YWP – Muddy polar bear quartet

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17.1.2021 – Photos by Sheila Baker

It’s morning but Nobby is still very sleepy. Or is this his austrich imitation?


Oh bear, am I tired!!!


Hamish wanted to cheer up his friend.

Come on, Nobby! Time to rise and shine!


OK, just let me do my morning stretching first.


Now we’re ready for this day!


It’s been snowing in Doncaster! Not much but at least the ground was partly covered with the white powder.

Luka tells the birdie that it has to wait until he has finished eating.


What is Hamish doing? Is he kissing a bird ….? 🙂


Sisu and Nobby admiring the white ground.


Well, we had more snow in Ranua but this will do ….


…. although Hamish is praying for more snow! 🙂


Hamish’ prayers were heard because it’s been snowing more. 🙂 I don’t know what the snow situation is today but I hope the snow flakes will be dancing again.

My fur is getting the darker shade of white now. I guess Hamish is very pleased to see me in a darker dress.


Sisu found a kayak and is wondering what to do with it.


Hmm, I guess this thingie must be put in the water.


Here we go! Watch out birdies – a kayak is coming!


Almost there!


The Finns use to say that ‘sisu gets you even through a big stone’. Now you understand why I got the name Sisu! 🙂 (‘sisu’ means strength of will, determination, perseverance in Finnish).


Sisu has all the reason to be pleased with himself.


I’m sure all my fans in Finland are happy seeing me happy! (Mervi’s note: Oh, yes – we are!)


It’s been a busy day ….


…. so I’ll take a trip to the Napland now!


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  1. Dear Mervi!
    Thank you for this delightful update, the fabulous photos by Sheila Baker and the humorous captions!
    How wonderful that the bears in YWP are doing well and that Sisu has settled in so well. The colour of his fur has also changed to match the others.
    I think it’s a bit of a pity that he couldn’t keep his bright white, but it was certainly good for his integration into the group.
    I almost expected him to get into the kayak or put it on the water and let it float away in the lake…. 😉


  2. Dear Sheila and Mervi!
    Thank you for the wonderful pictures of Nobby and Hamisch. It is great that the boys are on the good terms.

  3. Mervi, du weißt doch, dass schmuddelige Bären glückliche Bären sind!
    Und für SISU ist es gut, dass er durch sein aus Orsa so bekanntes schönes weißes Fell jetzt im Schmuddellook nicht mehr so als Neuling auffällt.
    Ich wüsste gerne, warum Nobby an seinem Bauch so eine große rasierte Stelle hat.

    Vielen Dank Sheiala Baker für deine tollen Fotos!

    Herzliche Grüße an euch beide!

  4. dear Mervi and dear Sheila,
    thank you for the wonderful pictures and the text, I am very glad, that the 4 Polar bear boys have such a good time together in their great home. They are looking content and nobody is alone. All the best to Nobby, Hamish, Luka and Sisu, I am happy they have the dear friend Sheila, who makes these pictures and we can watch it
    dear greetings and good wishes

  5. Thank you very much dear Mervi and Sheila.
    Best wishes to Sisu, Nobby, Hamish and Luka.

  6. Terve! – Sweet SISU, have you had a surgery or something comparable? I ask because I saw on pic 8 from above that there is or ws a considerable lack of fur on your body’s right side . . . Ah, after having read and watched everything the second time, I noticed that ‘the man’ with the lack of fur is NOBBY, not you
    (see also pic 1!).

    Even though auntie Mervi did not use you personally as speaker, I know she would have done it, if possible. That’s why I addressed my comment directly to you as usual during your Ranua-time. In the same time I say “Thank you very much, dear auntie Mervie, for spent your words so generously again and for your editorial work as well. . . . Oh, fine, I have to correct myself: towards the end auntie Mervie preferred – much to my liking 🙂 – to use you again as ‘speaker 🙂

    Lovely and funny pictures! Lovely and funny words! Thanks photographer. Thanks writer. Thanks speaker. Thanks to you, dear pal a n d thanks to your polar-bear- and birdie-pals that they make you happy.
    I love the idea to know you still contented and in he mood to try everything you meet to use for your and their sake and fun. It’s always good to go out into the world with one’s eyes open! and to take a break/nap in due time . . .

    Have further good times, dear SISU, whether being active or in sweet dreams.
    See you soon again (hopefully!).

  7. Dear Sheila

    I am very happy that all 4 boys are doing well.

    I wonder what Nobby found out that he has such a cool new look.

    It’s nice that Sisu, Hamish and Luka have settled in so well and so quickly.

    Thanks for the great pictures
    Thank you also dear Mervi.


  8. Dear Mervi and Sheila
    Sadly there is now rain in Doncaster so I hope the boys dont get flooded. Thank you for the words and pictures.

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