How To Upgrade Jetprivilege Tier?

How To Upgrade Jetprivilege Tier
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Jet Airways

IATA ICAO Callsign

/td> Founded 1 April 1992 ; 31 years ago Commenced operations 5 May 1993 ; 29 years ago Ceased operations 17 April 2019 ; 3 years ago Hubs

  • Bengaluru
  • Delhi
  • Mumbai
Frequent-flyer program Intermiles Fleet size 9 Traded as BSE : 532617 NSE : JETTAIRWAYS Headquarters Delhi NCR, India Key people
  • Murari Lal Jalan (non-executive Chairman)
  • Sanjiv Kapoor (CEO)
  • Vipula Gunatilleka (CFO)
Revenue ₹ 252 billion (US$3.2 billion) ( FY 2017–18 ) Profit ₹ −6.3 billion (US$−79 million) ( FY 2017–18 ) Employees 16,015 (2017) Website jetairways,com

Jet Airways (India) Ltd is an Indian airline based in Delhi NCR, with a training and developmental center in Mumbai, Incorporated in April 1992 as a limited liability company, the airline began operations as an air taxi operator in 1993. It began full-fledged operations in 1995 with international flights added in 2004.

The airline went public in 2005 and in 2007, when it acquired Air Sahara, Before the founding of Vistara in 2015, it was the only full-service airline based in India apart from Air India, The airline is expected to re-commence its flight operations by the end of 2023, making it the first Indian airline to be revived after ceasing operations.

It grew to be one of the largest airlines in India, with a 21.2% passenger market share in February 2016. It operated over 300 flights daily to 74 destinations worldwide from its erstwhile main hub at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport in Mumbai and secondary hubs at Chennai International Airport in Chennai, Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi, Kempegowda International Airport in Bengaluru, Cochin International Airport in Kochi and Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport in Kolkata,

  1. With its competitors, mainly SpiceJet and IndiGo, lowering ticket fares in the following years, it was forced to follow suit, hurting overall performance resulting in steep financial losses.
  2. It dropped to second place behind IndiGo in October 2017, with a passenger market share of 17.8%.
  3. The downward slide continued and resulted in bankruptcy in 2019.

Jet Airways ceased operations in April 2019. The company has announced plan to restart operations in early 2022. On the 29th anniversary of its founding on 5 May 2022, it performed a test flight, which is a step in obtaining an Air Operators Permit (AOP).

How do I upgrade my tier on Intermiles?

Can I upgrade to other tiers, such as Silver, Gold or Platinum? Currently we only allow the purchase of a Red Tier Upgrade through cash or miles. You can upgrade to Silver, Gold or Platinum tiers by earning the minimum miles required for such upgradation.

What happens to my JetPrivilege points?

As of 17th April 2019, Jet Airways suspended all flight operations—domestic and international. Since then, customers have raised concerns about the fate of their accumulated JPMiles. Here’s what you need to know about your co-branded JetPrivilege HDFC Bank Credit Card.

  1. Status of the JetPrivilege HDFC Bank Cards JetPrivilege HDFC Bank Cards will continue to remain active.
  2. They will not be blocked or discontinued and customers will be able to make regular transactions with their card.
  3. Status of the JPMiles Program JetPrivilege Pvt. Ltd.
  4. An independent entity, part of the Etihad Aviation Group) has assured all JetPrivilege HDFC Bank Card holders of the continued value and patronage on the JPMiles program.

Accumulated JPMiles balance will continue to be safe and will not lapse for those customers who have done at least one transaction in 18 months. In fact, the JetPrivilege program has been made even more powerful. Here are the key features and benefits of the JPMiles program:

JPMiles redemption NOW across multiple airlines (Domestic & International sectors) * – other than Jet Airways.‘More Seats’ – Redeem JPMiles up to last seat** in the ‘Select Airlines’ – no restriction on award seats availability.Reward Store across Merchandise, gift vouchers, donations – 2500 + options.Fuel Redemption – Select outlets. ​​​​​​​ Hotel Redemption – Domestic & International properties.

To read more about the above redemption options, please visit Customers can now continue to unleash the power of JPMiles with their HDFC Bank JetPrivilege Credit Cards. To know more about HDFC Bank Credit Cards click here. To apply for an HDFC Bank Credit Card, click here.

Read more on how to save on tickets by frequent flyer miles by clicking here. ​​​​​​​ * Select flight award ticket can be booked only through ** For redemption in economy and business class. * Terms & conditions apply. Credit Card approvals are at sole discretion of HDFC Bank Ltd. The information provided in this article is generic in nature and for informational purposes only.

