Milwaukee County Zoo – Meet charming camel baby Oliver

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24.11.2021 – Photos by Michelle Rippey

This time Michelle presents a charming young man in the Milwaukee County Zoo.

The male Bactrian camel Oliver was born the morning of April 13 to parents Addie-Jean (better known as A.J.) and Stan.

The first three photos were taken when Oliver was 26 weeks old – or young. He’s a real golden boy!


Oliver had already learnt how to pose nicely for his fans’ cameras. 🙂


A week later Oliver was cuddling with daddy Stan.



Oliver lined up with mom A.J. in the middle & grandma Sanchi on the left. Dad Stan is in the back.


It’s an Oliver sandwich. 🙂 Mom A.J. on the right, grandma Sanchi on the left with dad Stan in the back.


Papa Stan seems to be very proud of his cute son.


It’s week 28 and it was raining when Michelle spotted Stan & Oliver enjoying a bit of father & son time.

Oliver chomping on papa Stan

oliver6chomping on dad Stan1

What a wonderful photo of the papa and his son.


It’s nice to cuddle with you but now I have other things to do … See you later, dad!


Singing in the rain 🙂


Oliver loves his dad and, of course, he loves mama as well – especially when it’s feeding time. 🙂


An elegant milk mustache


After a good meal a nap is needed! Bye bye!


Dear Michelle! Thank you so much for these fantastic photos of Oliver and his family! I certainly fell in love with this charming guy!

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  1. Dear Michelle and Mervi
    I love camels and little Oliver is definitely a golden boy.
    I forgot to mention that a herd of camels live next door to Project Polar 2 and are always keen to see visitors.

  2. Dear Michelle and Mervi!
    Little Bactrian camels are adorable and they have the most beautiful eyes with eyelashes that every woman envies.
    Thank you for these charming pictures!


  3. Liebe Mervi

    klein sind sie ja niedlich, aber ausgewachsene Kamele sind jetzt nicht meine Lieblinge,
    auch wenn sie tolle Augenwimpern haben°

    Herzliche GrĂĽĂźe

  4. Dear Michelle,

    I just love little Oliver, and his whole family. They seem to pose for the camera, to show what a happy family they are. It is just an enchanting tableau. My favorite is Oliver kissing his daddy, although there are so many incredible photos here. You are lucky to get to watch Oliver grow up.

    Thanks for the gorgeous family photos.


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