Shauna and Nordi are now separated from Gerda

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26.1.2021 – Photos by Arkadi Laptenko

My Russian friends have told me that Shauna and Nordi are now separated from their mother Gerda. As far as I know the twins are still in Novosibirsk but most probably they will move to another zoo.

Thanks to our friends in Novosibirsk we’ve been able to follow Shauna and Norde ever since Gerda brought them out of the den for the first time. I’m sure we will all miss them! Let’s hope they will come to a zoo where we can follow them even in the future! I hope I will soon have more information.

Arkadi and Anna have taken lots of photos of this lovely family and here are some of Arkadi’s photos for you.


Something in the air?


What is this?



It looks like a wood log ….


Whatever it is the bears seem to be very interested.


We can share everything – at least for a moment …. 🙂


Just look and admire the smiles on our faces!


Nordi or Shauna is posing in a very polar bearish manner. 🙂


Many visitors are using their cell phones all the time and it seems to me Nordi has been watching them! 🙂




Simply adorable!


Maybe Mama Gerda knows it’s soon time to let the kids go …..


Kai has waited a long time and soon it’s time for him to join Gerda again.


I think this is one of the best photos ever taken of Kai!


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  1. Wenns auch der Lauf der Welt ist,tut es mir trotzdem leid,es war so ein schönes Zusammensein,aber für Kai ist das Alleinsein vorbei. Ja,hoffentlich kommen die Kinder in einen feinen Zoo und wo wir weiterhin von ihnen hören und sehen können!Es wäre auch schön,wenn sie zusammenbleiben könnten.

    Liebe Grüße von Brigitte.

  2. Dear Anna, Arkadij and Mervi
    The moment when a Mother Polar Bear decides to drive her cubs away from her to fend for themselves in the wild is a harsh one. In a Zoo it is even harder for the little ones as they know she is still near them.
    Thank you all for the beauriful journey with Gerda, Shauna and Nordi. But Kai is perhaps happier now to have his Gerda back.

  3. Dear Mervi!
    Dear Anna, Nina and Arkadij!
    What a pity that the wonderful time Shauna and Nordi spent with their mother is already over. I hope that life has many more wonderful things in store for them and that the best possible new home will be found for them. I´m keeping my fingers crossed for them and wish them all the best!

    These are two beautiful photos of Kai and at least I am happy for him that he will soon be reunited with Gerda.

    Thank you for the lovely reports and the great photos of this adorable and cuddly polar bear family in Novosibirsk! They were a pure pleasure!


  4. Thank you very much dear Mervi, Anna and Arkadij.
    Best wishes to Shauna and Nordi. I wish them all the best.

  5. Ich wünsche den Kindern alles Gute
    für ihre Zukunft – hoffentlich findet
    man einen guten Zoo für sie ! ? 🙂

  6. dear Mervi,
    thank you so much for sharing these wonderful pictures by Arkadij with us. it was always so great to see the Polarbear family of Novosibirsk Anna and Arkadij are very dear friends
    I wish Shauna and Nordi a good new home, their childhooid in the Novosibirsk Zoo was so lovely. For Gerda and Kai will come another interesting time. I send many good wishes to the whole Polarbear family
    all the best also to Mervi, Anna and Arkadij and dear greetings

  7. Ich hoffe, die beiden kommen zusammen in einen guten Zoo. Es war immer schoen die Bilder dieser lieben Familie zu sehen. Jetzt hat Gerda wieder Zeit fuer Kai, das ist ja auch gut.
    Das Foto von Kai ist wunderschoen.
    Ich wuensche den Baerchen alles Gute und hoffe, dass wir weiter von ihnen hoeren.

    Allles Liebe, Erika

  8. There is a winner from the breakup. Kai !!
    I’m happy for him. This is a very difficult time for the twins, which I hope will end with a move soon.
    Thank you for all adorable reports from far away Novosibirsk. Thank you Anna und Arkadji.


  9. GOOD LUCK! further and further, wonderful, beuatiful, lovely polar bear family in Novosbirsk and also
    ALL THE BEST! to all of their photo-reporters, visitors.