It is not a substitute for specific advice in your own circumstances. ​​​​​​​ Apply for instant credit card and enjoy special privileges and cashback offers with HDFC Bank

What is Jet Privilege Card?

JetPrivilege HDFC Bank World Credit Card – Key Features – The JetPrivilege credit card is a co-branded card with HDFC Bank and Jet Airways which offers first-class travel privileges and other exclusive benefits for the customers of the bank. This credit card is curated specifically for the frequent traveller and is one of the best offered by HDFC Bank.

However, given the recent updates from Jet Airways, as they have decided to suspend operations, your JPMiles can still be used. Since Jet Airways is also partially owned by Etihad Airways, your JPMiles can be used to buy tickets from any of the partner airlines of Jet Airways such as Delta, AeroMexico, Etihad Airways, Air France, Air Canada, and Virgin Atlantic.

The airline company also has its airline running in Europe. One way or return flight tickets can be purchased to and from Amsterdam, London, and Paris.

  • A welcome benefit of 7,500 JPMiles.
  • Get 3,000 JPMiles with your first swipe of the credit card.
  • Enjoy access to more than 600 airport lounges in the world with the Priority Pass Membership.
  • The renewal fee is waived if the annual spends on the card are more than Rs.3 lakh.
  • Fuel surcharge waiver of 1.5%.
  • Avail interest-free credit for up to 50 days from the date of purchase.

Can you upgrade from Tier 1 to Tier 2?

It’s easier than ever to upgrade Subscription Tiers. Go from Tier 1 to Tier 2/Tier 3 without canceling your existing subscription on web. Subscription Tier upgrades are charged immediately, unlike Gift-to-Paid, Prime-to-Paid, or renewal period updates, which charge at the end of your billing period.

How to upgrade tickets for free?

If you want to get a free upgrade – Can you get upgraded to first class for free? The answer is yes. The most reliable way of getting an upgrade at no additional cost is to utilize airline elite status — whether earned by you or your friends, family or co-workers.

Is JetPrivilege still working?

Jetprivilege HDFC Bank World Savings Account Documents – Documents Required to Jetprivilege HDFC Bank World Savings Account Q. What is InterMiles? A: JetPrivilege is now InterMiles. At InterMiles, we believe that every journey deserves to be rewarding – whether it’s the purpose it fulfils, the experiences it brings or the memories it leaves you with.

That’s why, we went ahead and created India’s most holistic travel and lifestyle brand, that rewards you at every step.Q. JP had a Tiered Program? What is the InterMiles Program A: Yes, JetPrivilege had a Tiered Program, the Tiered Program had the following Tiers- Blue Plus, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

The members achieved/retained their Tiers basis the Tier Points and Tier Miles accumulated over a period of 12,18 and 24 months. The InterMiles program is now simpler with only InterMiles as a measure of attaining/retaining a Tier. The InterMiles program has 4 Tiers Red, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

  1. To know more A: All JetPrivilege members are by default InterMiles member.
  2. In-case you are not a member, please,Q.
  3. What happens to the JetPrivilege Membership number on my Debit Card? A: Your JetPrivilege Membership number is now InterMiles number.
  4. You can quote this number and earn InterMiles for all eligible spends, activities on and on InterMiles Partners.

You will continue earning your rewards in the form of InterMiles using the same card and on the same membership number.Q. Are my HDFC Bank JetPrivilege Debit Cards still active/valid? A: YES! Your Debit Cards are still active. You will now earn InterMiles as per your card’s existing earning proposition for every eligible activity.

  1. To know your card.Q.
  2. What about the Jet Airways benefits I have on my card? A: The Jet Airways benefits have been replaced with InterMiles and Etihad benefits, which spread across Flights.You can check these benefits for your respective cards,Q.
  3. Will I be able to use my Debit Card anywhere/everywhere? A: Yes! You can continue to use your Debit Card as you were earlier.

You can make the most of your Debit Card by using it on, where you can earn get accelerated InterMiles on Flights being booked on InterMiles and can be used on reward store & IOCL.Q. When will I get a new InterMiles Co-brand Debit Card? A: You will soon be receiving an SMS(from the bank) with more details*your card is good enough and in due course banks will reachout and inform on how and when to you for your debit card * Q.

