SISU welcomes you to the Winter Wonderland Ranua

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6.12.2020 – Photos by Marko Junttila

Today is the Independence Day of Finland so I thought this would be a suitable day for publishing Sisu’s greetings to the readers of this magazine.

Terve! Hello! Dear friends, it’s bee quite a while since my latest newsletter but here I am again. As you can see we have a wonderful Winter in Ranua.


I love to stroll in my white enclosure and smell the snow.


I heard that my pal Aron has moved to France and, of course, I wish him all the best. Hopefully he will be very happy with Quintana. – I had my hopes but we can’t always get what we want. Besides, I’ve been informed that Miss Q and I are related so it wouldn’t have been suitable anyway.


As you can imagine I’m wondering where I will go when the time comes for me to leave Ranua. One thing’s for sure – I would miss the snow if I have to move to a ‘snowless zoo’.


Snow on the nose makes a nice polar bear make-up – don’t you agree?


This year has been very strange due to the covid-19 virus. Luckily mama and I are safe in our enclosures. The keepers take very good care of us.


My mama Venus and I live in separate neighbouring enclosures so I can growl a ‘hello mum’ to her. I think I’m going to the wall now and ‘post’ my greetings to mama. 🙂


Routa, Ruska and their kids are as happy as I am in our Winter Wonderland.



The deers always look like fairy tale figures.


Lunch hour


Simply adorable!


A snowy roof gives good shelter!


No wonder this birdie is called snow owl.


Bodil, Oona and Ilmarinen in a nice family portrait.


I have some sad news, too. My dear friend Rasputin aka Agent 007 ½ has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Even Bettiina the lynx and our ermine Kyösti have left us. I miss them all but I know they are beyond illness and pain now.

Sleep peacefully, my friends!


I wish all the readers and reporters of this magazine a very pleasant Advent time.


I wish all the Finns a happy Independence Day. I also send my best greetings to Vienna where my big brother Ranzo, the beautiful Nora and their adorable daughter live.


If you come to the Ranua Wildlife Park you can spend a night in an igloo and with any luck even admire the northern lights!



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  1. Happy Independence Day !

    What wonderful winter pictures !!!!

    It’s so nice, dear Sisu,
    you still remember your friend ARON !
    ARON greets you ..!
    He’s happy in France .. He enjoys French gourmet ….

    All is very well also in Vienna ..
    Last week even the little FINJA
    had a chance to roll in the snow ….

    Greetings from Tallinn,

  2. Liebe Mervi,

    Sisu ist sowohl der ideale als auch der liebenswürdigste Botschafter für den heutigen Nationalfeiertag Finnlands! Um sein Schneeparadies beneiden ihn viele Eisbären, die dieses Vergnügen in europäischwen Zoos leider nur selten haben. Wieviel Spaß auch sie am Schnee haben, sieht man bei Finja in Wien.

    Sisu, deine Verwandtschaft mit Quintana ist mir neu, aber man kann ja auch nicht alle Bärenstammbäume kennen. Es tut mir leid um deine Freunde, die dich verlassen haben, aber du bist weiterhin in guter Gesellschaft mit den anderen Zoobewohnern und dem fantastischen Zauber des Nordlichtes.

    Herzliche Grüße

  3. Dear Mervi
    Teddybaerenmutti and vati sent me my own Sisu who lives with the Cotswold bears.
    Sir Sean Connery may be welcoming Agent 007 and swapping stories.
    Perhaps Sisu will come to Doncaster though there is not much snow thete is plenty of room.

  4. Terve! dearest handsome SISU. What pleasure it is to meet you here today, to see you in the pretty RANUA-winter-pictures (as usual made by Marko Junttila – please tell him thousand ‘thanks’), and you neighbours as well.

    One can easily see how happy you all are with all this wonderful white stuff. Routa, Ruska even show their obviously possibly broughtes smile. . . . Even I myself am kind of a bit green with envy because of this RIGHT snow. ‘Right snow’ is something that’s also very delightful for the majority of humans. Not only for those who need it for skiing and doing other winter sports but also because of the wonderful landscapes, the fresh air and this special fairytale-feeling one gets only in a right winter!

