Aron had difficulties to choose ….

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25.4.2018 – By Evi from Tallinn When I visited the polar bears in the Tallinn Zoo I found a playful Aron and surprisingly even a brown bear in the polar bears’ enclosure ….. or was it a brown bear? No, it wasn’t a brown bear – Friida likes to roll on the wet ground which colours her […]

Aron got new toys

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24.3.2018 by Evi from Tallinn I visited our zoo in Tallinn today (21. March). Friida and Aron have got some meat, so they were enjoying the yammy treats. Aron holds the piece of meat so gently as if it was a teddybear. There were some dinner guests, too! 🙂 It seemed to me that Aron needed […]

Greetings from the polar bears in Vienna and Tallinn

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8.2.2018 by Evi from Tallinn Nora is curious and skilful climber! She likes cleanliness- she often puts her food on some object, rarely eats on the ground. Nora is a very sensitive polar bear. She is playful and she likes to throw things: she threw the new yellow ball, which we brought her to Schönbrunn, […]

Frida and Aron in their new enclosure

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27.10.2017 – Source: Tallinn Zoo
Many of you have already read about the opening of the new polar bear enclosure in Tallinn and even seen photos from Frida and Aron. – The first snow has fallen even in Tallinn!

Winter turned into Spring in Tallinn

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29.4.2017 – Source: The Tallinn Zoo
A few weeks ago there was still lots of snow in Frida’s and Aron’s enclosure. Of course, they both did their best to enjoy the white stuff.

Aron and the ice bomb

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11.4.2017 – Source and Photos: Tallinn Zoo In Tallinn little Aron was wondering what the round red thing is. It didn’t taste so good … …. but it was nice to give the thingie a hug. 🙂 The chain looked very interesting – may it was suitable for climbing … no, it’s better to keep […]

Aron had a white surprise!

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17.3.2017 – Source: Tallinn Zoo, Fotos: Inari Leiman
Frida’s baby boy Aron is exploring the enclosure and all the exciting things there. It’s safest to start the tour between mama’s paws. This time there was also a wonderful, unexpected surprise for him!

Ein Besuch bei Vaida, Frida und Nord in Tallinn

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14.6.2009 by Ulli J In keinem anderen Zoo, in dem ich bis jetzt gewesen bin, war der Gegensatz zwischen den neu geschaffenen Tieranlagen und den alten so deutlich wie im Zoo von Tallinn. Auf der einen Seite gibt es Reihen von Gehegen und Käfigen mit Betonböden und schwarzen Gittern, die eher an eine Tierzuchtanstalt als […]