Editorial staff


Contact: knutisweekly@gmail.com

Editor-in-Chief: Mervi
A Finn living in Sweden, covering especially Ewa and Wilbär in Orsa Polar World

Our source of inspiration: A fluffy bear angel called Knut

Co-editor-in-Chief: Ludmila
A globetrotter reporting from zoos in Europe and in USA

Our reporters in CCC (Capital City of Cuties): Monika,  Gudrun, SylviaMicky, Dumba

Our reporter in Nuremberg: MoniK

Our reporter in Munich: Anita

Our reporter in Finland : Teddybärenmutti

Our reporter in USA: Knuti-Judi
Specialities: pandas and polar bears in USA

Our reporter in Belgium: Patricia Roberts
Speciality: Almost everything!

Our reporter in Netherlands: Frans

Our reporter in Bern: Violetta

Our man in Oxford: Ralph
Speciality: International bear relations

Our reporter in Canada: Dave

Translations: Bärgit

Other reporters and contributors: Knut fans and animal lovers throughout the world

I want to thank you all for making this magazine for what it is and for your wonderful co-operation!

Bear hugs  from Mervi

PS. Of course, we mustn’t forget the most important contributors to this magazine – our beloved bear family!