Aalborg – Close encounters of the polar bear kind

May 29th, 2020 | By | Category: Denmark

29.5.2020 – Photos by Jeanette Johnsen
The first step to ‘normal life’ – at least for the polar bear lovers – is that most zoos are open now. Even Aalborg has opened the gates for the visitors.

Copenhagen – The zoo is open again!

May 23rd, 2020 | By | Category: Denmark

23.5.2020 – Source: The Copenhagen Zoo
Today (the 23rd of May) even the Copenhagen Zoo is open for the visitors again. This will be the first chance to meet Nöel’s baby Inuvik.

Aalborg – Malik’s twins swimming and digging

May 16th, 2020 | By | Category: Denmark

16.5.2020 – Source: The Aalborg Zoo
The Aalborg Zoo is still closed for the visitors but we can at least enjoy some videos of Malik and her twins. The girls are already skilful swimmers.

Inuvik is waiting for her fans

May 1st, 2020 | By | Category: Denmark

1.5.2020 – Source: Copenhagen Zoo
Nöel’s daughter Inuvik is now four months old. She’s getting more independant but, of course, she’s still mama’s little baby. Hopefully the zoo can open soon so the visitors can admire both Nöel and Inuvik ‘live’.

Copenhagen – The pandas had their first meeting

Apr 19th, 2020 | By | Category: Denmark

19.4.2020 – Source: The Copenhagen Zoo
10th of April – After several months’ preparations it was finally time to let Mao Sun and Xing Er to meet for the first time – and hopefully even mate!

Copenhagen – Sweet rhino baby and playful Inuvik

Apr 16th, 2020 | By | Category: Denmark

16.4.2020 – Source: Copenhagen Zoo
Yesterday afternoon (15th of April) a sweet baby rhino saw the day light for the first time. At noon the mama went into labour and about one hour later the sweetest little baby was lying on the hay.

Copenhagen – The zoo must go on ….

Mar 31st, 2020 | By | Category: Denmark

Just like all other zoos the Copenhagen Zoo is closed at least until the 13th of April – maybe longer. However, the life in the zoo goes on as usual thanks to all the devoted keepers.

Aalborg: Malik didn’t want to wait!

Mar 5th, 2020 | By | Category: Denmark

5.3.2020 – Photos by Jeanette Johnsen, Video by Aalborg Zoo
The Aalborg Zoo had planned a first outing for Malik and her twins next week but Malik had other plans!

Nöel presented her cubbie to the visitors

Mar 2nd, 2020 | By | Category: Denmark

2.3.2020 – Source: Copenhagen Zoo
On the 27th of February it was time for Nöel in Copenhagen to present her baby bear to the visitors. The cubbie had been very eager to come out of the den but when it was time to do that it hesitated.

Copenhagen: Nöel’s baby will soon be seen outdoors

Feb 21st, 2020 | By | Category: Denmark

21.2.2020 – Source: Copenhagen Zoo
On Thursday the 27th of February – the International Polar Bear Day – the door to Nöel’s den will be opened. At 11 o’clock (CET) it will be possible for the mama and her cubbie to present themselves to the visitors.