What Are British Airways Tier Points?

What Are British Airways Tier Points
Avios is the reward currency of the Club – When you join the Executive Club, you’ll collect reward points with us and our partners. We call them Avios. You collect Avios when you fly, take a holiday, hotel stay or car rental with us plus our wide range of partners.

What is the difference between tier and Avios?

About Tier Points | Executive Club What Are British Airways Tier Points As well as Avios, you’ll collect Tier Points when you fly with us and our one world ® partners. Avios unlock your rewards, Tier Points unlock your Club benefits. Here’s what you need to know about Tier Points:

There are four Executive Club tiers: Blue, Bronze, Silver and Gold. Your Executive Club membership begins at the Blue tier and Tier Points help you climb the tiers. You collect Tier Points when you fly. The amount you earn depends on your ticket type and fare class. The more Tier Points you collect, the more benefits you’ll receive as you move through the tiers. Unlike Avios, Tier Points can’t be spent on rewards and they reset back to zero every year.

Log in to check how many Tier Points you need to move to the next Tier: Show all Hide all show hide expanded collapsed : About Tier Points | Executive Club

How to get 1000 BA Tier Points?

BA Holidays – What Are British Airways Tier Points The simplest way to maximise tier points is to book a BA Holiday rather than separate flights and hotels etc. As long as you book a hotel or car hire for a minimum of 5 days with the flights, you get double-tier points providing you travel before 30 September 2023.

How many tier points do you get in for premium economy?

What are British Airways Avios? And Tier Points? And how do you use the American Express voucher? – If you read this blog often, or know me personally, there is no hiding that I am a huge fan of British Airways and its Executive Club programme, which earns you Avios, a fancy word for air miles.

Before I moved to the UK, I used to be with Star Alliance, but even before I moved, I realised that the One World programme worked much better for me. So over the past few years, I have ‘converted’ many friends. And more and more, I get questions from readers asking how it works. It is quite simple, to be honest, but you need to understand a few things.

So I thought I would explain things (from my personal perspective). The BA Club World seat before it turns into a flat-bed Executive Club – aka the frequent flyer programme The first thing you need to do is get yourself a BA Executive Club (EC) card. You can get one on BA’s website and it is, of course, free. As you fly more, you start collecting two different things: Avios (aka air miles) and Tier Points (which lead to status on the programme).

What are Avios (miles)? Avios (0r miles) will be your currency, so to speak, which you can subsequently use for get flights on any class, or upgrades. These are very valuable as you can imagine. Every time you fly, you get Avios based on your class of travel. If you have status (e.g. if you are a Bronze, Silver or Gold card holder), you get additional miles based on your status.

As an example, you need 15,000 avios (+tax) to book a return trip to Europe in economy (Euro Traveller) and 30,000 avios (+tax) to book a return trip in business class (Club Europe). You can also buy an economy ticket and upgrade to business class for 15,000 avios (but be warned as it depends on the fare you bought).

  1. I only use these when the fares are really high, because you can sometimes upgrade an economy ticket for £159 after you buy it on BA’s website, when flight loads are light.
  2. On long haul, is where things start to get interesting.
  3. Despite which class you book, you are always allowed to upgrade one level up.
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So, if you buy can economy (world traveller) ticket, you can use your miles to upgrade to premium economy (world traveller plus). If you buy premium economy, you can upgrade to business class (club world) and if you buy business class, you can upgrade to first, aka heaven.

  • A return trip to the US costs 50,000 avios in economy, 75,000 in premium economy, 100,000 in business class and 150,000 in first plus tax.
  • The upgrade cost is the difference is the fare, i.e.25,000 to jump one class return (except from club to first, where the cost is 50,000).
  • There are variations on other regions – e.g.

to Asia it costs more, but you can check out all the details on the website. A word on tax: for some reason, it is eye-watering expensive on long haul flights – not just the UK landing charges, but plenty of fuel and other extras. Be prepared to pay £500 in club/first.

  • For that reason, I don’t find it very worthwhile redeeming miles on lower classes – making a lot more financial sense to use them in higher classes.
  • I don’t like the tax, but there is nothing I can do about it – so in my mind, I am paying £500 for a club or first class trip to the US and it is not a bad deal (a real ticket would cost £2500-7500).

What are tier points? The BA First Check-In area at London Heathrow T5 Many frequent flyer programmes are based on the miles you fly – and if you reach x or y, you will get status. Status means some recognition from the airline to passengers who frequently choose to fly with them.

On the Executive Club programme, you have 4 tiers (to keep things simple, let’s not talk about the secret upper tiers): – Blue (basic, no real benefits) – Bronze – once you collect 300 tier points in your BA calendar year – you get to check-in in business class (despite the class you travel) and priority boarding.

– Silver – once you collect 600 tier points in your BA calendar year – check-in in business class, priority boarding, fast track, lounge access and an extra piece of luggage on any flight (for you and a guest, sweet). You also get pre-selection of seats, but not first rows, which is a Gold benefit. Differences between the tiers And how do you progress on those tiers? Well, it depends on the flights you take. Rule of thumb: a economy return flight within Europe will give you 20 tier points, where as a business class trip will give you 80 tier points.

