Happy Advent time wishes from our white fluffy friends!

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29.11.2020 by Mervi

This is a very ‘strange’ year and even the Advent time will be different from what we are used to. For example most Christmas markets have been cancelled due to the covid-19. Let’s try to be patient and follow the recommendations – maybe next year will be a better year!

Whatever the corona situation is it can’t prevent us from enjoying this time of the year! Because our polar bear friends love snow I thought the ‘snowman theme’ would be suitable for this Advent Special.

Finja was happy to meet these cuties. She was wondering what kind of bears they are …. 🙂


Nana likes this smiling snowman but she would like him to wear Hannover 96’s colours! Hmmm, maybe somebody will knit a cap and a scarf in right colours? 🙂


There’s no doubt Kulu was extremely happy to have a chat with this lovely figure – and it was snowing, too!


What lovely Advent greetings from this adorable trio! Indiana, Tala and Yuma certainly know how to look cute.


In Ranua in the north Finland the snow comes early so Sisu is busy training Winter sports. He has a very energetic coach!


Even in Novosibirsk the polar bears can enjoy a long Winter. Shauna and Nordi send you all their best Advent wishes.

Snowman with christmas tree

Anna and Elsa are looking forward to a Winter with lots of snow. Let’s hope their dream comes true.


This is one of my favourite collages – Our Knuti with a snowman.



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  1. Dear Mervi
    In this strange year it is even more necessary to join our Polar Bear friends to mark Advent as is the tradition of Knutis Weekly. Thank you for these besutiful collages.

  2. Dear Mervi

    Thank you for the lovely
    Advents-time wishes ! 🙂

    Although its a bit depressing
    this year without the christ-
    mess markets, we must
    think positive ! 🙂

    Chris 🙂

  3. Beautiful little Fur Balls
    and gorgeous collages, dear Mervi !

    In Novosibirsk and Ranua,
    the snow is usual
    and probably our Aron-Boy
    still remembers the snow ….,
    but I’m pretty sure,
    most of these Bears here,
    even can’t dream of it!

    Have a nice pre Christmas time!

    Greetings from Tallinn

  4. Dear Mervi

    So many wonderful collages at the beginning of the Advent season.
    In times like these, which are difficult and we renounce many things, these are the things that delight my / our heart.
    I thank you for this heartwarming introduction.
    I also wish you all a wonderful Advent!

    Warm greetings,

  5. Thank you very much dear Mervi.
    Happy 1st Advent to everyone.

  6. Dear Mervi!
    Thank you for the wonderful collages.

  7. Thank you very much, dear MERVI, for your best wishes for this special
    – this time rather unusual – time of the year.
    GOOD LUCK to you and all your loved ones as well!

    As youself, I love best your charming and tender collage of KNUT with the snowman (2nd last pic above).

    SNOW-LADY and MISTER-SNOW (last pic in the present publication) uplift immediately any mood, I guess.

    To all you out there and to you all who are more or less ‘around’
    -w ith requested distance of course 😉 – I wish ALL THE BEST!

  8. Dear Mervi!
    Thank you for your fanciful winterly collages with many of our beloved young polar bears and your good wishes!
    Though this year is not like all the years before, we should make the best of it and enjoy the time before Christmas anyway. KWM helps with it!

    I wish you, Vesa and your velvet paws Mimmi and Nalle a happy and cosy time before Christmas!
    To all: Take care, stay cool and healthy and – most important -keep your humour.

    Hugs and some soft caresses for the cats

  9. Liebe Mervi!

    Danke für die wunderschönen Collagen. Nie waren solche wunderbaren Gedanken und Bilder wichtiger als heuer.

    Wir wünschen Dir und allen bei KWM eine besinnliche und gesegnete Adventszeit und bitte bleibt alle gesund!

    Alles Liebe, Erika, Denise und Peter

  10. dear Mervi,
    thank you so much for these wonderful colages, all our dear Polarbears would like to see such a lovely Winterwonderland. I wish you and Vesa Mimmi and Nalle also a happy Advent.
    dear greetings