How To Edit Tiers On Patreon?

How To Edit Tiers On Patreon
Editing your tier

  1. While logged in to your creator account, click on the My page link from the left sidebar navigation, if you aren’t already there.
  2. Click on the Page controls or the ” button.
  3. Click on the Edit Tiers link from the menubar.
  4. Click the Edit tier button for the tier you want to update.

Can you delete tiers on Patreon?

Click the Edit Tiers link from the page editor menu. Click the Edit tier button. Scroll to the bottom of the tier editor and click on the trash can icon next to the unpublish button. Click the Delete button to confirm – this is it, so check your list twice to make sure you’re ready for this step!

Can you edit your Patreon page?

Click the Page controls or ” button, then click on the Edit page link from the submenu. In your Basics section scroll down and click into the Patreon page URL text box to enter your custom URL. Click the Save changes button to finalize your custom Patreon page URL.

Should I have a $1 tier Patreon?

Having a $1 tier. – This is probably the most common mistake I’ve seen happen on Patreon. I see creators launch their Patreons with a few different tiers — and the cheapest one is just $1 per month. The key word here is “launch.” Because more than 50% of the time, the $1 tier is long gone within two months.

  • I understand why people initially have a $1 tier.
  • It feels greedy to ask people for more than a dollar.
  • It feels magnanimous to say, “Just one dollar per month!” It makes you feel like you’re being inclusive to your readers in developing countries like India and the Philippines.
  • But $1 per month is NOT much.

And you don’t even see all of it! For transactions under $3, Patreon charges 5% plus $0.10, making a $1 pledge effectively just $0.85. You can’t even get a candy bar for that in the States. Considering the amount of work you do for it, it’s just not worth it. How To Edit Tiers On Patreon

Can 2 people use 1 Patreon account?

Team leads can invite an unlimited number of teammates to help run their page. Each teammate will have their own account login completely separate from the creator and will have permission to access the following features: Tiers & Benefits (including apps on tiers) Special Offers.

What happens to patrons if I Delete a tier?

Once deleted, a tier cannot be retrieved. Patrons who haven’t switched out of the deleted tier will be moved to ‘No tier’ status. They will still be paying you the value of the previous tier, but won’t be tied to a specific tier and benefits. Deleting a tier is not a substitute for cancelling a patron’s payment.

Can you join 2 tiers on Patreon?

You can have multiple tiers at the same price and have the option to provide the content you want. So you can have two $5 tiers offering completely different benefits.

What is the lowest Patreon tier?

Every Patreon creator page has a default custom pledge option that patrons can choose. While the custom pledge suggestion defaults to $5 USD, a patron’s minimum amount to a creator is $1 USD.

Does Patreon own my content?

Your content is yours – Patreon won’t use it in our advertising or as promotional material without your permission. All content is subject to review and we reserve the right to refuse the processing of any content at any time and for any reason. It’s your responsibility as a creator to follow these content guidelines.

What content is not allowed on Patreon?

Benefits that are not allowed include: Images of child abuse and sexual depiction of minors. Images of human or animal abuse. Access to betting or gambling products or services.

Who is number 1 on Patreon?

Who are the most popular creators on Patreon? – Only 697 creators on Patreon ( 0.33% of the total number) receive sponsorship from more than 2,000 patrons. The top creator on Patreon is True Crime Obsessed, a podcast series that reviews true crime documentaries.43,823 patrons sponsor the show. How To Edit Tiers On Patreon 7 out of the top 10 creators on Patreon (ranked by the number of patrons) produce podcasts. Here’s a ranking of the most popular creators on Patreon:

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Note: Data as of November 2021.

Creator Number of patrons (Monthly earnings if available)
True Crime Obsessed 43,823
Chapo Trap House 35,914 ($159,005)
The Tim Dillon Show 34,158 ($181,415)
DankPods 29,210
You’re Wrong About 28,604
Dark Cookie 28,034 ($72,832)
The Fantasy Footballers 25,330
TMG 22,794
TrueAnon Podcast 20,824 ($86,165)
Not Another D&D Podcast 20,037
The Cum Boys 19,852 ($88,825)
Flagrant 2 19,290 ($92,475)
Maintenance Phase 19,168
Cold Ones 17,738 ($75,143)
Dungeons and Daddies 17,379

Source: Graphtreon

Why is Patreon better than OnlyFans?