    It’s such a pity there is also always a reason to mourne and to get sad. I am relly sad to hear you lost your friend ‘agent 007 1/2’, this wonderful and handsome guy who used to sit in the highest trees not to oeverlook something and for sure also to present himself (I am sure he was aware of his beauty 😉 ). And you even lost other friends. . . Hopefully you can relish your fantastic home in RANUA still for a long time and – if necessary at all – will get an also respectable new home at a lovely place with a suitable girlfriend to you!

    The musk oxes look very imressive and I am impressed that you auntie Mervi knew even their names: ‘Bodil, Oona and Ilmarinen’. I am sure she was again a good help for you to express yourself in this latest latter of yours. . . . As always: it was a big pleasure to read and to watch the accompanying photographs.

    Bye-bye for now, saying ‘thanks!’ to you, your auntie, and your top photographer and wishing you, them, your keepers, neighbours and visitors (if any in those high ‘coron-times) a happy ‘St. Nicholas’ Day’ and may be even more important for you and your Finnish friends: a very happy ‘national day of FINLAND’!

    Look, here we ‘not-Finns’ and ‘Not Finn Tradition knowers’ can learn a bit about your traditions and see beautiful photos of your wonderful country here:

    Ciao Dear!

  5. Liebe Mervi

    Die Fotos von Marko sind mal wieder klasse !
    So sollte Winter aussehen – ich gönne es den
    Finnen, aber hier brauche ich es nicht… 😉

    Ich hoffe, die Ereignisse des 2.Weltkriegs
    werden sich nie wiederholen, als sich
    Finnland mit Russland & Deutschland
    rumschlagen musste. Aber ich denke,
    EU und Nato sorgen für Sicherheit. 🙂

    Die Idee mit der Nordlicht-Hütte ist
    witzig – man sollte allerdings einen
    guten Schlafsack mitbringen, oder?

    Grüssle aus Ffm
    Chris 🙂

  6. EVI – the photo of little Finja in the snow is funny.
    It seems, there is snow all over Europe, except
    in Frankfurt am Main…. 😉

  7. Thank you very much dear Mervi and Marko.
    Best wishes to Sisu.
    May the animal friends who are not here anymore rest in peace.

  8. Dear Mervi and Marko!
    Happy Independence Day to all Finns!
    Thank you for these beautiful photos of the Finnish winter wonderland

    Your viking Sisu is lucky because he lives in a landscape where winter is like it should be – for a polar bear…
    His surroundings look fairytale like. He and his friends and neighbours must be very happy for sure.

    But I am deeply saddened to learn that our dear wolverine Rasputin, aka agent 007 1/2 passed away. I will surely miss the exciting stories about this cute and a bit vain very special agent.
    We will also miss the beautiful lynx Bettiina and the ermine Kyösti very much.
    The zoo “up there” is getting bigger and bigger… and I hope all these beloved passed away animals are doing well and in good hands now.

    In our region snow mostly is not very welcome since it causes problems in traffic, not only for cars but also for pedestrians and cyclists. But as Dumba already mentioned the “right” snow with its pleasant sides at the right time is pure enjoyment even for many two-legged.


  9. So beautiful!

    Hugs, Erika

  10. Dear Mervi!
    I wish you a happy Independence Day!
    The winter pictures of Marko are wonderful.

  11. Dear Mervi

    I am late with wishes for the bank holiday. But Sisu’s wish for snow has already been granted, I see.
    It is a joy to see a polar bear in such deep snow.
    Enjoy, dear Sisu, the snow and the frosty temperatures.
    Thank you for the wonderful pictures from Finland!

    My best wishes,

  12. dear Marko, thank you so much for your wonderful pictures
    dear Mervi, thank you very much for sharing with us
    terve dear Sisu, I am very glad you have now your beloved Winterwonderland, you and all your dear friends are looking great and how they would like to say, we love our fairy tale world, so cosy, so lovely enjoy this good time,
    dear greetings and big paw waves and all the best to Finland and Sweden