Summer greetings from Aleut and Gregor

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21.6.2020 – Source: The Warschaw Zoo

Do you remember Vera’s ‘Buben’ Aleut and Gregor? They were born in December 2010 in Nuremberg but since April 2013 the boys are living in the Warsaw Zoo. Some ‘Besserwissers’ have again been active criticizing the zoo and claimed the polar bears have poor living conditions there.

I think the following photos show two perfectly happy polar bears!

It’s nice to relax in the pool on a warm Summer day.


There are some interesting things in the water, too.


A blue barrel seems to be every polar bear’s favourite toy! ­čÖé


Instead of rocks the zoo has made nice plateaus for Aleut and Gregor.


There’s a ‘refreshment area’ as well.


This kind of plateau is a nice place for a nap.


The keepers have placed lots of mulch┬á on the walking paths ….


…. and, of course, the boys love to roll in it!


A white bear can suddenly turn into ….


…. a black bear – or maybe a grey bear! ­čÖé What beautiful shades of black and grey!


Aleut and Gregor – in my eyes they are two gorgeous happy polar bear boys!


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  1. Liebe Mervi,
    es gab ein Video, da war kein Wasser im Becken und sofort haben militante Tiersch├╝tzer behauptet,
    die Jungs h├Ątten kein Trinkwasser.
    Die Becken wurden nur gereinigt und die Steine neu aufgeh├╝bscht.
    Sie haben alles was ein Zooeisb├Ąr ben├Âtigt und aus dem Rohr an der Wand haben sie sogar jetzt ihre
    eigene Eisw├╝rfelproduktion. Die Tierpfleger sind sehr kreativ und lassen sich immer neue ├ťberraschungen
    f├╝r ihre B├Ąren einfallen.
    Ich bin sehr gerne im Zoo Warschau und hoffe auch dieses Jahr Ali und Gregor und alle meine anderen Lieblinge in diesem Zoo besuchen zu k├Ânnen.
    Vielen Dank f├╝r diese Klarstellung, es geht ihnen einfach nur gut!
    Liebe Gr├╝├če Moni K
    Liebe Gr├╝├če Moni K

  2. You are right the impression with human eyes is given that the two boys are activ and quite happy. But this is only the case if I see the moment shots of their heads, faces and moves in the above photos. I have to admit that what I see from the enclosure makes me rather sad without knowing or seeing more details.

    So, gut, dass ich entgegen meinen sonstigen Gewohnheiten eben w├Ąhrend des Schreibens MONI Ks Kommentar gelesen habe. Das ist nat├╝rlich schon etwas ganz Anderes, wenn jemand aus offnbar mmehrfachen Besuchen definive Knnntniss hat. . . . Vielen Dank f├╝rs Teilen Deiner Eindr├╝cke, liebe MONI K. . . . And thanks yu very much, dear MERVI for having brought these tow lovely grown ‘Buben’ to us again.

  3. Dear Mervi
    Thank you for this series of photos. You can also add that Warsaw are brave enough to keep two male bears together.
    They are clearly well cared for.
    People seem to forget that all wild Polar Bears face a life of constant stress searching for and catching food. They are also certain to die in a harsh way. Even the most basic zoo is better than that.

  4. Dear Mervi!
    Thank you for the news and lovely photos from Gregor and Aleut who obviously are doing well.
    We┬┤ve learned that the enclosure is not the main thing in keeping polar bears…
    A large and beautiful enclosure is a good thing but it could not replace the keepers engagement and loving care plus behavioral enrichment which is another important aspect.

    Liebe Monika!
    Du hast die Buben regelm├Ą├čig besucht und konntest aus eigener Anschauung berichten. Danke, dass Du Deine Sichtweise mit uns teilst!

    Liebe Gr├╝├če

  5. Liebe Mervi, liebe Monika!

    Die beiden haben wirklich ein b├Ąriges Leben, liebe engagierte Pfleger, die sich viel M├╝he geben und ein sch├Ânes Gehege. Die beiden schauen so relaxed und cool aus, danke f├╝r die wundersch├Ânen Bilder.

    Liebe Gr├╝├če, Erika

  6. dear Mervi,
    thank you for this good report and for all these wonderful pictures. I am very glad to see Aleut and Gregor in such a good mood and feeling happy, They are living in a good home in Warschau.
    liebe Monika, ich freue mich,dass Du oft zu den Buben nach Warschau gehst, hoffentlich klappt es dieses Jahr auch wieder. Wie sch├Ân zu sehen,dass Aleut und Gregor so gut von ihren Pflegern betreut werden, sie machen alles, damit sich die Br├╝der wohlf├╝hlen, einfach lieb
    dear greetings

  7. Dear Mervi, thank you for this update about Aleut and Gregor.
    Dear Anke, I fully agree with you. Even a less perfect enclosure can become a wonderful place for polar bears thanks to the keepers’ devotion. And in this case, it seems that Aleut and Gregor cannot complain. But OH MY, when I read that they were born in 2010, I realized how fast time went by and how old I am becoming.