What is Patreon? – Just like Onlyfans, Patreon is another social media platform where content creators can make money from the subscriptions of their fans. This platform was founded in 2013, which means it has been around before Onlyfans. Patreon is a platform, unlike Onlyfans that doesn’t allow for the posting of adult content.

This platform is a place where you as a content creator would take your fans to subscribe in return for exclusive content. This article will look at which of the platforms would be preferable for you as a content creator. Even though the two platforms give opportunities to content creators to make money off of posting their content, there are certain peculiarities to each platform.

The following are the criteria that will be used to compare both Onlyfans and Patreon.

Popularity: Even though Patreon has been long before Onlyfans; Onlyfans still has more popularity than Patreon. Onlyfans has about 2 million content creators whereas, Patreon has only around 200,000 content creators. This means that Onlyfans is more popular than Patreon and there is more opportunity for Onlyfans to meet more fans. Contents: Perhaps one of the reasons why Onlyfans is more popularly used than Patreon has to do with the content that can be posted on the platforms. Onlyfans allows you to post all forms of content; including adult content on the platform. Most people even know Onlyfans because of the Adult Content that is allowed to be posted on the platform. Patreon on the other hand doesn’t allow content creators to post explicit adult content on the platform. This doesn’t mean that Patreon doesn’t allow nudity. However, sexually explicit adult content is not allowed on Patreon. Payout Rate: It is not unheard of that platforms you use to promote your content take a certain percentage from your earnings. However, this varies among these platforms. Onlyfans take 20% of your earnings, and you are allowed to take the remaining 80%. Patreon takes around 5 and 12% of your earnings, this is dependent on the platform you choose; which is either basic, pro, or premium. Censorship: To make money on these platforms, you will need a fanbase. And the best way to get fans is by promoting your page and account on these platforms. It is easier to promote your Patreon account because it doesn’t encourage sexually explicit content. You can promote your account on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and many more without the fear of being banned. However, promoting your Onlyfans on other platforms is not very easy because of its adult content.

I hope this helps. : Onlyfans Vs Patreon: The Difference Between Two Content Subscription Platforms

What percentage do Patreon take?

Current platform plans

Lite Founders Premium
Simple tools to get started with your own membership. Patreon’s original plan – only for creators who joined before May 2019. Premium features, plus dedicated coaching and support for established creators and creative businesses.
5% 5% 12%

Can you make a living off Patreon?

How much money do artists make on Patreon? – Your earning potential as an artist on Patreon depends largely on your current audience and how strategically you use the platform to connect with new patrons. Some artists earn a lot of money each month. For example, Studio TRIGGER is an animator and illustrator who earns nearly $6,000 per month on Patreon.

Can I Screenshot Patreon?

Does Patreon allow screenshots? – Quora. All material posted on Patreon is subject to copyright law. If you are a patron and want a copy for private use, most artists consider that okay. If you have the permission of the artist to copy their work, also okay.

Who owns Patreon?

How a mental breakdown launched this $4 billion start-up: ‘I sat there in a puddle of bottled water, crying like a baby’ Patreon is approaching a critical moment. The online membership platform, where internet creators can run subscription services for their top fans, has secured more than $400 million since launching in 2013.

  • It has paid out billions of dollars to creators, and has a reported $4 billion valuation, as of an April 2021 fundraise.
  • Now, co-founders Jack Conte and Sam Yam are weighing whether or not to take their company public —but their story starts before Patreon even raised its first dollar from investors.

In 2012, Conte and his wife, Nataly Dawn, were known as the indie musician duo Pomplamoose. They were bringing in roughly $400,000 per year in revenue, and even had employees to handle everything from scheduling tour dates to merchandise with 401(k) matches.

A mental breakdown changed all of that. After spending three months producing an intricate music video for their song “Pedals,” maxing out his credit cards in the process, Conte found himself sitting alone, burnt out, crying from exhaustion. “I sat there in a puddle of bottled water, crying like a baby,” he tells CNBC Make It.

“And it was so dumb.” Adding insult to injury, the video generated embarrassingly little revenue despite racking up millions of views, Conte says. There had to be a better way for creators to get paid for their work, he thought. Enter Yam, Conte’s freshman roommate and a fellow musician who instantly recognized the business opportunity in connecting creators directly to their fans’ wallets.

