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11.6.2019 – Source: Orsa Predator Centrum

The Summer heat has arrived even in Orsa. Hope was born in France so, naturally, she knows how to put on a trendy make-up. Maybe it’s called  ‘Polar Bear Sensationally Different Tan’? 🙂


However, even the most elegant make-up gets quite boring so Hope decided to wash it off her face.


This should do the trick and make the sweet Mademoiselle’s face white again.


Wilbär was swimming and diving in the pond. Well, the ponds in Orsa are more like small lakes!


There are big ponds in the two biggest enclosures and the deepest point is 5 meters. In the Winter there’s a swivel that keeps an ice-hole open so Wilbär, Ewa and Hope can take a nice bath even when the ponds are frozen.


There are three cut brown bear cubs in the park now. They are all boys.


During the 26th of June – the 11th of August on Wednesdays and Fridays at 14.00 CET the bears – both white and brown – will have a chance to catch fish in their ponds.

This brownie seems to be dreaming of that really BIG fish he failed to catch last Summer …. 🙂


Knuti’s Weekly wishes all the bears and their keepers a happy Summer time!

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  1. Liebe Mervi,

    fein, mal wieder etwas von Willbär, Ewa und Hope zu erfahren.
    Um den tiefen Pool werden sie viele Eisbären beneiden.
    Ich bin gespannt, ob sich in Liebesangelegenheiten in Orsa bald
    etwas ereignet.

    Bei den Braunbären hat es mit großem Erfolg geklappt. Süß isse, die
    Mama mit ihren drei Boys.

    Vielen Dank fĂĽr dein update aus Orsa und liebe GrĂĽĂźe!

  2. Dear Mervi!
    Thank you for the news of the bears in Orsa.
    Hope for sure copes with the summer heat since she was born in South France and is used to hot summers, all the more as there are wonderful lakes in Orsa to swim in and cool down.
    Needless to say that Wilbär and Ewa know what to do when summer is getting hot even in the north of Finland… The pics are refreshing.

    I loved the photo of mother brown bear holding her cute cubs so tenderly.


  3. Another surprise! – I had nearly forgotten WILBĂ„Rle, HOPE and EWA and the beautiful ORSA-enclosure, as we didn’t see/hear/read fo them for a rather long time. The more it’s fun to see all those beauties here again in nice pictures from the ‘ORSA PREDATOR CENTRUM’, norished by MERVI’s beloved subtitles.

    The greyish brown bear cubs and their mother give a nice picture all together at feeding time at mother’s milk-bar.

    Thanks to ‘the Source’ and to MERVI. – I am joining your best wishes for a HAPPY SUMMER TIME!

  4. Thank you very much dear Mervi.
    Best wishes to Wilbaer, Ewa, Hope and all the other animals in Orsa.

  5. Dear Mervi!
    I think Hope lost the weight 🙂 She looks beautiful.
    A mother brown bear with 3 cubs is lovely.

  6. Dear Mervi and Orsa
    The wonderful pictures of the bears and Mervi’s words are a delight.
    I wonder if there will be a competition between the bears, though in the wild Polars rarely catch fish!

  7. Liebe Mervi,

    danke für die neuesten Bilder aus Orsa. Schön zu sehen, dass es Hope gut geht.

    Sehr niedlich sind die drei kleinen Brownies.

    Liebe GrĂĽĂźe

  8. Liebe Mervi,
    als ich das Bild des Dreckbären gesehen war mir klar, das ist Hope.
    Die Tochter ist genau wie wie ihre Eltern und nur mit dem richtigen Makeup wird sich der Ă–ffentlichkeit gezeigt.
    Die 3 kleinen Braunbärchen sind zum knuddeln und leider sieht man viel zu wenig von Orsa.
    Danke Dir fĂĽrs Zeigen und liebe GrĂĽĂźe
    Moni K