Antonia, Felix

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November 24, 2017 all-day



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  1. Dear AIKA – Would you have had the possibility to attend your own ’36th birthday party’
    you could have been very proud to see/read/hear how many of your keepers and visitors
    were addicted to you, you ‘most pretty polar bear Omma’. . . .. . .You can see best all the love
    in MERVI’s beautiful collage – everything looks so fall-like ‘goldish’! and your prettty self in the midth –
    she made spontaneously when she had got the message of your death yesterday. . . .
    As MONIKA(Berlin) did state: ‘Langsam wird der Eisbärenhimmel sehr voll von all unseren geliebten
    Herzens-Bekannten in der Tierwelt.

    – – –

    HAPPY 27th birthday, dear little ‘CHARACTER-BEAR’ ANTONIA in ZOOM Gelsenkirchen
    (we also think of your dear and handsome brother ANTOM who would have had his 27thbirthday
    three days ago. I have to admit I don’t remember why there could have been a difference of
    three days between your birthdays. Have to have a look into the wonderful book ‘ANTON der EISBÄR’
    of Doris Lott . . ).

    – – –

    And last not least HAPPY 15th BIRTHDAY, dear FELIX,
    father of of lovely FLOCKE and sweet CHARLOTTE,
    well known to us from his times in NÜRNBERG! (now forced to travel
    around the polar bear zoos . . .).

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