Sisu and Venus met Quintana and Giovanna

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29.9.2017 by Mervi

On a September morning the mail bear brought a nice blue envelope to the polar bears’ enclosure in Ranua and, of course, Sisu was very curious to know what was in it. He was jumping and pulling his mama’s tail and asking her to open the envelope.

Sisu: Mama, open it, open it! What is it? What is it?

Venus: Dear boy, calm down ….. Oh bear, this is from Auntie Giovanna and Quintana. They invite us to visit them in Munich!

Sisu: I start packing right away …. We have so much to do …. Mama, please answer them immediately and tell that we accept the invitation with the greatest pleasure!

Venus: As a matter of fact I’m very glad about this invitation. Hmm, I must visit a fur dresser and I have to have a pawicure and …. and ….. I must be presentable when I travel abroad!

Sisu: Luckily I always look good so I can take care of some other arrangements.

Sisu began to arrange the trip faster than a lightning. First he must arrange the drive to Rovaniemi Airport.

Sisu: Mr Reindeer, could you and some of your friends take us to Rovaniemi? I know there’s no snow but I’m sure you can manage  vehicles with wheels? I don’t like cars so I would prefer a reindeer ride.

Reindeer: My dear Sisu, of course we will help you and your mother. Who needs horse power when there’s reindeer power, hehehee ….

The reindeers took our bears to the Airport where Lufthansa’s special Polar Bear Express was waiting for them. Uncle Sergej has lended his helping paw to Sisu because he’s still a little polar bear boy and booking an airplane is a task for an experienced bear of the world!

Sisu: Mama, are you quite sure we have everything with us? We can’t come to Munich empty pawed!!

Venus: Dear boy, we have our suitcases here and our gifts are already in the plane.

The flight went well and a bearsine (a limousine designed especially for big bears) took our travellers to Hellabrunn where Giovanna and Quintana gave them a very warm welcome.

Giovanna: It’s so nice to have you here again. You must be tired after the long journey so why don’t you just rest while I’ll fix something to eat for us. You can watch the visitors at the same time. Isn’t it great that we can watch them free of charge. They have to pay to watch us!!

After a good dinner Sisu and Quintana started playing together and the two polar bear ladies had a chance to have a chat.

Venus: We have so much in common. Our kids were born on the same day and we both have lost our male companions.

Giovanna: Even though our male friends didn’t help us raising our cubs they were close and we could communicate with them.

Venus: You’re right, they didn’t help us but they were not in the way either …..

Both ladies smiled a little although they also had tears in their eyes.

Giovanna: Oh bear, I remember what great fun Manasse and Yoghi used to have in the Oktoberfest.

Venus: I remember it, too. Now they’ll be having an Oktoberfest in the Bear Heaven …. I asked my friend Mervi to make a picture of our dear friends so she made two – one for each of us.

Giovanna: Thank you so much! I will have it on the wall in our den.

While the ladies were chatting Sisu gave his gifts to Quintana. Sisu’s big brother Ranzo had instructed him to express some compliments of Quintanas good looks, too ….

Sisu: Dear Quintana, may I say you look smashingly beautiful! You have such lovely fur, velvet eyes and a cute licorice nose.

Quintana: Thank you, my friend! You don’t look so bad yourself!

Sisu: I brought you gifts, too! I hope you’ll have lots of fun with this big ball. Naturally, I even brought you a king size jar with cloudberry jam. It’s very yammy!

Quintana: Oh, you didn’t have to bring me anything! I’m glad to have you here. We had such a good time together when I visited Ranua.

After a while Giovanna suggested a sight seeing in the humans’ sanctuary called München. They could also make a shopping tour at the Maximilan Strasse. There are boutiques like Chanel, Dior, Gucci, Prada and all the famous fashion houses. However, our ladies were not impressed!

Giovanna: I really don’t understand why this street is said to be so fantastic for shopping! I haven’t seen a decent fish or meat shop so far!!

Venus: I guess these boutiques are popular among the two legged creatures. What luck we have our wonderful furs so we don’t have to be on a never ending diet in order to get into those clothes that seem to be made for dwarfs!

