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Schnee, Schnee, Schnee / Snow, Snow, Snow

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5.2.2018 – Auf Deutsch / In English
This story was published for the first time 5.2.2010 (exactly 8 years ago!) by Knut, Flocke, Giovanna und Raspi with a little help from Caren.

Vienna has left us

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15.1.2018 – Quelle: Rostock Zoo & Darwinium Wir sind in tiefer Trauer an diesem Montag Morgen: Heute haben wir erfahren, dass unsere Eisbärendame Vienna am Samstag im französischen Zoo de la Palmyre verstorben ist. Sie wurde 29 Jahre alt. This Monday we’re mourning deeply: Today we received the sad news from La Zoo de Palmyre […]

Winter memories of Knut

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5.1.2018 – Photos taken in December 2010 by Gudrun
In December 2010 there was snow in Berlin. I’m glad our Knuti could enjoy the white stuff during his last Winter in the zoo.

Today would have been Knut’s 11th birthday

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Dear bear angel Knut! Yes, this day could have been a day of celebration but unfortunately we must celebrate this day with our sweet memories of you.

Knut war immer liebenswert / Knut was lovable at all times

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5.11.2017 by Doris and Jessie Webb from 22.4.2011
Wie oft haben Knut’s Besucher es erlebt: ein süßer Bär, der unheimlich müde war und trotzdem nicht einschlafen wollte, weil er Angst zu haben schien etwas zu verpassen.

Knut memories from the year 2010

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5.10.2017 – Photos by Gudrun, video by Monika aus Berlin
This time we celebrate the 5th of the month with some nice photos by Gudrun and an adorable video by Monika aus Berlin. I don’t think they need any comments!

Memories of a beloved keeper and his polar bears

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22.9.2017 by Mervi
Today it’s exactly nine years ago Thomas Dörflein had to leave us. Earlier this week we even received the sad news of Lars passing. This memory page is dedicated to the magic family of three polar bears and their keeper.

Lars has gone to Knut

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18.9.2017 – Photos by Gisela H Today polar bear Lars has crossed the Rainbow Bridge and joined his son Knut. The veterinarians found a big tumour in Lars’ liver and could only state there was no cure. The zoo had to take the hard decision to release the bear from the pain. We all learnt […]

Autumn impressions with Knut

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5.9.2017 by Mervi
The Summer is almost over and we’re heading for the Fall so I thought in September we could celebrate our Knuti with some of my season collages – some of them you’ve probably seen already, some of them are new.

Knut had fish for dinner

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5.8.2017 – Photos by Gudrun
The only time I heard Knut growling was on one occasion when he saw a big salmon and Frau Weckert wasn’t fast enough to throw it to him. Usually he waited patiently for his food.