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Juuso Bear has an art exhibition in Helsinki!

Jan 18th, 2017 | By | Category: All Kinds of Everything

18.1.2017 – Source: Kuusamo Predator Center

In a trendy café gallery in Helsinki an interesting opening of an art exhibition took place on the 18 th of January 2017. The artist behind the exhibition entitled “Strong and soft touches” is a 423-kilogram (930 pound) brown bear named Juuso who uses his body, especially his paws, as paintbrushes.

Trio of Polar Bear Birthdays

Jan 9th, 2017 | By | Category: All Kinds of Everything

9.1.2017 – Source: The Yorkshire Wildlife Park, Posted by Ralph
Yorkshire Wildlife Park was celebrating not one, not two, but three Polar Bears birthdays! Belated happy birthday wishes to Victor, Nissan and Nobby.

Tierpark Berlin am 4.12.2016 /II

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Die asiatischen Elefanten haben wir im Haus gesehen. Der kleine Edgar war auch dabei. / The Asian elephants we saw in the house. The young Edgar was here too.

Tierpark Berlin am 4.12.2016 / I

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Am Sonntag, dem 4.12.2016, haben wir den Tierpark Berlin besucht. Wir haben gehofft, dass der Nebel verschwindet und die Sonne raus kommt. Leider ist der Nebel geblieben.

Angler’s Trail, Vancouver Island in August 2016

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Unser nächster Ausflug vom Parksville war Port Alberni. Our next day trip from Parksville was Port Alberni. Wir kamen zum Stamp River Provincial Park. We came to the Stamp River Provincial Park.

Vienna in La Palmyre Zoo in France

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18.11.2016 – Source: Zoo La Palmyre
Vienna, a 28-years old female, was transferred from Rostock Zoo (Germany) to La Palmyre in early November following a recommendation of the polar bear EEP. Rostock Zoo has started the construction of a new enclosure for polar bears and Vienna will return after the construction is completed.

MINI-KATI says goodbye to a very special bear

Nov 3rd, 2016 | By | Category: All Kinds of Everything

3.11.2016 by Ralph
On Friday 21 October Mini-Kati and I had breakfast together before setting off on a bus from Oxford to Witney. The shop called Teddy Bears of Witney has been regular place for me to find very special bears to join my family of Cotswold Bears.

The painting bear Juuso helps the Cancer Foundation in Finland

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14.10.2016 – Source: the Kuusamo Predator Center
The pink ribbon is an international symbol of breast cancer awareness. Pink ribbons, and the color pink in general, identify the wearer or promoter with the breast cancer brand and express moral support for women with breast cancer.

Happy International Polar Bear Day!

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27.2.2016 by Mervi
Today we dedicate an article especially for our giant white friends in the wild. Because the Polar Bears International has excellent information about this special day I refer to their information.

International Polar Bear Day 2015

Feb 26th, 2015 | By | Category: All Kinds of Everything

27.2.2015 – Collages by Mervi, Original photos by Birgit B, Caren and Micha Moroz
The International Polar Bear Day is February 27th! The PBI (Polar Bears International) invites us to join them in celebrating it as a day of action to reduce carbon emissions.