Giovanna: I’ve heard the human ladies shave their legs and the males shave their beards! Can you imagine!! They even shave other parts of their body, hehehee ….. Oh bear, these humans are so funny!

Sisu and Quintana were getting rather bored so the mothers ordered a bearsine to the Viktualienmarkt.

Sisu: Mama, what a big market this is! Much bigger than our Cloudberry Market!

Venus: München is a very big human sanctuary so everything’s bigger here ….

Suddenly Sisu caught sight of something very interesting!

Sisu: Quintana, you must take a photo of me in front of the House of Honey! Otherwise Malla and Jemma won’t believe me when I tell them about it. Malla and Jemma are brown bears that live next to our enclosure and believe me – they are two real honey paws! 🙂

Of course, our growing cubbies got hungry and went looking for something eatable.

Sisu: They’re all selling ‘hots for dogs’ but I don’t want to eat dogs’ food!!

Quintana: There must be something for us, too! Beareka! I know – the Weisswursts must be ‘hots for polar bears’. Let’s try them!

Both the mothers and the kids were rather tired after a long day so back in Hellabrunn they made themselves comfortable in the dens and had sweet dreams until next morning.

It was time for Venus and Sisu fly back to Finland but before they left they invited Giovanna and Quintana to Ranua.

Venus: Dear Giovanna, thank you so much for your hospitality! I hope to see you and your daughter in Ranua soon. Maybe around the first Advent. Then we will probably have snow, too – and with some luck you can admire the northern lights as well!

Giovanna: Dear Venus, it was so nice to meet you and Sisu again. Quintana and I accept the invitation and we’re already looking forward to visiting the snowy landscape.

Sisu and Quintana were a bit sad because the visit was so short but they promised to be in touch every day in the Bearbook and, of course, they would even call each other.

Before it was time to say goodbye for this time the young bears exchanged photos of themselves.

This is how Quintana wants Sisu to remember her ….

…. and Sisu thought he looks very presentable in this picture.

It was nice to have a report of this visit. I’m looking forward to the next meeting. I hope you are, too! 🙂


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  1. Dear Mervi
    I sense a great deal of warmth and love in
    the words and images you have created here.
    I think it is a wonderful idea to have Venus and
    Giovanna meeting and remembering Yoghi and
    Manasse. Sisu and Quintana as a couple would
    be splendid.

  2. Dear MERVI – seems you have outsone yourself another time:
    wonderful collages in all autumn color glory!
    Sweet shots of the little white Ladies of RANUA and MUNICH.
    What a scoop you made it possible for them to meet and you had SISU even write a right report.
    Now . . . it’s still in the middle of the nicht and I have to go back to bed
    but I am looking forward to reading and watching everything more concentratedly and carefully later in the day or tomorrow.

    Thank you very much in advance, the both – or let’s say even the Four of you!

  3. Liebe Mervi!

    Fantastiscche Geschichte. Morgen kann nicht besser anfangen.


  4. Dear Mervi!
    Thank you for the lovely story with the wonderful collages.

  5. Liebe Mervi
    einfach klasse was die Bären alles so anstellen
    es ist so süß
    Lg Birgit

  6. Dear Mervi!
    What fun it was to read your fantastic and merry travel report of Venus and Sisu!
    Thank you for this delightful product of your fantasy and your most charming humour.

    I love the autumnally collages and the subtitles equally, especially your newly coined words like “fur dresser” or “pawicure” as well as “empty pawed” or the idea that big cities are sanctuaries for the two legged who have to pay when wanting to see polar bears while the bears get a kick out of watching the humans…
    Great, I had a good laugh!

    There were some moments of grief too when remembering the loss of the beloved males Yoghi and Manasse.
    Deep sigh!

    But the ladies views about fashion and the bizarre behaviour of the two legged made me laugh again.
    “we don’t have to be on a never ending diet in order to get into those clothes that seem to be made for dwarfs!”, ” I’ve heard the human ladies shave their legs and the males shave their beards! Can you imagine!! They even shave other parts of their body, hehehee ….. Oh bear, these humans are so funny!”
    I admire your creative and inventive sense of humour!

    The last two images are cute and heartwarming.

    Thank you for this funny start of the day!


