Shauna and Nordi are waiting for Father Frost

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25.12.2019 – Photos by Arkadi Laptenko

The polar bears’ enclosures in Novosibirsk are covered by snow now. In the morning Gerda took Shauna and Nordi for a walk in order to check that the snow hasn’t melted during the night.


The snow was still there so it was time to do some stretching.


I wonder if we should make a video of our morning gymnastics …..


Mama, how many nights do I have sleep until Father Frost and the Snow Maiden come to visit us?


Don’t you worry! They will come ….


Oh, the kids are so impatient. OK, I’ve been a young cub, too, so I understand them.


But mama, waiting makes me soooo tired!



Cheer up and use your imagination. Picture that Father Frost and the Snow Maiden are already here – it will help!


Thank you, mama! You’re such a clever mum – I feel less tired now.

sininenraami kopia

Hello visitors! Will you do the polar bear jive with me?


Here we go! This is ‘jive on the rocks’ – hmm, sounds like an adult drink …. 🙂


We must be good kids now so Father Frost doesn’t forget to visit us.


Mama has educated us so well that Father Frost must be satisfied!


We are the best friends!


Mama’s milk bar is still our favourite restaurant! No Christmas dinner table can beat it!!


Beautiful face



Papa Kai loves the Winter – especially the ice! 🙂


Merry Christmas to you all from Kai ….


…. and Gerda, Shauna and Nordi


On behalf of the readers I wish all the animals, keepers and vets in the Novosibirsk Zoo a Merry Christmas!

I also want to thank Anna and Arkadi for all the lovely photos that have make it possible to follow the life of the sweet polar bear family all year long!

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  1. Dear Arkadij and Mervi!
    Hopefully Father Frost came finally to these dear little bears too since they were such god kids the whole year.
    I loved each and every photo of this wonderful polar bear family: the polar bear parade, the gymnastic exercises, beautiful Gerda, the polar bear jive, the siblings as best friends and the whole cuddling family, not to forget Kai, this goodlooking and proud bear.
    Like always the subtitles tell a charming story. Thank you!

    Merry Christmas!
    I wish you a wonderful time with your beloved ones!


  2. Liebe Mervi,

    Anke hat es schon so treffend beschrieben: Deine Texte zu den Fotos sind wieder toll
    und die Protagonisten waren alle in bester Laune beim Fototermin mit Arkadi.
    Väterchen Frost wird sie noch lange genug begleiten, sodass der Pool ihnen eine
    erweitertes Spielgelände bietet.

    Vielen Dank für deinen bärig-weihnachtlichen Eintrag!

  3. Dear Arkadij, dear Mervi!
    The bears in Novosibirsk enjoy the snow.
    They have to wait till 31.12 for the Father Frost.

  4. vielen Dank für die Schönen Fotos Hans Odermatt

  5. Shauna und Nordi sind groĂź geworden…
    Dank unserer Reporter in Sibirien waren
    wir immer auf dem neuesten Stand ! 🙂

    Danke an Anna und Arkadi fĂĽr die
    konstanten Foto-Lieferungen ! 🙂

  6. dear Arkadij, thank you so much for all these wonderful pictures of the lovely Polarbear family from Novosibirsk
    dear Mervi, thank you for sharing these nice pictures with us, it is a joy to watch them and read your entertaining text, the animals could not better say it
    dear Gerda, dear Kai, dear Shauna and dear Nordi
    I wish you further a lovely wintertime,enjoy the snow and the playing
    big paw waves to all

  7. Ihr Lieben!

    Ich bin sicher, Vaeterchen Frost hatte viele Geschenke fuer die braven Eisbaeren und auch fuer Euch fuer die wunderbaren Bilder und die lieben Texte.

    Alles Liebe, Erika

  8. Dear Anna and Arkadij
    Wishing you both as well as the zoo and people of Novosibirsk a peaceful and prosperous 2020.
    I hope Shauna and Nordi can stay with Gerda as long as possible.