Happy birthday, dear Annemarie!

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7.11.2019 by Django Liebe Annemarie! Zu deinem Geburtstag gratuliere ich mit meinem Frauchen Britta-Gudrun sehr, sehr herzlich! Für dein neuen Lebensjahr empfehle ich dir mein bewährtes KATZEN-YOGA: 1. Ein verstecktes Plätzchen aussuchen 2. Alle Probleme sortieren 3. Lege dich dann bequem hin 4. Mach ein erholsames Nickerchen! Es gibt auch von einem berühmten Mann einen […]

Grattis, käre husse! Happy birthday, Vesa!

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22.12.2018 by Mimmi and Nalle (with a little help from Mervi) Dear husse Vesa,  today it’s time again to celebrate your birthday. We have made you many cards and we even have some gifts for you – not to mention many good promises for the next year. We’ve both had many health problems during this […]

Happy second birthday, ARON!

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26.11.2018 by Evi from Tallinn ARON – the second cub of Friida and Nord, the little brother of Nora – was born in November 26th 2016. An interesting fact: The name Aron is ‘Nora’ if you read it backwards! Unlike Nora Aron was a very calm little cub: he didn’t climb on the bars, he even swam rarely, […]

Happy 5th birthday, dear NORA!

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24.11.2018 by Evi from Tallinn November 24th 2013 – a very happy day in the Tallinn Zoo: after 11 years a lovely polar bear cub was born in the Tallinn Zoo – the first cub of Friida and Nord! She got the name NORA. The name was derived from the names of her father Nord […]

Happy second birthday, Sisu and Quintana!

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21.11.2018 – Photos by Marko Junttila and Birgit Born, Text and collage by Mervi 21st of November in 2016 was a happy day in Munich, Germany and in Ranua, Finland. Two sweet cubbies were born. Giovanna and Yoghi became parents to Quintana and Venus and Manasse became parents of Sisu. Quintana Sisu with mama Venus […]

Paljon onnea Ranzo! Happy birthday, Ranzo!

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18.11.2018 – Photos by Evi from Tallinn, Text by Mervi On the 18th of November 2011 Venus gave birth to a sweet polar bear boy that later got the name Ranzo (RANuaZOo). The cub was the first polar bear ever born in Finland! At the age of 7 years Ranzo is a very impressive polar […]

Happy birthday, lady Katjuscha!

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16.11.2018 – Photos by Monika aus Berlin, Text and collage by Mervi Today we celebrate the birthday of a very special polar bear lady – Katjuscha in the Berlin Zoo. Katjuscha was born on the 16th of November 1984 in Karlsruhe. Her parents were Nadine and Willie. On the 1st of October 1985 she came to […]

Happy birthday, dear Dumba!

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25.6.2018 by Sisu and Mervi, Photos by Marko Junttila Terve! Hello! Today is our friend Dumba’s birthday so this ‘letter’ is adressed to her. Here are some greetings from my friends in Ranua and, naturally, even from me and my friends in Malmö! This swan is making herself presentable. One can’t celebrate a birthday if […]

Happy birthday, dear Vesa!

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22.12.2017 by Mimmi and Nalle Dear Husse! We wish you a very happy birthday with this little ‘picture book’ of our Christmas preparations. Your birthday is for us the start of Christmas. We hope you will read it while sipping a glas of champagne or maybe with a good beer. Usually you have visited Berlin in December but […]

A year ago Sisu and Quintana came to the world

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21.11.2017 by Mervi On this day a year ago two sweet polar bear cubbies were born. We didn’t know that immediately but had to wait a while until the happy news reached us. In the mid March it was time for Venus to present her baby boy whom we called ‘Nalle’ in the beginning. Later […]