I recently discovered that destinations like Greece, Cyprus and Turkey give you double (e.g.160 tier points on business class). A premium economy ticket to the US or the Middle East, for example, will give you 180 tier points, where as business class will give you 280 tier points. So you just need to do the math.

With 2 premium economy tickets to the US and a couple European flights, you are silver. Also worth noting that when you reach a tier, it is valid for the rest of your ‘calendar year’ if you are halfway through your year (now counted from your membership start date) and the following 12 months.

  1. And then you are welcomed into a very special club that speaks in code: people start asking you questions like ‘when does your year end?’.
  2. You see people fretting about ‘how many tier points til gold and only two months left’.
  3. Why? Because you only keep your status for your calendar year – so once you start your year, you need to start working towards the next one.
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It is a fun game to play. Household Accounts You can also do something quite nice now, which is to combine your miles with your partner and family by setting up a household account, Your status and avios will always be yours (personally), but if both (or more people) give permission, you can pool your points together and spend them together.

I have been known for nicking some points from Mr. O’s account, but he never notices. Because he does the same to me all the time. Boosting your points with the BA American Express Card Just for fun, you can get a lot of avios, by signing up to the BA American Express Card. Avios obviously get you opportunities to upgrade and that is why it is worth it.

Nothing wrong with having your Avios account only on 6-figures. I do get nervous when ours are not. A lovely big mamma! You have 2 different cards – the normal one ( BA Amex, which is blue and has no annual fee) and the platinum one ( BA Amex Premium Plus Card, which is black and costs nothing on the first year but then costs £150 per year). The difference is the miles you get per £1 spent and also the amount you need to spend to get the magic Amex Companion Voucher.

Yes, the magic Voucher. When you spend £20,000 (on the blue card) or £10,000 (on the black card), you are given a free companion voucher per calendar year (a bummer, should be per x spent no matter what), which can bring lots of lovely trips your way. It means that 2 people can travel on any BA operated flight (return), on any class, anywhere (subject to availability, of course), for the cost of 1 (in terms of Avios).

Personally, I never use it on European trips, it is not really worth it. But for 150,000 avios, Mr. O and I can fly to Los Angeles (for example) in First, and pay the £500 tax each. The cost of those tickets would be over £10,000, so it is a real benefit, and worth it.

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How long does British Airways tier last?

How long will my British Airways Silver status last? – You’ve done very well. You will be Silver from:

late April 2023 until 8th March 2024 (your current membership year)

9th March 2024 until 8th March 2025 (your following membership year)

9th March 2025 until 30th April 2025 (your run-off period as Silver)

You then get your guaranteed soft landing to Bronze, You will be Bronze from:

1st May 2025 to 8th March 2026 (your membership year)

9th March 2026 to 30th April 2026 (your run-off period as Bronze)

Only on 1st May 2026 will you drop back to Blue. What Are British Airways Tier Points This means, if you time it right:

You have British Airways Executive Club Silver status for 25 months, from late April 2023 to 31st April 2025 (lounge access, free seat selection, priority security, priority check-in, priority boarding etc)

You have British Airways Executive Club Bronze status for a further 12 months from 1st May 2025 to 30th April 2026 (main benefit of Bronze is free seat selection from seven days before departure)

What tier points mean?

Rewards Tier Points/ Tiering Points means the number of points that are allocated at the end of a calendar month for a particular Rewards Tier Level, which is based on the banking products and services you use in your personal capacity and your banking activity each month, as set out in the Programme Rules.

What are tier points good for?

Tier Points. CLIMB THE RANKS AND UNLOCK EVEN BETTER BENEFITS. Tier Points are used to determine card level. The more you earn, the higher your tier.

How many tier points do you need for an upper class flight?

How many Tier Points you’ll earn in each cabin (one way)

Cabin Ticket type Tier Points earned
Premium (H, K, P*) 50
Premium (W, S) 100
Upper Class (G*, Z) 100
Upper Class (J, C, D, I) 200

Do Avios points ever expire?

Skip to main content Skip to Navigation Your Avios stay with you as long as you collect, spend, buy or share at least one Avios every 36 months — any longer and your Avios will expire and be removed, so remember to take action before those three years are up. There are lots of simple ways to ensure you’ll never lose the Avios you collect.

How long does it take for tier points to be added BA?

BA’s Tier Points are usually credited soon after you fly but those earned through its partners may take up to a month. You can still claim your Tier Points (or missing Avios) up to six months after your flights, so long as you save your ticket numbers.

How many tier points do you need for an upper class flight?

How many Tier Points you’ll earn in each cabin (one way)

Cabin Ticket type Tier Points earned
Premium (H, K, P*) 50
Premium (W, S) 100
Upper Class (G*, Z) 100
Upper Class (J, C, D, I) 200