Malik, Nuka and Qilak love parsley!

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24.7.2018 – Photos by Jeanette Johnsen
The heat wave is keeping even Aalborg between it’s hot paws. Both the polar bears and the visitors are looking for ways to keep themselves cool and fresh.

It’s been hot even in Aalborg

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12.6.2018 – Photos by Jeanette Johnsen
The heat wave in Scandinavia made even the polar bears in Aalborg very sleepy. It isn’t so easy for Malik and her daughters to be active when the heat is on.

The lions found us very boring

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1.5.2018 by Mervi & Vesa Although we spent most of our time in the Copenhagen Zoo with the polar bears we managed to see many other animals, too. Copenhagen is expecting giant pandas in the end of this year so a big enclosure is being built for them. This made the ‘navigation’ a bit difficult […]

Lynn and Nord played ‘catch me if you can’

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24.4.2018 by Mervi & Vesa

We have been planning a visit to Copenhagen for months but there was always something that put stop to our plans – a sick cat or a heavy rain. Even the Old Man Winter decided to pay a late visit to us. However, on the 20th of April we could finally take the train to ‘Dronningens by’.

Malik and her daughters

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8.4.2018 – Photos by Jeanette Johnsen It was quite a while ago we saw photos of Malik and her daughters Nuka and Quilaq but now Jeanette kindly gave me permission to show you some of her excellent photos. The girls start the day with a little stretching and cleaning the paws is also on the schedule. […]

Lynn’s first meeting with Nord

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6.4.2018 – Source: The Copenhagen Zoo, TV2 Lorry
Polar bear Lynn came to Copenhagen from Vienna and after about a month’s quarantine it was finally time for her to meet the male Nord. There are now three polar bears in the Copenhagen Zoo.

Two sweet brown bear cubbies in Copenhagen

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25.3.2018 – Source: Copenhagen Zoo
Since the beginning of the new year the keepers in the Copenhagen Zoo knew there were cubs in the female brown bear’s den. Now we know two cubs were born.

Lynn has arrived in Copenhagen

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9.3.2018 – Source: Copenhagen Zoo

Early this morning the female polar bear Lynn arrived in Copenhagen from Vienna where she has lived together with the male Ranzo.

Already before noon Lynn was eagerly exploring her new home. She seemed to be very relaxed and curious.

To dive or not to dive ….

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18.1.2018 – Source: Aalborg Zoo
It’s obvious that Nuka and Quilak have very different kind of temperament. The photos are screen shots from the video – that’s why they are unsharp.

Battle of the tyre in Aalborg

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1.11.2017 – Photos by Jeanette Johnsen, Starring Malik, Nuka and Quilak I can’t tell who’s Nuka and who’s Quilak but one of them had found a tyre that keepers had left for the polar bears. Hello folks! How do you like my new necklace? 🙂 Oh no, don’t go away. I don’t want anybear to […]