  1. I just paid my renewal fees for my card, do I need to pay fees for my card again? A: No, if you have already paid fees this year, you need not pay fees.
  2. What’s more, as a feepaying customer you will enjoy the new InterMiles and Etihad benefits.
  3. To know more.Q.
  4. Will my accrued JPMiles expire? A: No, your accrued JPMiles are safe and are now InterMiles.

The validity of InterMiles is the same as JPMiles.Q. Since the Jet Airways operations were suspended, I have not used the HDFC bank JetPrivilege Debit Card. What do I do to activate it? A: You can transact using your Debit Card wherever it is accepted and activate it.

In-case the transaction fails, please contact the bank to activate the card or you can call us on +91 842289 3333, write to us on [email protected] We would be happy to assist you.Q. I had a JetPrivilege Debit Card, but I discontinued it. How can I get an InterMiles Debit Card? A: If you have discontinued the card, you will need to re-apply for a new card.

Our banking partners are working towards issuing new InterMiles Debit Card. Please check the Cards section on, we will soon start issuing InterMiles Debit Card. You can then apply for a new InterMiles Debit Card.Q. I had a JetPrivilege Debit Card, but I migrated to another card of the same bank.

What do I do? A: You can get an InterMiles card by reaching out to the bank and requesting for a new InterMiles Debit Card. Once you raise a request, you will soon get an InterMiles Debit Card. If you have any issues, please reach us on [email protected]. I used to get Tier Points on my Debit Card spends which enabled me to get a higher tier.

Do I still earn Tier Points on Debit Card spends? A: You no longer need Tier Points to attain/Retain a Tier since we have simplified the InterMiles program. You can now attain/retain a tier by the spends you make on your Debit Card and by associating on and with InterMiles,

The more you spend, the higher InterMiles Tier you attain.Q. Can my Debit card spends help me achieve an InterMiles Tier? A: Yes! By spending on your respective Debit Card you can achieve a Tier. What’s More! The bonus InterMiles you earn also contribute to your Tier achievement and retainment. InterMiles= Base InterMiles (Basis accrual ratio) + Bonus InterMiles (Joining/Renewal + Other Bonuses) Q.

Where can I use the benefits accorded to me on my InterMiles Debit Card? A: You can utilize all your benefits on across any airline available on to know about the benefits of your card.Q. I want to apply for an InterMiles Debit Card.

  • How do I apply for one? A: Our banking partners are working towards issuing the new InterMiles Debit Card.
  • Please check the Cards section on, we will soon start issuing InterMiles Debit Card or call the bank for more details.Q.
  • I had paid fees for my HDFC Bank JetPrivilege Debit Card but did not get the quoted benefits.

What do I do to claim the benefit? A: Basis your card variant, JPMiles (now InterMiles) are credited to your account. Please check your InterMiles account statement for the same. For any discrepancy regarding the same, please for your queries.Q. I have paid fees for a HDFC Bank JetPrivilege Debit card but have not got my benefits.

  • How do I claim these benefits? A: If you have paid your fees post 14 th November 2019, your benefit will be in the InterMiles Wallet.
  • If these are not visible there, please call us on 8422893333 or write to us on,
  • If you have paid fees prior to 14 th November 2019, we have credited JPMiles (now InterMiles) to your account.

Please check your InterMiles account statement for the same. For any discrepancy regarding the same, please write to [email protected]. What are the benefits on the InterMiles card? A: Your Debit Cards now come packed with benefits like : Jetprivilege HDFC Bank World Savings Account Documents – Documents Required to Jetprivilege HDFC Bank World Savings Account

What is the value of 1 InterMiles?

Value of an InterMile

₹/Mile One-Way Flights International
Average 0.30 0.21
Median 0.30 0.22
Maximum 0.39 0.29
Minimum 0.15 0.08

Do JetBlue points expire?

TrueBlue points do not expire. Should a member close his or her TrueBlue account, the points in that account will be terminated.

Did JetPrivilege become InterMiles?

History – In 2012, Jet Privilege Private Limited (JPPL) was formed to issue miles and award redemption tickets. InterMiles (formerly known as JetPrivilege) was founded in 2014 is an independent entity, part of the Etihad Aviation Group formed with the sole purpose to market, develop and grow InterMiles, a loyalty and rewards programme.

What is the new name for JetPrivilege?

