combination!



A little snow on the nose makes a beautiful polar bear look even more beautiful – don’t you agree?


On the 13th of December 2020 Sisu came to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park

19.12.2020 – One of the first photos of Sisu in his new home.


I’m glad Sisu came to this excellent park. His first friend was Hamish who welcomed Sisu with open paws.


Sisu and Hamish. It was fun to see how white Sisu was compared to Hamish and the other guys in the park. 🙂


September 2021 – What an impressive polar bear! Sisu is as big as his papa Manasse was.


In October Sisu had many health problems but thanks to the quick action by the rangers and the vets he has recovered well.

November 2021 – Sisu’s fur doesn’t look very presentable for the time being but it will grow back fast. I’m sure that within a few weeks we can meet a white and fluffy viking again. Well, maybe not white – rather off-white because that’s the latest trend in Yorkshire. 🙂




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  1. Happy birthday dear Sisu, we love going to visit you and your friends at Yorkshire Wildlife Park. I hope you get some extra special treats on your birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday dear SISU!

    Liebe Mervi,

    ach, wie gerne erinnere ich mich an deine zauberhaften Geschichten über Sisus Entdeckungen in der großen weißen Welt. Und jetzt im Zeitraffer ist er immer noch ein zaubärhafter Bär. Und bei den Knuddelfotos kann ich deine Wehmut über seinen Abschied gut verstehen.

    Auch dir, liebe Sheila besonderen Dank, dass wir jetzt durch dich und Philip immer wieder tolle Fotos von Sisu aus Yorkshire sehen können!

    Herzliche Grüße

  3. Dear Mervi!
    What a loving and heart-warming birthday tribute you have created for your Finnish viking!
    The photos by Sheila and Marko are gorgeous, many wonderfully wintry, very appropriate for the handsome polar bear Sisu meanwhile has grown into.
    He was such a cute little polar bear cub and it is very impressive to see how big and gorgeous he has become.
    How lucky that his health problems are now history and he can fully recover among his buddies.

    Happy Birthday dear Sisu and all the best, especially health, for the coming year of your life!


  4. dear Sisu, happy birthday to you, be healhy and happy and have much fun and joy with your friends, I like to watch pictures of you and of your friends in Yorkshire.
    dear Mervi, thank you for this lovely birthday page for Sisu, yes Sisu had a wonderful childhood with his Mama at their cosy home in Ranua.it was so nice to see him playing in the snow
    dear greetings and big paw waves

  5. Dear Mervi, Marko and Sheila
    Thank you for this Happy Birthday album for
    Sisu on his Fifth birthday.

  6. Happy Birthday to Sisu. What lovely photos. He has had a very fine childhood, with all that snow. Now he has many friends in Yorkshire. A fine Viking boy.


  7. Dear Mervi!
    You made a wonderful tribut for Sisu.
    Happy Birthday, dear Sisu!

  8. Herzlichen Glückwunsch und alles Gute zum Geburtstag auch von mir für Sisu.

    Danke für die schöne Geburtstagsseite mit tollen Fotos, liebe Mervi.

    Liebe Grüße