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An unexpected visit to Pairi Daiza

Sep 17th, 2021 | By | Category: Zoos in Belgium

17.9.2021 by Patricia Roberts On August 25, I received an email from Ludmila informing me that she and Uwe planned to visit Pairi Daiza on September 2 and 3 and asked whether there was an opportunity to meet there. After a brief check with Karin, it was decided that September 2 was the most convenient […]

Koalas and Tasmanian devils in Belgium

Oct 11th, 2018 | By | Category: Zoos in Belgium

11.10.2018 – Videos by Cecile and Jos, Text by Patricia Roberts The first video is about koala girl Sydney (Zoo Antwerp) who will move in 2019 to Zoo Dresden. As you can see, she is no longer a tiny little baby, but a very pretty girl. And as always quite self-confident. The next video is […]

Koala Sydney & Co in Zoo Antwerp

Jun 4th, 2018 | By | Category: Zoos in Belgium

4.6.2018 by Patricia Roberts, Videos by Cécile and Jos
And again another lovely video of Cécile and Jos. This time about Sydney celebrating her birthday, na ja, on June 3, 2018.

Visiting Zoo Antwerp again (after quite a long time)

Apr 23rd, 2018 | By | Category: Zoos in Belgium

23.4.2018 – Text: Patricia Roberts, Video: Cecile & Jos As you may recall, Zoo Antwerp is kind of a town zoo, like Zoo Berlin, but much smaller, but also located close to the station. And as it was common in these times, even the entrance of the zoo is a really a piece of fine […]

Koala babies Sassafras and Sydney – UPDATED with new videos

Apr 3rd, 2018 | By | Category: Zoos in Belgium

3.4.2018 – Posted by Cecile & Jos and Patricia Roberts What a joy, these lovely joeys in Zoo Antwerp and Planckendael. Mamma Alinga and papa Maka are proud to present their little girl Sassafras (lovely name, isn’t it?). And even though Mamma Alinga can jump from here to tree, Sassafras knows how to stick close […]

Oh, what a day in May!!!!

May 11th, 2016 | By | Category: Zoos in Belgium

11.5.2016 by Jos and Cecile, Posted by Patricia Roberts
On May 4, Cecil and Jos visited Zoo Antwerp to keep an eye on this and that. And they wanted to share this little video with us all.

Guwara’s surprise in the Zoo Antwerp – Updated 3. Maj

May 3rd, 2016 | By | Category: Zoos in Belgium

29.4.2016 – Video by Cecile and Jos, posted by Patricia Roberts
There is indeed a BIG SURPRISE in Zoo Antwerp!

Celebrating my birthday in Zoo Antwerp

Apr 7th, 2015 | By | Category: Zoos in Belgium

7.4.2015 by Patricia Roberts To celebrate my own birthday, my neighbour and I decided to go to Zoo Antwerp on Saturday, April 4. Well, there was a good start and a less good start. The good start: a few days therefore, I received an envelope from the Belgian railways, offering me a free weekend ticket […]

Fun in Zoo Antwerpen

May 21st, 2014 | By | Category: Zoos in Belgium

22.5.2014 by Patricia Roberts – Dedicated to Caren for her birthday On Friday, May 2, my dear neighbour was again the victim and accompanied me to visit Zoo Antwerpen. About the weather, I can be very brief: it was rather grey and chilly, but it did not rain. And about the visitors, I even can […]

Visiting Zoo Antwerp again after 25 years

Jun 20th, 2013 | By | Category: Zoos in Belgium

20.6.2013 by Patricia Roberts
As you all know, some time ago, I made some reorganization in my private life to have more time for my cats and myself. And after having done so, the very first thing I did then was buying an annual ticket for Zoo Antwerp and Planckendael.