Love Story in Orsa – Part 1

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14.9.2009 – Press release from Orsa Grönklitt, Photos by Anders Björklund

Friends having fun in the Polar World of the Orsa Bear Park!

Our polar bears Wilbär and Ewa have become really good friends and they love playing and fooling around with each other. You can tell they’re having a good time together. They sleep together and they are often seen hugging and cuddling ….or rolling in amongst the blueberries…..

One of their favourite ‘games’ is to dive together and then come up to the surface to give each other a kiss! We are, of course, hoping that this love will last and there will be cute polar bear cubs in due course – after a couple of years…

Wilbär, who is younger, is now bigger than Ewa but both are still children. Wilbär is teaching Ewa how to play with different toys. One day the toy is a wood log, next day a ‘security blanket’ or a moose leg. They also play with stones, coconuts and twigs. Ewa watches how Wilbär does and learns from the ‘youngster’.

Greetings from Torbjörn Wallin

…. to be continued…..
















In Swedish:

Friends having fun vid Polar World, isbjörnsanläggningen vid Orsa Björnpark!

Våra isbjörnar Wilbär och Eva vid Polar World i Orsa Björnpark blir alltmer vänner och leklusten och glädjen flödar. Det går inte att ta miste på att de trivs tillsammans. Båda isbjörnarna söker sig till varandra. De sover ofta ihop och man ser de ofta “kramas” och rulla runt i blåbärsriset. När man ser Dom leka tillsammans i vattnet kan man se de dyka tillsammans för att sedan komma upp till ytan för att “pussas”!

Nu håller vi tummarna för att kärleken ska hålla i sig även i fortsättningen och att det inom några år kan bli små gulliga isbjörnsungar. Den yngre Wilbär är numera större än Eva men fortfarande är bägge unga. Wilbär lär Eva leka: Ena dagen med en stock, nästa dag med en snuttetrasa eller med ett älgben. Man kan också se de leka med stenar, kokosnötter och pinnar. Eva tittar och lär av ungdomen…


Med vänliga hälsningar.

Torbjörn Wallin

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  1. Dear Mervi, WAW, I love these pictures. It is soo good to see the two youngsters having fun together. And of course, they are allowed to stick out their tongue to the visitors. I am quite sure that the visitors actually are waiting for such moments to take marvellous pics. The more and more, I appreciate it that you went there and created the good contacts. This all brought us the advantage to be kept posted on their developments.
    Well, I suppose that this is the next best to real life and I also know that a lot of people do regret that Knut is not sharing this. But after all, knowing that Wilb¨¨ar and Ewa are happy, makes me happy as well. And after all, Knut is not giving the impression to be unhappy although certain circumstances can be improved. But again, and as you know, I am convinced that this in one or another way will come for him too.

  2. Oh. no. oh no.

    How lovely. Our young teenagelovers.

    Thank You Mervi!

    These were the days… our teenage.


  3. Dear Mervi,
    What a fantastic report of two obviously happy and well-cared-for bears! I agree with Patricia that we are very lucky you went to Orsa and established a contact with them so we can be updated from time to time. The bears look so healthy and fluffy! And isn’t it funny that Wilbar is showing Ewa how to play with various natural toys.

    Thank you Mervi,
    Bear hugs, Sarsam

  4. Liebe Mervi,

    vielen lieben Dank für die Informationen und die wunderbaren Bilder der glücklichen Bären.
    Es ist eine Freude zu sehen, wie gut es Wilbär und Ewa in Orsa geht!

    viele Grüße

  5. Dear Mervi
    thank you for this wonderful article. It is great fun to see both bears in such harmony. Simply wonderful !!!!
    Wilbär has grown a lot, really, and it touches my heart to see how they get along so well.
    I hope we will be able to see such lovely photos of Knut and Gio soon, too
    Hugs from caren

  6. The fifth pic from above… I can only say “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…”

  7. Dear Mervi,
    once again: THANK YOU!
    Thank you for have madecontact to Orsa’s officials, thank you for keeping the contact, thank you for sharing the reports.
    I’m sitting here with tears of utter joy and happiness in my eyes, once again…. Looks like all I even never deared to dream of for Wilbaer came true.
    Please if you ever have the chance tell Orsa how much appreciated their reports are for us who are far away but still caring very much for “our” bear.
    *bigbearhugs* and *littlecatsnuggleheadies*

  8. Dear Mervi,

    thank you for the information about Wilbär and Ewa! These story and photos are a real pleasure!
    I agree with Velvet: It seems, that all polar bear dreams have come true for the two teenager bears!

    Hugs, Danielle

  9. liebe mervi,
    ist das ein wundervolles bärenleben!
    die beiden sind glückskinder.
    und knuti?

    liebe grüsse


  10. Hallo Mervi!
    Vielen Dank für den schönen Blog. Schön immer wieder Informationen von Wilbär zu bekommen. Sehr schade, dass ich nicht einfach hinfahren kann. Ich vermisse den kleinen, großen Bären.
    Liebe Grüße Jens

  11. Hi Alle,

    I agree with everyone’s comments, but being an old softy-at-heart for bear hugs, as Dumba has said, photo #5 steals my heart!!!

    Mervi — Please to convey many, many thanks to Torbjörn Wallin, Anders Björklund, and of course, Pernilla.

    BH’s, Tish

  12. Thank you, Mervi, for the wonderful news and pictures of Wilbar and Eva!


  13. Mervi, It’s so wonderful to see the bears so happy together and having such fun….hope the same for the bears in bearlin….crossing fingers and toes….xo k-j

  14. Dear Mervi!
    Thank you for the wonderful story and the pictures.

  15. Mervi as all already said: thank you very much! This report and the pictures are a pleasure, a happiness. To see the two such happy friends also does me happy.