Erinnerung an Knut 31.05.2008

May 5th, 2019 | By | Category: The Memory Lane

5.5.2019 – Photos by Gudrun, Collage by Dumba

May is said to be the smiling month and in the year 2008 it certainly was worth that attribute. Well, as long as Knut was with us every month was a smiling month ….

Now we can smile remembering all the happy moments we spent with our magic bear boy. Of course, all the memories even bring tears in our eyes.

Waiting for the catering service

Sometimes Knut had to call the service personel in a loud voice. ­čÖé

Bringing the fish to the ‘dinner table’….

…… and diving to catch another fish thrown by the keeper.

Knut always had very nice table manners.

What a lovely polar bear he was!

Dumba’s tribute to our magic Knuti

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  1. Liebe Mervi,

    ja, Knuts Essmanieren waren vorbildlich, er war ja auch ein richtiger Genie├čer.
    Unvergesslich ist auch das BIld, auf dem er sich ein Baguette unter den
    “Arm” klemmte, w├Ąhrend er auf den fliegenden Fisch (?) wartete.

    Weil er nicht so gierig gegessen hat, hatte ihm Giovanna oft die besten Bissen vor der Nase

    Danke dir und Dumba f├╝r die Bilder und Collage zum 145 Monatsgeburtstag!

    Liebe Gr├╝├če

  2. Dear Mervi and Dumba
    I made sure to.touch Knut’s ear when I was in Berlin. It reminded me at once of how the adventure had begun back in cold Winter of 2006 with the first pictures in RBB. Despite all the tragic events that lay ahead, I was grateful to have been able to take part in once in a lifetime adventure. Thanks to you it goes on.

  3. Dear Mervi, Gudrun and Dumba!
    Our sweet polar bear boy will never be forgotten!
    Thank you for taking us along the memory lane again.
    Everyone who witnessed his short life has own precious memories and certain moments he/she will never ever forget.
    Although it┬┤s heartbreaking that we lost him, the remembrance of this dear bear and and certain scenes always conjures a smile on the faces of many of his friends.


  4. Dear Gudrun,
    thank you for the wonderful pictures of Knut.
    your collage is lovely.

  5. Dear Mervi, Gudrun and Dumba

    Thanks af lot for another walk down memory-lane. It was a short but wonderful time.

    Hugs from Copenhagen

  6. Liebe Mervi,
    Gudrun Fotos und Dumbas Collage sind sehr h├╝bsch! Oft denke ich an Knut, aber besonders um den 5. herum. Vielen lieben Dank f├╝r diesen sch├Ânen Beitrag!
    Herzliche Gr├╝├če von

  7. Liebe Mervi,
    danke f├╝r die wieder sch├Âne Knut-Erinnerungsseite mit Gudruns Bilder.

    Liebe Dumba,
    auch Deine Collage ist wieder sehr sch├Ân. Danke.

    Liebe Gr├╝├če

  8. Dear Mervi, Gudrun and Dumba!

    Thank you very much for this fine photos!
    Knut-photos are Special, and bitter-sweet memories.
    I wish you all a pleasant Day.