JETPRIVILEGE IS NOW INTERMILES ~ Introducing InterMiles – a programme that empowers and rewards the travel and lifestyle needs for new-age Indian consumers ~ Mumbai, Nov 14, 2019 : Jet Privilege Private Limited (JPPL), the independent loyalty and rewards management company, part of the Etihad Aviation Group, has unveiled its new brand identity ‘InterMiles’, propelling its intent to ful?l the evolving travel & lifestyle aspirations of discerning consumers. InterMiles will encompass both the award-winning loyalty and rewards programme (previously, JetPrivilege) and the ubiquitous rewards and recognition currency (previously, JPMiles). The programme will offer its growing base of close to 10 million members the opportunity to earn and redeem InterMiles, the new age currency of engagement, across travel, hospitality and lifestyle services across 10+ categories and 150+ programme partners. The company has been on an exciting transformational journey over the last 5 years to expand from an airline-centric programme to emerging as an everyday travel-and-lifestyle rewards programme as discerning consumers have shifted beyond transactional rewards and cashback. In fact, over the last six months alone, the programme has managed over 33 billion InterMiles. Speaking about the development, Mr. Manish Dureja, Managing Director, Jet Privilege Pvt. Ltd. said, “We are embarking on a new journey with InterMiles, built on sound business fundamentals, the trust of millions of members and the passion of a committed team. What started as a frequent flyer programme has, today, become the platform of choice that empowers our members to ful?ll their travel and lifestyle aspirations. As we reinforce our commitment to the promise of making our members’ journey more ful?lling, our growth plan is, focused on aggregating more bene?ts and simplifying access to a growing bouquet of experiences and rewards. The name InterMiles suggests the interchangeable nature of the rewards currency where it can be earned and redeemed across platforms including airlines, hotels, dine, shop, fuel among others. A critical part of the new design was to create a distinctive marque that would both be recognizable and memorable. The marque, comprising a dot (the ?rst step of the journey) and dash (the way/path one takes on the journey), signi?es the brand’s promise to customers to make their every journey more rewarding. The brand colour is a bespoke shade, ‘Twilight Red’ that combines warmth, enthusiasm, playfulness and energy that will appeal to the core target group of experience seekers. Commenting on the brand identity, Mr. Zameer Kochar, Vice President – Marketing and Member Engagement, said, “We know that seeking unique, ful?lling and memorable experiences is a key driver for India’s growing segment of discerning consumers. InterMiles is driven by our vision to make a positive difference in our consumers’ lives. We have therefore designed a distinctive brand identity that represents this growing community of experience seekers. The brand identity stood out among our consumers for the simplicity of the name that created easy understanding and high appeal.”,p>Members can earn InterMiles for all their activities on About InterMiles InterMiles, the ubiquitous reward and recognition currency, acts as an enabler to ful?ll the travel and lifestyle aspirations of millions of our members. InterMiles programme (formerly known as JetPrivilege) empowers members to earn InterMiles across airlines to hotel bookings around the world, to shopping, dining and more. Members can redeem InterMiles for free flights, free hotel stays, free fuel and across 2500+ merchandise options. To become an InterMiles member, sign up today to make every journey a rewarding one. Explore more at: InterMiles is the travel and lifestyle reward programme of Jet Privilege Pvt. Ltd. – a separate and independent entity, part of the Etihad Aviation Group.

What is an airline black card?

Comparison of Mastercard Black Cards vs. American Express Platinum Card – Annual fee: The Mastercard Black Card requires an annual fee of $495. American Express The Platinum Card requires a $695 annual fee. Reward Program: One point for every dollar spent on Mastercard Black Card purchases.

You can redeem points for 1.5% cash back redemptions or a 2% value on airfare redemptions. American Express Platinum Card cardholders can earn 10 points for eligible purchases at American Express restaurants around the world and when they Shop Small in America. This is on your 6th month of Card Membership.

Five points per dollar are awarded for flights that you book directly with American Express Travel or airlines. Bonus points will not be available on purchases above $500,000 each year. Five points are earned for every dollar spent on eligible hotels when booked through American Express Travel.

  1. Sign-up bonus: Mastercard Black Card offers no welcome bonus.
  2. American Express’ Platinum Card allows cardholders to earn 100,000 Points after they spend $6,000 in the first six months of their Card Membership.
  3. Benefits: Mastercard Black Card benefits include: a credit towards Global Entry and TSA Precheck expedited screening; airport lounge access using Priority Pass Select; an auto rental collision waiver; baggage delay insurance; cellphone protection.