Together, the pair built one of the internet’s most popular platforms for content creators. After roughly a year of operations, Patreon had already helped its creators earn $1 million. “In retrospect, now you look at like us being able to send $3 billion now to creators, like the scale has been extremely rapid,” Yam says.

Now, that rapid growth is bringing the company to a crossroads as it weighs an IPO “There’s always a risk that the company shifts in balance, and that’s a risk I think we’ve seen play out with lots of other companies. I don’t want that to play out at Patreon,” Conte says.

Watch the video at the top of this page to learn how Conte and Yam built Patreon, and how they’re weighing the massive business decision that lies ahead. Sign up now: Don’t miss:

: How a mental breakdown launched this $4 billion start-up: ‘I sat there in a puddle of bottled water, crying like a baby’

How often should I post on Patreon?

– It depends on the Tier how much videos and posts you get acces to. If you are on the highest Tier expect 2-3 videos/posts a week. You can always ask me to show/discuss specific topics that you might be missing. Know that when you join you get acces to all the previous content I ever posted (belonging to the Tier membership you are on)

Is sharing Patreon content illegal?

Using other people’s intellectual property without their permission is copyright infringement, even if you aren’t accepting money for doing so. Patreon is not a ‘loophole’.

How do I change my monthly limit on Patreon?

Click the Settings link from the left sidebar navigation. Then click on the Active Memberships link from the menubar. Click the Edit link for the membership. On the following page, select the I’d like set a monthly limit button.

How do I give a custom amount on Patreon?

For any new patron looking to create a custom pledge before they join a specific tier, they can do so by visiting the creator’s page and scrolling down to their posts. The Become a patron button will appear, directing them to the checkout process. They can choose the Make a custom pledge option there.

What happens to patrons if I delete a tier?

Once deleted, a tier cannot be retrieved. Patrons who haven’t switched out of the deleted tier will be moved to ‘No tier’ status. They will still be paying you the value of the previous tier, but won’t be tied to a specific tier and benefits. Deleting a tier is not a substitute for cancelling a patron’s payment.

How many Patreon tiers should you have?

Here are three tiers you could offer your fans – How To Edit Tiers On Patreon 1. The entry-level tier: (suggested tier price $3–5) The entry-level tier should be the lowest priced of your membership options. This tier is perfect for your fans who may be new to Patreon, and want to give becoming your patron a try. Since entry-level tiers are often a popular choice for fans, make sure to offer benefits that are low cost and low effort.

  • Access to a patron-only Discord server where your patrons can discuss your latest podcast episode
  • Early access to podcast episodes through a patron only RSS feed
  • A monthly email newsletter that gives behind-the-scenes details about your show

2. The mid-level tier (suggested tier price: $10–20) How To Edit Tiers On Patreon The mid-level tier is the backbone of your membership business. Because it has the potential to bring in a substantial amount of your earnings, make the benefits for this tier too good for your fans to pass up. When you’re deciding what benefits to offer with your mid-level tier, ask yourself this question: what benefits would provide your patrons the most value? If you are a musician, here are some benefit ideas to offer with a mid-level tier:

  • Album downloads
  • Exclusive, in-the-studio video live streams
  • Pre-sale concert ticket purchases

The high-level tier (suggested tier price $30 or more)

How To Edit Tiers On Patreon Your high-level tier should be reserved for benefits that are truly out of this world. Some creators use this tier as a way to experiment with new benefit ideas. Others use it as a way to deliver limited-quantity items (like exclusive merch) to patrons.

  • Limited-edition merch
  • An individual shout out in one of your videos
  • A personalized letter

Three tiers is plenty for a solid membership, but some creators do well with more. For instance, many creators have a higher priced tier with a highly coveted benefit so the superfans have something to upgrade to. With Patreon Pro, you can experiment to find the right number of tiers for you and your audience. How To Edit Tiers On Patreon Whether you’re window shopping in a brick and mortar store or you’re browsing a shop online, there’s something so enticing about a limited-time offer. The Special Offer feature, available in Patreon Pro and above, allows you to harness the power of limited-time offers to give yourself a raise.

  • With a Special Offer, you can offer a benefit to your fans that’s only available if they sign up to be your patron within a certain time frame.
  • On average, creators who run Special Offers on Patreon see a 200 percent increase in new pledges when compared to new pledges acquired in the previous month.

A Special Offer works great when launching your creator page for the first time. For example, you can create momentum by offering something exclusive to everyone who becomes a patron within the first 2 weeks of your Patreon launch.