Sisu welcomes some special visitors to Oxford: 30 December 2018

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4.1.2019 by Sisu and Ralph

Back in the Summer, Teddybaerenmutti and Teddybaerenvati arranged for Sisu to join Ralph and the Cotswold Bears in England. Sisu was delighted to be in Oxford and made his own report.

 photo sisu22.jpg

TBM and TBV told Ralph that they would visit Oxford on Sunday 30 December. Sisu arranged with Flocke to have his own personal travelling bag for the day. Ralph caught the bus into Oxford with Sisu alongside him.

 photo sisu1.jpg

TBM had brought with her a very special Teddy Bear from the House of Bukowski in Stocholm, called “Nobody’s Perfect”. Sisu liked the little bear at once, but did not tell him that of course Polar Bears are perfect!

 photo sisu2.jpg

Sisu had arranged for a map showing the centre of Oxford, so that he and Ralph could explain where the visitors would be going.

 photo sisu3.jpg

They were joined by a visitor from China. Sisu explained that many people from China come to Oxford and even to Kidlington. The little panda had only just joined the Cotswold Bears. He is called Bao, which means “Treasure” in Chinese, after BaoBao in Berlin.

 photo sisu15.jpg

The first stop on the visit was the High Street which has the best views in Oxford. At one end is the tower of Magdalen College where May Morning is celebrated each year. The tower can just be seen in the picture above.

 photo sisu16.jpg

TBM and TBV were also taking photos. On the left in the photo above is Queens College, which appears in the opening scene of the film “The Golden Compass”, as Lord Asriel arrives at his college. Several Oxford Colleges appear in this film.

 photo sisu17.jpg

Looking back towards the centre of Oxford, Sisu pointed out the way we would go.

 photo sisu9.jpg

As we turned into the entrance to Catte Street the most photographed building in Oxford appeared. Although it looks like a cathedral, the Camera is a library building.

 photo sisu8.jpg

TBM and TBV made their way along Catte Street. The square building at the end of the street, like the Camera, is part of the Bodleian Library.

 photo sisu18.jpg

The Radcliffe Camera also appears in the Golden Compass, while the college behind it, Brasenose is often featured in Morse, Lewis and Endeavour on tv. The other building in the picture if the University Church of St Marys

 photo sisu23.jpg

TBM and TBV took in all the buildings that Sisu wanted to show them.

 photo sisu10.jpg

Sisu pointed out a walled garden that features both in Lewis and in the Golden Compass.

 photo sisu24.jpg

This view often appears in films and TV series but is associated for me with the series with the 1970s BBC TV serialisation of John Le Carre’s novel “Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy” as can be seen here.

It is also opposite my old College, Hertford which is famous for its bridge which TBM and TBV photographed.

 photo sisu21.jpg

Opposite the bridge is the Sheldonian Theatre

The Sheldonian and the surrounding area feature at the beginning of this episode of Morse

“Twilight of the Gods” has a strong cast, including Sir John Gielgud as the Chancellor of the University and Rachel Weisz as the daughter of the villain.

Like Inspector Morse, we decided that our efforts deserved some refreshment, and we had arrived at the Kings Arms Pub

TBM had a white wine, but TBV and I sampled some of the English beer, which Morse would have approved of.

 photo sisu14.jpg

 photo sisu25KingsArms.jpg

In the absence of the great detective, Paddington Bear sampled our pints.

TBV was interested in seeing another of Morse’s favourite places in Oxford, Balckwell’s bookshop.

 photo sisu11.jpg

TBV asked to see the sections dealing with science, current affairs and history. Sisu likes this big room, as it reminds him of Uncle Sergei’s place. Whether the Norrington Room, as it is called, is as big as Uncle Sergei’s place, Sisu would not say.

 photo sisu12.jpg

 photo sisu13.jpg

While Sisu kept an eye open to make sure that TBV did not get lost, TBM and I chatted about Polar Bears.

After leaving Blackwell’s we walked along Broad Street and look in various shops selling souvenirs and postcards. The day had gone quickly and it was time to choose a restaurant to celebrate TBV’s birthday.

There are many restaurants in George Street, but we chose Italian.

 photo sisu19.jpg

There was a lot of choice on the menu.

 photo sisu20.jpg

TBM ordered Prosecco so that we could all toast TBV’s birthday. BN (Bear with no name) always seems to appear whenever there is food and drink!

 photo sisu5.jpg

It was all too soon to say goodbye to TBM and TBV on the bus back to London.

 photo sisu6.jpg

 photo sisu7.jpg

Sisu was sorry to have to say goodbye to our friends so soon, but he was glad that they had been able to come to Oxford.

 photo sisu4.jpg

The day after TBM and TBV left Oxford, BN told me that Uncle Sergei had found this most suitable car for their visit in London. Well, perhaps next time……

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  1. Dear Sisu and Ralph,

    This is a most informative and entertaining presentation of Oxford! I love to see places that are so familiar from movies and TV series. Morse, Lewis and Hathaway are ‘old friends’ …. 🙂

    I’m sure TBM and TBV enjoyed their guided tour in your beautiful home town. I know Sisu already made some research to be sure to show the most interesting streets, buildings and pubs to his guests. Please, tell him he did a very good job!