Trip cancellation and interruption insurance. American Express Platinum Card offers benefits such as purchase protection, rental car coverage, extended warranty coverage and platinum concierge. You also have access to the Global Lounge collection, $200 airline credit, $200 Uber credit, trip cancellation and interruption insurance, TSA Precheck fee credit, Global Entry credit or TSA Precheck fee credit.

Are Emirates and KLM partners?

As well as flights to over 150 destinations, you can book travel to more than 300 other cities around the world through our partner airlines and on-the-ground travel partners. Interline partners.

Air Tahiti Nui Kenya Airways Solomon Airlines
Alaska Airlines Inc KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Spicejet

What airlines are part of Ultimate Rewards?

The Chase Ultimate Rewards® transfer partners are Aer Lingus, Aeroplan/Air Canada (coming later in 2021), British Airways, Emirates, Flying Blue Air France KLM, Iberia, JetBlue, Singapore Airlines, Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards, United Mileage Plus, Virgin Atlantic, World of Hyatt, IHG Rewards Club and Marriott

Is KLM a SkyMiles partner?

SkyMiles members earn and use miles when flying with KLM. Medallion Members enjoy benefits like priority services, lounge access and more. Learn more about all the benefits.

Can I ask for a free upgrade at the airport?

1. Is there an opportunity for upgrades on this flight? – Ask and you may receive. Flight upgrades are difficult to get and are even more impossible to attain if you don’t ask for them in the first place. Simply and politely ask for one and remember to smile and be positive-flight attendants and employees won’t take too kindly to any sense of entitlement you may give off.

Can I upgrade my ticket after purchase?

IRCTC Ticket Bookings: How To Upgrade To Higher Class Of Travel How To Upgrade Jetprivilege Tier IRCTC Auto Upgradation: Upgradation is automatically done by PRS at the time of preparation of chart. IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation), which handles the catering, tourism and online ticketing operations of the, allows passengers to upgrade to the next higher clsss of travel.

  • IRCTC offers the option of auto ‘class upgradation’ on online ticket booking.
  • Under auto upgradation, upgrades full fare paying ‘waiting list passengers’ to the next higher class against the available vacant accommodation.
  • However, if any passenger exercises ‘No’ option for upgradation in the request form at the time of booking, his/her PNR (Passenger Name Record) is not considered for upgradation.

Concession ticket/free passes holders including senior citizens traveling on concession are not upgraded, said, Five key things to know about IRCTC auto upgradation scheme: 1. Upgradation is automatically done by PRS (Passenger Reservation System) at the time of preparation of chart.

The ticket examiners have no authority to upgrade any passenger under this scheme on the train.2. Only waitlisted passengers are provided confirmed seats under this scheme. The remaining vacant berths are transferred for booking on the current counters as per the existing practice. Thus, if there is no waiting list on a train, no upgradation will take place.3.

If a passenger, who has been upgraded, cancels his/her ticket, cancellation charges of the original class are payable. Upgradation of passengers is done to one class above only e.g. from sleeper to 3AC, 3AC to 2AC and 2AC to 1AC, said,4. The original PNR of upgraded passengers remains unchanged and all information from PRS is provided when an enquiry is made with the original PNR.5.

Is it cheaper to upgrade after buying ticket?

Buy an Upgrade with Miles, Points, or Cash – The cheapest way to get a business or first-class ticket is to buy an economy ticket then buy an upgrade. You can either do this immediately after booking or look for last-minute upgrades as your travel date approaches.

The price for premium cabin fares decreases as you get closer to departure. To see your upgrade options, go to your airline’s app or website, open your reservation, and click on “Upgrade Options.” You can also take advantage of a last-minute upgrade while checking in on your app or at the airline kiosk.

To upgrade your ticket with miles or points, either do it in the original booking process or after you have purchased an economy ticket on your airline’s booking portal. Just be sure to do the math and make sure it’s actually a good deal. Remember that airlines are trying to maximize their revenue per seat.

How do I upgrade my MileagePlus?

There are three ways to request a MileagePlus Upgrade Award after you have booked your flight: –  How To Upgrade Jetprivilege Tier

  1. Sign in to your MileagePlus account and pull up your existing reservation to request the upgrade online.
  2. Call United Reservations at 1-800-UNITED-1 (1-800-864-8331) or your designated Premier service line.
  3. Once you’re within 24 hours of departure, you can make your request at the check-in counter or at the gate with a United representative.

You’ll then be placed on a waitlist that will be cleared as upgrades become available. Learn more  How To Upgrade Jetprivilege Tier