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5.6.2020 by Knut, Photos by LeenaP, Collage by Dumba

This little story was first published first published 20.9.2009.

I’ve heard there’s a Swedish expression ‘Charm-Knutte’ for persons who are irresistably charming. I’d like to be a ‘Charm-Knutte’ , too, and I think I’ve got all the qualifikations required! After watching these photos from the 6th of September by LeenaP I’m sure you agree with me.

A little shy look at the visitors….


I think I’m a very sweet, humble bear although I know I’m the cutest polar bear in the world….


I’m always willing to entertain my fans …..


I really shouldn’t overdo that ‘cute-looking thing’ – after all, I’m going to be a mighty big bear….


Posing nicely to the knutographers is one of my daily activities …..


If I had a middle name it would be Charming …..


Now I hope you understand that I AM A CHARM-KNUTTE!

Dumba’s traditional tribute to Knut


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  1. Good morning all KNUT-fan-KNUTTEs!

    The sound and smell of rain is in the air and don’t let me sleep further more in this early morning.
    That’s why I am also an early bear in ‘KWM’ . . . . . I am really charmed by what I get to see here.

    Charming KNUT is not a real surprise on one of his monthyl birthdays but it is a surprise and joy to ‘meet’ not only our most beloved polar bear ever and our first polar bear love KNUT in pics but also LEENA P who managed always to take very special photos of him. Proof is clearly to be seen above in MERVI’s choice out of her photos.

    Thanks and soft KNUTi-style hugs to you, dear LEENA, should you have a peek into ‘KWM’ once in a while and thanks to you, dear MERVI, for your idea for KNUT’s 162th monthly birthday which means ‘our boy’ would get 13 1/2 years today – were he still alive (sigh!).

    – – – – –
    [ It was funny: After I had made my little contribution for today – already some days ago – I got aware that -by coincidence!- the photo of KNUT and of the plate with fruit I used for the collage were taken in the same year: in 2010! isn’t that near to unbelievable: 10 years ago! . . . .The photo is one of CHRISTINA’s pics if my notes are right and the plate full of yummy fresh fruit was relished by me together with a very little group of guests (couple of my neighbourhood, my niece, and her KNubby) at the occasion of a modest breakfast on one of my own birthdays at the balcony-level-entrance of ‘Literaturhaus’ in Fasanenstraße/’CCC’ on one of my birthdays. . . . . . May be ‘our’ ALEX will immediately have the image in her mind’s eye, as we met several times there. . . . . ‘Hi ALEX!’ ]

  2. Dear Mervi!
    Thank you for the lovely story with the wonderful summer pictures of Knut.
    Liebe Dumba!
    Deine Collage ist schön.

  3. Thank you Mervi and Dumba 2009 was a special year for Knut. Although still a “Kind” Knut looked much like a grown up Polar Bear. Many visitors and journalists were disappointed that he was no longer small and white like the images that still appeared all round the world.Knut was always surrounded by arguments. There were many, including the late Herr Doerflein,who thought he should have moved to a new Zoo. ZoomGelsenkirchen and the lovely Lara would have been my choice. But it was also true that he enjoyed his small enclosure and friends in Berlin.And he was soon to meet Giovanna…

  4. Dear Mervi!
    Time flies!
    Unbelievable that these wonderful photos of our beloved bear boy were taken already eleven years ago.
    Doris Webb often declared that in her eyes Knut is (now unfortunately was) the most beautiful and charming young polar bear she´d ever seen – whether made up or not… These pics and your fitting captions underline this statement and I totally agree!

    Liebe Dumba!
    Danke für Deine sommerlich-fruchtige Collage!
    Knut hätte diesen Obstteller und die süßen Früchtchen sehr zu schätzen gewusst.
    Unvergessen bleibt seine Fähigkeit, Weintrauben einzeln aus der Luft zu fangen
    Übrigens, mir wird auch gerade der Mund wässerig…

    Liebe Grüße

  5. Liebe Mervi,

    das sind schöne Fotos von LeenaP mit Knut als Gärtner, obwohl ich glaube, dass er sich mit den Pflanzen deshalb so viel beschäftigt hat, weil Herr B. ihm angemessenes Spielzeug verweigert hat. Viel von dem Spielzeug wurde damals von mitleidige Besuchern mitgebracht.

    Dumba, auch deine Collage hätte unserem Gourmet gut gefallen.
    Man will nicht glauben, dass Knut schon 13 Jahre alt wäre.
    Auch als erwachsener Bär hatte er nichts von seiner Anziehungskraft und Attraktivität verloren, da irrte Herr B. wie in so vielen Dingen, dem der ganze Hype um Knut sowieso ein Dorn im Auge war….

    Herzliche Grüße

  6. Dear Mervi!
    Thank you for the charming story and the wonderful pictures of Knut. A walk down memory lane.

    Dear Dumba!
    Thanks for your lovely collage.

    Sommergreatings to all from Copenhagen

  7. dear Mervi,
    thank you so much for these wonderful memories of our beloved Knut
    liebe Dumba, dankeschön für die schöne Collage, so passend für den wunderbaren Frühsommer, Knut hätte die Leckereien gerne verspeist
    dear greetings

  8. Danke für die wunderschönen Erinnerungen an Knut!

    Hugs, Erika