    This must have been a perfect birthday for TBV!

    Maybe you could start ‘Sisu tours in Oxford’ for the tourists? 🙂

    Thank you so much for this charming report!

    Hugs from Mervi

  2. Hallo Ralph

    Ja, man kennt all diese Ecken aus den Fernsehspielen
    und Krimis. Ich frage mich manchmal, wie die Colleges
    arbeiten können, wenn sie dauernd von Filmcrews
    belagert werden. 😉 Ich denke, Du hattest eine
    schöne Zeit mit TBM & TBV. 🙂 Und sogar
    das gute San Pellegrino Wasser aus
    Italien hattet ihr zur Verfügung.
    Die Bärchen waren euch treue Begleiter !

    Liebe Grüße
    Chris 🙂

  3. Dear Ralph,
    it is great to see TBM and TBV in Oxford. I am sure they enjoyed the time with you and with Sisu.

  4. Dear Ralph,

    Thanks for taking us along
    with your visit with TBM and

    xo k-j

  5. Dear Ralph and Sisu!
    TBM and TBV must have been happy to get such a competent guided city tour. Thank you for this entertaining report.
    I´m happy for you and your Finnish guests that you had a good time together and could celebrate TBV´s birthday good-tempered in an appropriate way.
    Hopefully meanwhile they arrived home safe and sound!

    Since I´m a fan of these english TV detective series “Lewis” and “Endeavor” – especially of DS Hathaway aka Laurence Fox… many views in Oxford look familiar to me.


  6. Dear FabFour of Bears,

    Ralph, Sisu, BN and Bao, you are a great team.
    What a lovely idea to make TBV’s birthday an unforgettable experience!
    Thank you for this very personal /bearsonal presention of Oxford, this outstanding centre of excellence.

    Lieber TBV,
    nachträglich alles Gute zum Geburtstag!

    Hugs and happy howls,
    Bärgit & Tommi

  7. Lieber Ralph, lieber Sisu, Lieber Bao, lieber BN. Lieber nobody is perfect und alle ander Ralp´s bären.

    Es war so lustig Oxford zu besuche. Wir hatte echte Specialisten als guide. besser konnte es nicht gehen.

    TBV; TBV; Paddington.

  8. Liebe TBM und TBV
    Nobodys Perfect und Sisu und noch ein Teddy dass du mich mal geschickt hat von Bukowski sind jetzt zusammen. Sie ruhen sich ein bisschen aus.
    Es war unserseits in Oxford eine grosse Freude. Vielleicht treffen wir uns in Berlin bei Tonja un Kind

  9. Lieber Ralph,
    Sisi und du zeigt uns Oxford und die vielen schönen und Bekannten
    Danke dafür und gut zu wissen dass du so ein perfekter Fremdenführer bist.
    Liebe Grüße Moni K

  10. dear Ralph and dear Sisu,
    thank you very much for your very nice report from Oxford.I am glad that you have met the dear friends Teddybärenmutti and Teddybärenvati, what a wonderful idea to celebrate the birthday in such an interesting town. I like all the pictures of the impressives Buildings and all the Teddys. And BN how nice to see also you, I can understand that you like good food and the old car is not too bad, haha.
    at least I can say Oxford ist eine Reise wert
    dear greetings and big paw waves to England

  11. Lieber Ralph,
    ein ganz bezaubernder Reise-Bericht. Die Fotos sind ober cool. TBM und TBV und all die schönen Bären haben Deine Tour de Oxford genossen, wie man erkennen kann.
    Vielen Dank fürs Zeigen.
    Herzliche Grüße von Annemarie

  12. Dear Ralph and Sisu, what a lovely report from Oxford, especially with TBM and TBV around. You both have shown them wonderful spots in your beloved little town. It was good to see them both again, even if it is only via this report, but I am often thinking of them (na ja, of you all after all).

  13. Lieber Ralph, Teddybärenmutti, und TBV,

    es ist schön zu sehen, dass Ihr und die ganze Bärenparade von Ralph, eine schöne gemeinsame Zeit in England hattet.

    Danke an Mervi für’s Einstelle der Fotos.

    Liebe Grüße