Polar Bears in Zoos

I.       Maps with Polar Bears in Captivity (last update 20.09.2014)


          Central Europe



II.   New Borns 2011/2012/2013/  (last update 19.07.2014)

III. Polar Bears’ Dates of Birth 






The following maps
show polar bears
living  in captivity in
Germany (IX/14)
Central Europe (IX/14)
Canada and (III/14)
USA (IX/14)
followed by a collection
of the polar bears’

of birth
(only Central Europe)
and their photos








Stand 20.09.2014 due to death of Fanny Gelsenkirchen
* YOGHI (München) temporarily in the Wilhelma in Stuttgart

16.12.2013 – VALESKA  – gave birth to LALE in Bremerhaven
09.12.2013 – GIOVANNA gave birth to NELA & NOBBY in Munich



Stand 20.09.2014 due to death of Zara in Heythorp
** BORIS (IVAN)  (Copenhagen) temporarily in Kolind
24.11.2013 – FRIDA gave birth to NORA  in Tallinn
16.11.2012 – FRIMAS gave birth to NOORDJEf & PIXELm] in Nuenen
21.11.2012 – ILKA gave birth to NUNOf & Nanom in Kolind

24.11.2012 – CORA gave birth to COMETA&NANOOK  in Brno
COMETA has moved to Rostov/Don
24.12.2012 – MARISSA gave birth to one female  in Fasano

22.11.2011 – ILKA gave birth to  SIKU (handraised) in Kolind/Denmark
18.11.2011 –  VENUS gave birth to RANZO  in Ranua


09.11.2013 –AURORA gave birth to REMY, renamed to HUMPHREY



Stand 20.09.2014 due to moving of Suka&Sakura to St.Paul
*2014_08_24 ANANA  moved from Chicago to the North Carolina Zoo in Asheboro (maybe temporarily due to construction works in the Lincoln Park Zoo – as this is not sure, I did not update the map yet)


II NEWBORNS 2013/2012/2011


16.12.2013 – [LALE] VALESKA gave birth to a female cub   in Bremerhaven (Father LLOYD)

10.12.2013 – [SCHILKA] GERDA gave birth to a female cub in Novosibirsk (Father KRASSIN)

09.12.2013 – [NELA & NOBBY] GIOVANNA gave birth to a male and female cub in Munich (Father YOGHI)

06.12.2013 – [ZABAVA] USLADA gave birth to a female cub in St. Petersburg (Father MENSCHIKOV)

24.11.2013 – [NORA] FRIDA gave birth to twins (one died) in Tallinn. (Father NORD)

09.11.2013 – [HUMPHREY] AURORA gave birth to a triplet in Toronto. Two died and one male has been handraised (Father INUKSHUK)

09.05.2013 – [HENRY] LIYA gave birth to a male cub at the Gold Coast/Australia. (Father NELSON) Via his mother LIYA the cub’s roots go back to St. Petersburg and to the wild via his father Nelson.


16.11.2012 – FRIMAS gave birth to  NOORDJEf & PIXELm in Nuenen (Father HENK)

21.11.2012 – ILKA gave birth to NUNOf & Nanom in Kolind(Father NANOOK)

21.11.2012 – CRYSTAL gave birth to SUKAf & SAKARIm in Toledo (USA) (Father MARTY)

24.11.2012 – CORA gave birth to COMET&NANOOK  in Brno (Father UMKA)

27.11.2012 – ANANA gave birth to a female LUNA in Buffalo (USA) (Father NANUQ) (handraise)

24.12.2012 – MARISSA gave birth to twins (one cub died) in Fasano (Father FELIX)


18.11.2011 – [RANZO] VENUS gave birth to a male cub  in Ranua/Finnland, (Father MANASSE)

22.11.2011 – [SIKU] ILKA gave birth to a male cub (handraised) in Kolind/Denmark
(Father NONOOK)

01.12.2011 – [LUKAm & LYNNf] HUGGIES gave birth to twins (female,male) in Rhenen/Netherlands, (Father VIKTOR)

04.01.2012 – [ANORIVILMA gave birth to a female cub in Wuppertal (Father LARS)

27.11.2011 – [WOLODJA] SIMONA gave birth to 3 cubs (1 female, two males) in Moscow/Russia

00.00.2011 [MICHAIL LOMONOSSOW] USLADA gave birth to a male cub in St. Peterburg

III. Polar Bears’ DATES OF BIRTHs & Parents

Since the birthday season of polar bears has begun I decided to publish this page even if it’s just a draft so far. The ambition is to present the bears with some facts and photos and this page will be build up little by little.

Of course, there are more polar bears in the zoos in Europe and all over the world but this list contains the most ‘famous’ bears. Also, some bears may have been moved to other zoos lately. I’ll try to keep my eyes and ears open and update the page often. Please, don’t hesitate to tell me if there’s something totally wrong!

Greetings from Mervi

Since I never have time to complete this page I recommend you a visit at Ulli J’s excellent site which is a real ‘Who’s who in the polar bear world’!



