Nostalgie – I wish Daddy could see me now

Jan 5th, 2021 | By | Category: The Memory Lane

5.1.2021 – Photos by Doris and Jessie Webb, Collage by Dumba

This article was first published on the 1st of October 2009. I think it deserves to be published once more! It’s about Knut’s and Giovanna’s first date.

Dear Friends! Yesterday really was a long and exhausting day – but oh, so filled with joy and excitement! I have understood that the big, white, fluffy thing isn’t a new toy but another polar bear! Isn’t that wonderful?


Well, my days as a bachelor are over now. This is a whole new situation for me and as you understand I’m very confused – but also very curious.



Hihii…. we have at least one thing in common. We both like colourful makeup!


White, fluffy and roundish – just I like the ladies!!!


I really must think of which strategy to use. Shall I share my toys with her or should I hide some of them?


She’s getting closer…..I don’t think she looks so dangerous but I’d better be on my guard anyway.


Why is she yelling at me? Doesn’t she know I’m a nice guy?



I think I’d better take time out….


Auntie Sylvia and Onkel Ronny were watching over us. How I wish Daddy could be here and see his little Knuti now!


This sand throne is mine and I’m going to defend it!!


I’m so TIRED! I’m having a nap now and I really hope noboby interrupts me!

I think I have behaved very well – don’t you agree? Please, keep your fingers crossed that today’s date will be even more successful.

Your Knuti

Dumba’s tribute to Knut


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  1. Dear Mervi

    What wonderful memories of Knut and his first moments with Giovanna.
    Typical Giovanna. She always has to show everyone who the first lady is.

    And Knut shows that he was a clever boy and let Giovanna have it.

    Thank you so much.


  2. Dear Mervi!
    When I looked at Doris´ wonderful photos and read your affectionate text about them, I was moved to tears.
    What a treasure Knut was. Doris´ photos were special and showed all her love for the young bear.

    We were all worried about him when the little “Gewittertulpe” came to visit and when it ate away not only his grapes but also his pumpkins and confiscated his toys, we felt infinitely sorry for him.
    What a relief and joy it was then to hear and see that Knut had shed his shyness and they were playing together.

    I will never forget that time and the neologisms “Gewittertulpe” and “Tapirlippe” that were created at that time are still part of my vocabulary….
    Thank you for taking us down this memory lane again!


  3. Die ersten Treffen von Knut mit Giovanna waren spannend.
    Aber das Eis brach schnell – später verstanden sich die
    Beiden blendend und spielten sehr schön zusammen.

  4. SORRY, I forgot to mention Jessie´s photos!
    They are of course just as beautiful!

    Jessie if you are still reading here I send you my love and at least a virtual hug.
    Take care of yourself!


  5. Dear Mervi,
    thank you for this story about the first meeting of Knut and Giovanna with the wonderful pictures of Doris and Jessie.
    Knut has not an easy time with Giovanna, she was dominant.
    I miss Knut and I miss Doris.

  6. Thank you very much dear Mervi, Jessie and Doris.
    We miss you Knuti. We miss you Doris. We will never forget you.

  7. I’d like to join ANKE B’s greetings to JESSIE (& DORIS with her wonderful voice. For sure she was one of a kind)

    Thank you very much, dear MERVI, for having digged out these most beautiful photos of KNUT and GIOVANNA taken with all LOVE from DORIS and JESSIE. And thak you very much for having given an idea to me for the collage. After so many years it’s more and more difficult to find something that pleases the majority of the ‘KWM’-readers/watchers and ourselves – Isn’t it!? . . . Thank you in addition for having been again an incredible ‘little Hexe’ 😉 🙂

  8. Wonderfull Memories!

    Hugs, Erika

  9. Sorry, dass ich gerade gar nichts zu der ‘alten’, oben nochmals zum Anlass veröffentlichten Geschichte gesagt habe. Sie ist wirklich zuuu schööön! So goldig geschrieben und D&J’s Fotos sind ja ohnehin fast unschlagbar, obwohl es schon in den noch bestehenden KNUT- und den neuen KNUT-KWM-Reporter-Reihen schon auch einige gute Fotografen/Fotografinnen gibt 🙂 .

    Danke also nochmals für diese schöne Auswahl zu KNUTs 169stem MonatsGeburtstag!

  10. Liebe Mervi,
    liebe Dumba,

    danke für die schönen Fotos zur Erinnerung an das Eisbären-Liebespaar.
    In dieser Zeit hat Knut von seiner liebenswerten aber auch sehr selbstbewussten Partnerin Giovanna “eisbärisch” gelernt. Wie sehr hätten wir uns eine Verlängerung dieser Beziehung gewünscht…..

  11. Dear Mervi
    It is already a decade since those exciting days.
    Giovanna or Gianna as the Berliners called her was
    special to caren in those days as to anita today.
    Thank you for posting here.

  12. dear Mervi, thank you for the sweet memories,the last picture Knut so tired, how touching, I am sure Daddy could see his Knuti and Knut was in good hands with Onkel Ronny and Tante Sylvia
    dear Dumba, thank you for the nice collage, it was an interesting time for the young bears
    dear greetings

  13. Dear Mervi,
    thanks a lot for a wonderful walk down memory-lane.
    Hugs from Copenhagen