Gerda and Kai are waiting for the real Winter

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10.11.2017 – Photos by Anna Novikova, Video by Nina Kurbatkina

It’s been snowing in Novosibirsk but most of the snow has now melted away. Earlier this week our friend Anna visited the zoo. Unfortunately the cold and windy weather made her catch a cold. I wish you a speedy recovery, dear Anna! Thank you for bringing the nice photos to us even when you’re not feeling well!

Rostik is most active very early in the morning so when the zoo opens at 9 o’clock the young guy is already tired of playing. I hope we can soon see him in action, too. Gerda and Kai were ‘visible’ anyway!

Gerda obviously likes the snow and is looking forward to more!

 photo gerda2_1.jpg

She looks so happy and beautiful – doesn’t she?!

 photo gerda1_1.jpg

It looks as if Gerda wants to keep hold on the snow so it won’t disappear. 🙂

 photo gerda14.jpg

Good luck, dear Gerda! I’m sure we all want the snow stay with you!

 photo gerda15_2.jpg

She must have seen something interesting ….. maybe Kai?

 photo gerda10_2.jpg

Kai was having a morning walk making plans for the day.

 photo kai6_1.jpg

Hmm, the water looks cold enough for a polar bear ….

 photo kai7.jpg

…. so Kai jumped in and started icy ball games.

 photo kai3_2.jpg

Gerda doesn’t want to go swimming for the time being. She prefers to play with her toys on the ground – or she just sits there admiring the snow.

 photo gerda6_2.jpg

White, fluffy and roundish – in other words Gerda is a perfect, beautiful polar bear lady! She reminds me of Tonja in Berlin ….

 photo gerda11_2.jpg

Gerda wants to say ‘thanks for the compliments’ ….. 🙂

 photo gerda12_2.jpg

Maybe it’s time for a nice nap soon?

 photo gerda8_1.jpg

Kai was walking again inspecting the ‘shore’.

 photo Kai1.jpg

Kai loves to interact with the visitors and his favourite game is throwing buckets to them. Of course, he expects the visitors throw the buckets back to him. Sometimes the keepers are helping, too.

 photo Kai2.jpg

Before you watch Nina’s video of Kai I want to show you a couple of nice close-ups of our furry friends.

This is the great prophile of Gerda ….

 photo gerda4_2.jpg

…. and this is her lovely face.

 photo gerda5_1.jpg

This gentlebear is Kai

 photo kai4_1.jpg

I wonder if he’s waiting for a flying bucket. 🙂

 photo kai5_2.jpg

When Nina Kurbatkina visited Kai on the 6th of November he found a bucket on the path leading to the polar bears. Kai had been in action again! 🙂 We can’t see the actual throwing on the video but it seems to me he was looking for a suitable ‘catcher’. 🙂

Video with Kai

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  1. Dear Mervi. Anna and Nina
    As I know from visiting Nissan in Doncaster there is something very special about the “big” Russian Polar Bears. They seem to be boundlessly confident and have lovely furry faces and bodies. Like Tonja, Gerda looks so content and cuddly.
    I can imagine Kai throwing buckets at visitors. Nissan always chooses to sit where he can get the best view of people and other animals. I am sure Rostik will be the same.

  2. Dear Anna and Nina,

    Thank you so much for the photos and the video!

    Gerda and Kai are very beautiful polar bears and it’s a great pleasure for me to tell about them in Knuti’s Weekly.

    Hugs from Mervi

  3. Dear Mervi, Anna and Nina!
    Thank you for the pics and the video of these handsome polarbears from Novosibirsk
    They look awesome and I wish them as much snow as they are longing for!
    The names Gerda and Kai always remind me of the fairy tale ” The Snow Queen” by H.C. Andersen, very suitable for polar bears.


  4. Dear Anna and Nina

    I really like Gerda. She is round and fluffy as a bear should be.
    Kai is happy about the ball. He plays well with it.
    Thank you so much for the nice pictures and the great video.

    Dear Mervi
    thank you !

    Have a nice weekend!

  5. Dear Anna and Nina

    Thank you for the photos of the polarbears.
    Gerda and Kai are beautiful – especially
    the portraits of both bears are wonderful.
    Thank you also for the video! 🙂

    Chris 🙂

  6. Dear Anna, Nina and Mervi!
    Gerda is a beauty. I think she will go in the den for the winter soon. Kai is a wonderful male. He has now time to play.

  7. Mervi, thank you very much for the articles you are writing. Many thanks to all for the comments. Wait for the continuation of the photo and video about our bears ..

  8. Dear Anna, Nina and Mervi!

    Greta loooks very good and she is really a beautiful Lady! Thank You so much for these
    wonderful Pictures from Novosibirsk.
    I hope, Anna, you get well soon and I wish You all the best.

    Greetings from Austria, Erika

  9. ANNA NOVIKOVA thank you very much for having sent your beautiful photos of GERDA (what a top-fluffy polar bear Lady!) once again to MERVI.

    Thank you, dear MERVI for having completed those beautiful pics to a charming letter by adding
    your texts and by havin edited everything together.

    White-Blue Fun for the Eyes!^

    SĂĽĂź wie zärtlich im Video mit dem Eisbären ‘geRussischt’ wird und immer wieder erfreulich zu ehen, wie sehr sich die Bären – hier wie dort – ĂĽber jede Art von erquicklicher Beschäftigungsmöglichkeit freuen!

  10. Liebe Mervi,

    danke fürs Einstellen der schönen Bilder von Anna und Nina.

    Gerda hat sich schon ordentlich Winterspeck angefuttert. Sie hat wirklich ein sehr hĂĽbsches Gesicht. Ein bisschen Ă„hnlichkeit mit Kati.

    Das Video von Kai und dem Kanister ist klasse.
    Allerdings scheint mir das Gehege sehr klein. Jedenfalls was man auf dem Video erkennen kann.

    Liebe GrĂĽĂźe

  11. Hallo Anna und Nina ich habe eine frage wie geht es Rostik und weiss man schon in welchen Zoo er Geht, Besten Dank hans odermatt

  12. Hello Hans!

    Rostik geht’s gut aber man weisst noch nicht wohin Rostik gehen wird. Ich bin sicher Anna will uns informieren.

  13. dear Mervi, dear Anna and dear Nina,
    you make us such a great pleasure with all your sweet pictures and video. It is a gift that we can see pictures from so far away. And Mervi makes for us a nice story . I am grateful that Mervi knows such dear friends.
    Gerda and Kai are looking wonderful, they enjoy the winterseason. Yes this area is made for Polarbears.
    I send many good wishes to Novosibirsk
    thank you and dear greetings