Gerda almost stole the show!

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25.8.2019 – Photos by Arkadii Laptenko

The keepers in the Novosibirsk Zoo are certainly doing their best to keep their polar bears happy and occupied. There are always new interesting toys for them.


This time there was a big red tube and a small yellow buckets. Gerda’s smile tells us that she was very pleased with the treats. 🙂


Shauna and Nordi wanted to quality control the red thingie.



Oh bear, this seems to be too big for a small cubbie.


Mama Gerda joined her kids ….


Dear children, I think this is an ‘adult thing’. You have to grow a little until you can master it.


I think I will show the visitors how to play with this tube ….


Are you ready?


First Gerda carried the tube to the ‘Blue Mountain Island’.



OK, visitors! Watch and learn!


I’m a champion in the art of balance!


Just watch how elegantly I hold the tube on my paws!


Meanwhile Shauna and Nordi were playing with the yellow toys.

Why does Shauna’s toy always look more interesting than mine??? That’s a real mystery!


Every now and  then it’s nice to cool the small paws on the snow.


After the cooling break it was time to dive.


I’m here, too! I just discovered the best way to carry the bucket. Am I smart or am I smart? 🙂


Oh my, here my brother comes! I bet he will try to get the bucket from me …


Have you seen this trick before? The visitors were sighing ‘Isn’t she cute’ – maybe you will be doing the same?


Our mama thought she’s such an expert and she almost stole the show from us … but as you can see I’m a throwing master, too!



Mervi thought we look cuter than cute in this photo. Well, we can only agree! 🙂


We’ll be back soon!

From Russia with love,
Gerda, Shauna and Nordi

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  1. Dear Mervi and Arkadii
    The story and photos go so well together.
    Gerda looks very impressive standing up with the red tube.
    Nordi and Shauna soon demonstrate they are quick to learn from Gerda.

  2. Dear Mervi and Arcadij!
    To Russia with love I´m sending my best wishes to this wonderful little polar bear family.
    Thank you so much for this great post, another fruitful collaberation!
    The photos of the playing bears are smashing and the subtitles underline the cuteness of the cubs and the coolness of their beautiful mother!
    I´m deeply impressed of Gerda´s skill with the big tube while standing upright.
    The little ones are simply adorable.
    I can´t tell which photo I like most since one is more beautiful than the other!


  3. Liebe Mervi und lieber Arkadii,
    natürlich sind die Kleinen niedlicher aber nur von Mama Gerda lernen sie so perfekt das Spielzeug zu werfen.
    Eine einfach nur bezaubernde kleinewerden so gut von ihren Pflegern beschäftigt.
    Vielen Dank, wunderschöne Bilder und Mervi hat passend dazu getextet.
    Liebe Grüße Moni K

  4. Liebe Mervi,

    du weißt, dass ich das Gehege in Novosibirsk absolut ablehne, aber gerne anerkenne, dass die Pfleger sich um viel Abwechslung für die Bärenfamilie auf engstem Raum bemühen.

    Der Balanceakt von Gerda mit der Röhre ist wirklich sehenswert und die Kleinen stehen ihrer
    Mutter mit ihren kunstvollen Einlagen mit den Eimern in nichts nach.

    Danke für die farbenfrohen Bildern von drei munteren Bären, den ich so gerne viel mehr Platz wünsche!

  5. Allerliebst sind die Drei!

    LG Brigitte

  6. Das sind ja tolle Akrobaten, danke fuer die tollen Bilder!

    Liebe Gruesse Erika

  7. Thanks to the new ‘KWM’ foreign correspondent 🙂 ‘ARKADII LAPTENKO’ for his beautiful photos of ‘bella mama GERDA’ and her kids SHAUNA and NORDI in ZOO NOVOSIBIRSK and to MERVI Thanks for the nice story she made out of it!

    It’s a joy to see how much the three are spoilt with attractive playing material every now and then, let’s say: often! Are the sponsors of same their visitors, their keepers, their zoo bosses or various companies?

    BTW – one question: “How on earth can you tell apart SHAUNA and NORDII, dear MERVI?
    (e.g. at pic “Why does Shauna’s toy always look more interesting than mine??? That’s a real mystery!”).

    How is KAI? Hopefully he is as spoilt as ‘the rest’ of his family is!

    Looking forward to forthcoming reports of the four ‘Novosibirskians’ 🙂

  8. Dear Arkadij and Mervi!
    Thank you for the bew Pictures from the zoo Novosibirsk. It is great that the polar bears got new toys. The red tube is a right toy for Gerda. I hope Kai got such tube too.

  9. Wonderful moments!!
    Wonderful pictures!!

    Thank you so much.

  10. dear Arkadij and dear Mervi,
    thank you so much for these wonderful pictures from Novosibirsk, I am glad Gerda and her cubs can have such a big joy, I wish the polar bear family further a cosy good time together
    dear Mervi, your words always like a little story, so sweet
    dear greetings

  11. Liebe Mervi,

    danke fürs Zeigen der schönen Bilder aus dem Moskauer Zoo.

    Da ich zurzeit oft im Tierpark bei Tonja und Hertha bin, ist es natürlich sehr interessant zu sehen, wie die Entwicklung der ungefähr gleichaltrigen Eisbärenkinder in den anderen Zoos ist.

    Auch hier sieht man wie gut sich die beiden Kleinen viele Sachen von Mama abgeguckt haben. Süß wie Shauna und Nordi aufrecht und in voller Eleganz das gelbe Teil werfen.
    Die rote Rolle ist auch ein schönes Spielzeug.

    Übrigens habe ich erfahren, dass Eisbären nur schwarz/weiß sehen können. Das wusste ich vorher auch nicht.

    Liebe Grüße