  7. Dear Mervi,

    this travel report is great and very funny :-)))
    Giovanna is a excellent hostess !!

    The collages are very beautiful !!!!
    I wish you a nice weekend!
    Hugs and greetings from Munich

  8. Dear Mervi,

    Thank you for this delightful
    story accompanied by your
    now famous collages!

    I enjoy the warmth and humor
    you are so good at!

    xo k-j

  9. Liebe Mervi,

    das ist eine ganz bezaubernde Geschichte, die du dir wieder ausgedacht hast
    und das Bild von Knut gehört zu meinen Lieblingsbildern.
    Die Collagen in deiner Erzählung passen so toll zum Text und sind dir einmalig
    gut gelungen.
    Mit gefällt auch das neue Medium “Bearbook” sehr gut, und die Unterhaltung über
    den gut sitzenden Pelz im Gegensatz zu den Kleidern der Zweibeiner ist einfach göttlich!

    Danke für die Freude, die du mit deiner grenzenlosen Phantasie bereitest.
    Und natürlich freue ich mich auf den nächsten Reisebericht!
    Aber wann habe ich den Besuch von Giovanna in Ranua verpasst?

    Herzlichen Dank und liebe Grüße!

  10. Liebe Mervi,

    es hat mir ganz viel Spaß bereitet, diese Geschichte zu lesen. Deine Collagen sind wunderschön.

    Ich bin gespannt ,ob es mit einem Besuch der Münchener Bären bei Sisu und Venus klappen wird. Aber ich denke mal, die Bärenkinder werden schon dafür sorgen, dass sie sich bald wieder sehen.

    viele Grüße

  11. Liebe Mervi,
    ja so ein Plausch zwischen den Müttern ist richtig gut und Quintana und Sisu
    hatten auch ihren Spass.
    Mir hat es gefallen.Danke für die schöne Geschichte mit wunderbaren Collagen.
    Liebe Grüße aus Warschau
    Moni K

  12. Liebe Mervi

    Auch mir hat die Geschichte gut gefallen
    und besonders die schönen Collagen.
    So eine Reise hat schon was. Die
    Bären hatten viel Spaß dabei. 🙂

    Herzliche Grüße
    Chris 🙂

  13. dear Mervi,
    I like this imagination Venus, Sisu, Giovanna and Quintana can meet for a nice visit once in Munich and then in Ranua, and how we can see on your lovely collages they have a lot of joy talking together and having fun on the Wiesn. And Manasse and Yoghi are together with so many other dear friends like Lars, Troll, Knut in the bear heaven, thinking so like a child is a big comfort also for adults. Thank you so much dear Mervi for your sweet story,
    dear greetings to you, Vesa, Mimmi and Nalle

  14. Liebe Mervi,

    danke für die wieder sehr süße Story, diesmal von Quintana, Giovanna, Sisu und Venus.
    Da haben ja Sisu und Venus Glück gehabt, dass sie mit der Lufthansa nach München geflogen sind, und nicht bei Air Berlin gebucht haben.

    Die Leute auf dem Viktualienmarkt haben bestimmt auch nicht schlecht geguckt, als die vier Bärten über den Markt liefen.

    Die Collagen sind alle super, aber das Bild on Sisu und Quintana mit der Weißwurst ist besonders schön.

    Liebe Grüße

  15. Dear Mervi,

    Again you came up with a delightful Oktoberfest story and composed great collages.
    I have no doubt at all that the family reunion just happend the way you depicted it.
    The furdresser, the raindeer rider and raindeer power, the bearsine, beareka!, the sanctuary for humans…. you also coined great words. I’m lifting my head. Thank you!

    Hugs and pawwaves

  16. Dear Mervi,

    you told a very enchanting story about the four of them. I had to swallow one moment or another, when the speech of Yoghi and Manasse was… Two great polar bear fathers who had to go much too early… :-(((

    Many bear hugs.


  17. Liebe Mervi!

    Danke für diese süße Geschichte, die vier Bären hatten ja echt viel Spass! Die Collagen sind so lieb.

    Liebe Grüße,

  18. Dear Mervi,

    What a wonderful story! So glad I finally found out about it.

    Thank you for all you so for us!

    LG, Christine