Happy birthday to you, dear Vesa!

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22.12.2016 by Mimmi and Nalle with a little help from Mervi Dear Daddy! We found this lovely photo of you and made a card of it. You have certainly grown a lot but judging from this photo you were quite a rascal in your younger days. Please, bear that in mind when you get upset […]

Happy Birthday, Dear Fiete!

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3.12.2016 by Mervi Dear Fiete! Two years ago we heard the happy news from Rostock – a polar bear baby boy was born! During these years I’ve spent many wonderful moments with you. Thanks to Gisela’s reports I was able to follow you on weekly basis. You’ve been – and still are – a fantastic […]

Ranzo – the white Finnish viking is 5 years old now!

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18.11.2016 by Mervi, Photos by Marko Junttila Dear Ranzo! Today is your 5th birthday and I feel a bit nostalgic …. I thought it would be a good way to celebrate your special day with some wonderful photos of you when you still lived in Ranua. I want to thank  the Ranua Zoo once again […]

Happy Birthday zum 4. Geburtstag liebe Anchali

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Happy Birthday, dear Mervi!

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Happy Birthday, dear Mervi! We wish you a wonderful day with your family and  friends. I hope we will meet again many times in Berlin in the future. Uwe and Ludmila Dear Mervi! Happy Birthday and all the best for the coming year of age! I wish you a wonderful day, many answered desires, a cheerful […]

Fatou’s schöne Geburtstagsfeier

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13.4.2016 von Monika aus Berlin – mit video Die Sonne strahlte schon heute Morgen vom Himmel. Kein Wunder, denn unser “Sonnenschein” Fatou feiert heute ihren 59. Geburtstag. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIEBE FATOU Stammbesucher gaben morgens viele Leckereien für das Geburstagskind bei den Pflegern ab. Besonders schön und einfallsreich, die Petersilie mit Paprika, in Form von einem […]

Happy Birthday, Patricia! Alles Gute zum Geburtstag, liebe TBM!

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4.4.2016 – Photos by Michael Martin
Ich habe etwas ganz besonderes für Euch in diesem Jahr. Michael Martin war über Ostern in Antibes. Er hat sehr schöne Bilder mitgebracht. Er hat erlaubt die Bilder in Knutisweekly zu zeigen.

Eight years with Knutitours / Acht Jahre mit Knutitours

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25.1.2016 by Mervi, English / Deutsch – Translation into German by Doro

Since the day in the year 2007 when I saw the first photos of a hand raised polar bear cub in Berlin the world seen through my eye glasses has looked more or less frosty.

Seit dem Tag im Jahre 2007, als ich die ersten Fotos eines kleinen Berliner Eisbären sah, der per Hand aufgezogen wurde, ist die Welt durch meine Brille gesehen mehr oder weniger mit Rauhreif überzogen.

Happy birthday, dear Ludmila!

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20.1.2016 by Mervi Dear Ludmila, many of your fluffy friends have sent birthday greetings and gifts to you: Fiete made a lying snowman for you. He says there’s no risk this snowy fellow will fall if you want to dance with him …. 🙂 …. although I’m not sure how to dance with a lying […]

Happy Birthday, dear Vesa!

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22.12.2015 by Mimmi and Nalle Dear ‘Daddy’ – we wish you a very happy birthday and hope your special day will be filled with joy! We’ve done our best to prepare a pleasant day for you! Of course, we also have birthday gifts – or rather birthday promises – for you. Mimmi: I promise not to […]