Kap, Neumünster
Moscow – 16.10.2000 (Murma/Uold)
Photo by Jens


Rasputin, Antibes and his twin brother,
Moscow – 11.11.2007  (Murma/Umka)
known sibblings: Kap, Boris, Tonya


, Zoo Kopenhagen (temporarily Kolind now),
Moscow – 13.11.2005 (Murma/Umka)
Photo by Inge Copenhagen


Troll, TP Berlin –
Wuppertal – 15.11.1986  (Nina/Boris)


Katjuscha, Zoo Berlin
Karlsruhe  – 16.11.1984 (Nadine/Willie)


Tonya, TP Friedrichsfelde,
Moscow – 16.11.2009  (Murma/Untai)


01-3 Bora geb. 1986 in Wien
Bora, Prague
Vienna  – 20.11.1986 (Uta/Sven)


Olinka, currently Rotterdam
Köln – 21.11.1992 (Olga/Omaha)


Vera, Nürnberg,
Moscow-21.11.2002 (Simona/Vrangel)


Bill, Gelsenkirchen,
Prague – 23.11.2007 (Cora/Umca)
Twin brother of Tom
Photo by Jens


Aika, TP Berlin
Katowice – 24.11.1980 (Malgosia/Jas)
Grandmother of Felix Nuremberg and Great Grandmother of Flocke
Photo by Jens


Felix, Nürnberg,
Vienna – 24.11.2001 (Olga/Eric)
Twinbrother Nord, Tallinn


Antonia, Gelsenkirchen
Karlsruhe – 24.11.1989 (Nadine/Willi)
sister of Anton (Stuttgart)
Photo by Jens


Lloyd, Bremerhaven
Vienna – 26.11.2000 (Olinka/Eric)
Twinbrother of Nika (Karlsruhe)
Photo by Jens


Nika, Karlsruhe –
Vienna -26.11.2000 (Olinka/Eric)
Photo by Jens


Ewa, Orsa
Rhenen – 26.11.2005 (Huggies/Viktor)
Triplets Ewa, Jelle, Henk (Nuenen)
Photo by Anders Björklund – Orsa/Grönklitt


Wolodja, Tierpark Friedrichsfelde
Moskau- 27.11.2011 (Simona/Vrangel)
Photo by Monika/Berlin


Giovanna, München
Fasano – 28.11.2006 (Marissa/Felix)
Mother of twins ( *09.12.2o13)


Yoghi, München (currently in Stuttgart)
Pistoia – 29.11.1999 (Bimba/Romeo)
Father of Blizzard (HH) and the twins in Hellabrunn


Jorek (Cuker), Hungary – 29.11.2006


Arktos, Kingussi (UK) Nanooq, Hannover
Vienna-  30.11.2007 (Olinka/Eric)
Brothers of Lloyd and Nika, Lara, Vicks
Photo by Jens




Vienna, Rostock
Vienna – 01.12.1988 (Uta/Sven)
Photo by Jens


Luca, Wuppertal
Rhenen- 01.12.2011 (Huggies/Viktor)
Photo by Bea


Aleut&Gregor, Warschau
Nürnberg – 2.12.2010 (Vera/Felix)


Vitus, Karlsruhe
Rostock – 2.12.2000 (Vienna/Churchill)
Photo by Jens


Vilma, Rostock
Rostock – 3.12.2002 (Vienna/Churchill)


Joel, Kopenhagen
Fasano – 03.12.2003 (Marissa/Felix)
sister of Giovanna
Photo by Inge Copenhagen


Larissa, Karlsruhe
Rotterdam – 5.12.1990 (Mien/Theo)
Photo by Jens


Knut, Zoo Berlin – *5.12.2006 – + † 19.03.2011 (Tosca/Lars)
Photo by Doris&Jessie


Milak, Aalborg – 7.12.2008 (Viktoria/Felix)

Walker, Highland Wildlife Park, Kingussi (UK)
Rhenen- 07.12.2008 (Huggies/Viktor)

Eric, Rotterdam
Berlin-Friedrichsfelde – 8.12.1993 (Aika/Gorki)

Venus, Ranua  and Valeska, Bremerhaven
Rostock – 9.12.2004 (Vienna/Churchill)


Lara, Gelsenkirchen
Vienna – 10.12.2004 (Olinka/Eric)
Photo by Jens


Wilbär, Orsa
Stuttgart – 10.12.2007 (Corinna/Anton)
Photograph unknown


Photo by Anders Björklund – Orsa/Grönklitt


Hallensia, Peaugres, France
Karsruhe – 11.12.1989 (Tatjana/Willi)
Photo by Jens


Flocke, Antibes
Nürnberg – 11.12.2007 (Vera/Felix)


Lars, Rostock
München – 12.12.1993 (Lisa/Michi)
Photo by GiselaH


Victoria, Aalborg
Rostock- 12.12.1996 (Vienna/Churchill)


Nancy, Zoo Berlin
Karlsruhe – 13.12.1989 (Nina/Willie)


Sprintertje, Hannover
Rhenen – 13.12.2007 (Freedom/Viktor)


Viktoria, Hamburg
Hamburg- 15.12.2002 (Fanny/Theo)
Photo by Jens


Blizzard, Hamburg,
Pistoia – 16.12.2006 (Bimba/Yoghi)
photo by Gudrun


Victor, Doncaster
Rostock – 18.12.1998  (Vienna/Churchill)

Malik, Aalborg
Aalborg – 19.12.2000  (NukaII /Nanuk)


Corinna, Stuttgart
Copenhagen – 20.12.1989  (SikoI / Nanuk I)
Photo by Jens


Anton, Stuttgart, *21.12.2089 – † 10.02.2014
(Silke/ Willie)


Tania, currently Budapest
Rotterdam- 23.12.1990 (Kathrien / Theo)


Anori, Wuppertal
Wuppertal – 04.01.2012 (Vilma/Lars)
photo by Bea


There are lots of polar bears in zoos all over over the world and of course, we will say happy birthday to all of them. We mustn’t forget our friends in wilderness either! I wish them all a good, happy life!