Celebration of Lyutyik’s birthday and the life of Ahpun in Alaska

Jan 21st, 2018 | By | Category: Alaska

21.1.2018 – Source: The Alaska Zoo, Photos by John Gomes Our beloved polar bear, Ahpun passed away on the 31st of December 2017. Zoo staff had the privilege of taking care of her since her arrival as a cub in 1998. Patrick Lampi with Ahpun We have amazing memories of her growing up at the […]

An orphan black bear cub rescued in Alaska

Jun 7th, 2017 | By | Category: Alaska

7.6.2017 – Source: The Alaska Zoo, Photos by John Gomes, Text by Pat Lampi
The black bear cub arrived at the Alaska Zoo on May 18th and is now approximately 6 months old. They are usually born in December or January while the mother is in her semi-hibernation.

Polar bear birthdays in Alaska

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27.1.2017 – Source: The Alaska Zoo, Photos by John Gomes Even though it may not be the actual birthdays of our zoo bears, we celebrated this time of year when female polar bears are giving birth to cubs in dens. On the 19th of January Ahpun and Lyutyik received enrichment provided by staff and volunteers, then […]

Fishy enrichment for Ahpun and Lyutyik

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13.10.2016 – Photos by John Gomes, the Alaska Zoo
An October day brought a great surprise for our friends Ahpun and Lyituik in the Alaska Zoo. As part of their enrichment they were offered a chance to catch salmons in their ‘lake’!

Ms President Ahpun’s free swim day

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14.4.2016 – Photos by John Gomes, Alaska Zoo I guess you all remember me but let me introduce myself anyway. I’m Ahpun – the president of the Alaska Zoo. After a tough campaign a couple of years ago I was elected to rule over the animals in our zoo and – I want to add –  over […]

Ahpun’s and Lyutyik’s birthday

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26.1.2016 – Source: The Alaska Zoo, Video by John Gomes, photos are screen shots from the video Due to the lack of snow in Anchorage this year our husbandry staff elected to make various frozen treats for our bears. Ahpun’s and Lyutyik’s birthdays were celebrated  on the 16th of January. When the bears came out […]

Colourful treats to Ahpun and Lyutyik

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19.1.2015 – Source: The Alaska Zoo, Photos by John Gomes On Saturday, the 17th of January, the Alaska Zoo was filled with several activities. The polar bears Ahpun (15 years) and Lyityik (17 years) celebrated their birthdays and the first Polar Bear 5K Run took place on the same day. Due to the lack of snow the […]

Alaska Zoo celebrates it’s 45-year anniversary

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19.12.2014 – Source: The Alaska Zoo, Photos by John Gomes My special thanks to Jill Myer, the Development Director in the Alaska Zoo for her kind help with this article! The Alaska Zoo has become familiar to the readers of Knuti’s Weekly because of the rescues of polar bear cubs, wolf puppies and even other […]

Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center

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Das Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center (AWCC) ist direkt neben dem Highway in der Nähe der Stadt Girdwood, Alaska zu finden.

The five rescued wolf puppies are doing fine!

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10.7.2014 – Photos by John Gomes, Alaska Zoo
Do you remember the five wolf puppies that were rescued from a big fire in Alaska? If not – here’s a little resumé. Now we also know that the Minnesota Zoo is prepared to offer a home to the puppies.