Korkeasaari Zoo – Special snowmen for the animals

Jan 21st, 2021 | By | Category: News and reports from Scandinavia

21.1.2021 – Source: The Korkeasaari Zoo, Finland

When Wolverine Pinja, snow leopard Luxi and the Amur tiger Tamurin woke up one morning they had wonderful surprises in their enclosures. The keepers had made snowmen but not just ordinary snowmen. These were filled with yammy snacks that both smelled and tasted good.


First the animals approached the ‘uninvited guests’ with some suspicion but very soon they realized the guests came with gifts. 🙂

Pinja was a bit cautious but soon she found out that the snowman actually was a restaurant in disguise! 🙂


Luxi is saying ‘hello stranger’ ….


… and very soon she was making closer acquintance with the white creature.


Tamurin has smelt something exciting!


Many animals are more excited about the smells than the food. Our animals like even ‘exotic smells’ so we put curry for the wolverine and a very sweet ‘perfume’ for the tiger, Mari Lehmonen in Korkeasaari says.

Video by Annika Sorjonen


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  1. Very nice to see the lovely big cats !
    They’re happy for the snowmen ….
    So much fun ..!
    Hopefully they are fine !

    The male lion of our Zoo
    was diagnosed with kidney failure last year.
    He felt weak and his health became worse and worse .., he was breathing hard …..
    Last Wednesday the 13-year-old male lion was put to sleep.
    Because cats (dogs ?) are susceptible to coronavirus,
    he was tested. Test was positive …….

    Greetings from Tallinn,

  2. Dear Evi,

    I’m so sorry to hear the sad news of the lion. I sincerely hope all the other animals are safe from the virus!

    Thank you also for the links to the videos of Aron!

    Hugs from Mervi

  3. Thank you very much dear Mervi.
    Best wishes to all the animals in Korkeasaari Zoo.
    Dear Evi, may the lion rest in peace. I am so sorry.

  4. Liebe Mervi,

    das ist ein ganz besonderes “Futterdepot” in diesem finnischen Zoo, andererseits aber auch naheliegend, dafĂŒr einen Schneemann zu benutzen. Die Neugirde der Tiere ist jedenfalls geweckt und bietet schöne Fotomotive.

    Evi, es ist raurig um den Löwen, aber natĂŒrlich auch, dass selbst Wildkatzen von dem Virus befallen werden können. Tröstende GrĂŒĂŸe an dichh und liebe GrĂŒĂŸe!


  5. Die Tiere haben Spaß mit den SchneemĂ€nnern. 🙂
    Anfangs etwas scheu, werden sie langsam mutig.
    Schließlich mĂŒssen die SchneemĂ€nner dran glauben.

  6. Dear Mervi!
    That’s an inventive idea to use snowmen for behavioural enrichement.
    I can well imagine that the animals had fun after their initial reluctance.

    Evi, I am very sorry that the lion had to be put down because of a corona infection and the resulting kidney failure. He may rest in peace.
    I hope that Corona does not spread further there and that no other animals are infected!


  7. Dear Mervi!
    The keepers did a very good job for the animals. Each animal found a food in the snow man.

  8. Dear Mervi
    What a beautiful report. The snow and the animals
    are so lovely.

  9. The name “Korkeasaari Zoo” reminds me immediately of MIRJA . . .

    What a lovely scenery those snowmen with the gifted animals represent.
    That’s a joy for the heart to watch!

    Thank you very much, dear Mervi, for having brought this article to us (with your words? or with the Korkeasaari Zoo’s words?).

    Thanks to Mari Lehmonen and all the skilled spoiler-keepers who prepared these extremely special and marvellous treats/surprises for their certainly much loved animals.

    And thanks also to photographer/video-artist Annika Sorjonen for the pics and the video: great!

    The facial expressions of the animals is really PLEASED! – Wonderful!

    – – –

    Their ‘Agent 007 1/2’ is also one of a kind. Er kannte nix, hat seinen Schneemann kurzerhand einen Kopf kĂŒrzer gemacht 😉

  10. To EVI – I am very sorry becaue of your loss of a for sure beautiful tiger.

    It’s scaring to hear that even the zoo-animals are in danger of Corona/ Covid 19 + mutations now.
    Where will all this lead to in the end, I start to ask myself . . .

  11. Again to EVI:

    I am sorry: we are talking of a LION, not of a tiger . . .

  12. What a great idea! Thank you for showing.

    Hugs, Erika

  13. A great and wonderful idea to surprise the animals with a snowman!!

    Thank you for this adorable report.


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